Testing the Paralenz Dive Camera
Spearfishing in Fosnstraumen Norway

Recording great underwater footage has never been easier!

The Paralenz Dive Camera makes it as easy as possible to record and share what you care about! - The Ocean.

In this article we are summarising what makes the camera simple enough for a child to use it.

Everything about the Paralenz Dive Camera is made to be as intuitive as possible to let you focus on your dive. The...

FACT: Dives are meant to be shared

Wether it's bringing your buddy, diving in a group or sharing your amazing under water footage with your friends - This beautiful world needs to be shared!

As an example, check out this VERY cool video uploaded to youtube by Paralenz user Anke Mannhoh! Thanks a lot for the upload Anke! It REALLY makes you want to go diving!!!

filmed with #Paralenz February 2018 Tiran Island Ras Mohamed

Hey Divers!!! Tired of shaky video?

We got Jill Heinerth to share some of her expertise in underwater videography and what she does to get smooth and stable footage - Check it out in the article below!

Remember, a camera is only as good as the person using it. So take your time to learn and practise and you will see big improvements... fast!

By Jill Heinerth, Professional photographer and cave explorer. Comparing your dive partner’s vacation video to an IMAX film shot by Howard Hall...

FACT: Divers are passionate people!!

It's about a passion and the wish to share it with the world.
Our mission is to help you do just that!


Follow Marcel Fiala and Michael Silva Netto as they explore the caves of Jail House, Minotauro and Mayan Blue in Mexico.

Let yourself inspire!

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Marcel Fiala

On my last cave diving trip to Mexico, Michael Silva Netto recorded 10+ hours of incredible footage (which primarily served as a feedback from me). This video i...s a compilation of dives in 3 caves: Jail House, Minotauro, and Mayan Blue. Each of them is beautiful in a different way and the video can show this in nice comparison.

Shot with Paralenz

Music used:
Art of Silence (UNIQ)
Supracio (Ross Bugden)
Creation (Ross Bugden)
Fall (Ross Bugden)

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Dear Divers!!!

It is a true pleasure to welcome yet another experienced diver to our team of enthusiastic and supportive ambassadors!!

Meet cave diver, ocean explorer, writer and photographer, Jill Heinerth​ and hear why she loves the Paralenz Dive Camera.


Thank you so much for your support and kind words Jill!!

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As a recent addition to our team of Paralenz Ambassadors, we would like to welcome Jill Heinerth and in the same breath,...

The Paralenz is here to stay!

...and so are all the awesome features

In this series of posts, we will provide a more in depth look at the different features that makes the Paralenz® stand out from everything else on the market.


First up is one of most game-changing features of the camera, the depth-controlled color correction or DCC™

Find out what you get out of the DCC™ and why it is so much better than the traditional color filters.

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When the Paralenz® Dive Camera was released last year it immediately drew the attention of divers world-wide for its groundbreaking features designed...

This post in Paralenz World made our day ❤️

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In this 2nd part of the Diver Spotlight, we would like to welcome Frogfish Photography to our group of dedicated supporters!

On a recent trip to Bahamas they made an amazing video with Sharks, Sharks and LOTS of Sharks, straight from the Paralenz of course! - Check out their story and the video below, and hear their thoughts on the Paralenz Dive Camera.


Thank you so much guys!

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Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown are a husband and wife team of underwater photographers that teach underwater photography and present talks all over the...

You gotta read this!! The way divers record and share their underwater adventures just changed for good!

Follow Kurt Chambers and as they dive through the features of the Paralenz Dive Camera!! By far the most detailed and comprehensive review of the Paralenz to date!!

We really appreciate the ton of work that has been put into this article!! - Thank you!


I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we did 👌🏽❤️

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We take a close lo at the Paralenz Underwater Action Camera

Papua New Guinea is just amazing!

Timo Dersch and Behind the Mask went there, and brought back home an absolutely breathtaking video!!

Read 2nd part of an amazing description of this mysterious place, get a few photography hints along the way... And don't forget to watch the video at the end!!


Thanks Timo! - We all have to go to Papua New Guinea now!!

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The jungle is like moving particles. It triggers its own movement. It cracks. It snarls. It whistles. It squeaks. It twitters. Then...


Believe it or not!! It actually exists!

Move a side James Bond - Our friends at the Ortega Project are on to something quite amazing and they have been kind enough to test out the Paralenz® Dive Camera on their new awesome 3 seater submersible!


This is an incredible piece of tech!

Check out the video below, underwater shots are taken with the Paralenz®.

Big thanks to Ortega Submersibles and Sander Evering for making this happen! Looking forward to much more content and stories about the development!

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Paralenz is getting so much support from the dive community!

Recreational divers as well as professionals are praising the Paralenz Dive Camera, so we want so praise them too!

In this first post of a long series of blog posts, we would like everybody to recognise the work that dive professionals are doing a side from teaching students. They engage in the community and work hard to create awareness about a shared course... The Ocean!


With the "Diver Spotlight" blog series, We would like to give a big thanks to our ambassadors who have been a huge support and great content contributors from the very beginning.

Read the first post below, about award-winning undersea videographer Kip Evans.

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We’re super proud of our ever growing dive community as members of the Paralenz World – so much so, we’ve decided to...

Hey Divers!!!!

We just got this great demonstration video from one of the Paralenz® users!!! It really shows the effect of the DCC - Green, the Electronic image stabilisation and the use of the 3rd person viewer as well.

Great video, courtesy of Nicolas Febvay and DiveAvenue! Thank you so much guys!!

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If you are a diver, you got to read this article!

Any diver knows that diving equipment has very specific needs compared to other sports, and an action camera is an essential piece of your equipment that should meet those needs.

The Paralenz® is built with our passion for diving and pioneering, to create even more innovations and protect the ocean. This camera does not compare to any other as it is designed and developed for one sport only... Diving!


We are so pleased to see the spirit and the manifest of the company shine through and be appreciated by the users. Check out this awesome note we received yesterday from a fellow diver....

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We receive mail and messages from throughout our community, and we’re especially proud of a recent note from Fil, one of our...

Hey there all you passionate divers!!

We just picked another winner of the Paralenz® Dive Camera!

Meet Melissa Bolluk, She is a graduate in Zoology and currently undertaking her Masters. Melissa loves the water, whether it may be fishing, snorkeling or diving!


"Now I have the chance to capture the best moments in the best quality! Thank you so much Paralenz!"

Such a pleasure to see such dedication and joy towards diving! This is really what it is all about!

All Melissa did was to sign up for our newsletter! You can get the chance as well, just sign up at our website -

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A passion for pioneering!

Paralenz was founded in 2017 by the company MOEF (Model & Effect Factory).
The core people in MOEF have been working together since 1999 – so we are probably the oldest startup in the world.


Over the years we have worked with many different industries; from film studios to shipping firms, solving anything from mapping pipe systems in factories, to running the innovative process for companies.
Using skills raging from clay modeling and vacuum casting to 5 axis CNC milling and app programming.

We bought the first 3D scanner in 2002 and the first 3D printer in 2003, so we have always been at the very forefront of technology, and there has been a constant need to find and master new techniques, materials, technologies, and software’s to solve the jobs.

What we do, and how we do it has changed many times over the years, so has the company name and logo. But why we have been doing what we do has always been the same: a passion for pioneering.

It´s where we are coming from – but also where we are going. And now it also goes on the logo 😊

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