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Caleb Chao
· March 25, 2017
Joe is super knowledgeable and has been known to answer Facebook messages near any hour of day or night. He gets the nature of finding rare and desirable guns and is pretty good at hunting things down.... His help during 2016 election season helped me get a rifle sold same day so I could get another one. He didn't make a profit from more or less consigning via shouting out to the customers. I appreciate that he will try to help where he can. Some of the rarer things are priced accordingly, but I'm an economist who acknowledges supply and demand. They have CCW classes, fingerprinting, and passport photos to help expedite your multi-state CCW. Joe seems to have a pulse on the market for very cool rifles. You can always expect to find multiple desirable things to take home! See More
Ernest Liebe
· February 11, 2016
I recently purchased the Parallax Tactical LLC Free Float Super Slim Rail off of Brownells, I have to admit I was amazed by how stunning this handguard looked upon opening the cardboard tube it came... in. It went on an Anderson Manufacturing Upper Receiver that I added a 20" Faxon Barrel onto. I am thrilled with how light this combination is compared to my other AR15. Thanks for making a wonderful product and you'll definitely receive more business from me. Keep up the great work. See More
Tyson Spellman
· July 29, 2014
Parallax is awesome i bought my first lower receiver from them and several parts for my AR there and my glock17 rtf2 which i loved from them they walked me thru my first and second AR builds for free ...i didnt even buy all of the parts from them no questions ask... i moved out of state but i swear by them hands down and the best customer service they will talk qith you and answer all of ur questions no matter how dumb they are... i have had some dumb ones i new. Lol but they dont make u feel bad... i felt comfortable with them especially qith thw owner and the guy qith the fn 5.7 hes cool See More
Ryan Eldridge
· November 28, 2014
Awesome little shop. Rode my motorcycle 105 miles to get there for their in store only Black Friday sale, just to find out they had sold out of the FFSSR 13" rail. They hooked me up with a rain check,... something they didn't have to do. Nor did I expect it. Great service and atmosphere even with the Black Friday crowd.

If you're in the neighborhood or not, stop by, you won't regret it.

"Shall not be infringed"
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Freedom Love
· February 17, 2016
For a store that is only open 4 days a week and opens at 12pm, you would think you could at least get there on time. Today 4 people are waiting outside, a guy unlocks the door about 5 minutess after 1...2pm. He doesn't open the door and greet the customers, just unlocks it and walks away. We didn't know if that meant they were open or what. Finally one of the customers opens the door and we all walk in. No greeting or anything. TERRIBLE customer service. You just lost a customer... See More
Gordon Rubendall
· August 10, 2014
I have traveled all over the USA and Parallax Tactical is by far the best tactical gun shop I have dealt with. Great products at a fair price and super fast shipping. I have been building AR / M4 rif...les for many years and I plan on many more. That being said I will be a customer as long as me and they are around. See More
Micah Keleher
· October 12, 2014
This company is at the heart of modern innovation and style. The products are high quality and customer service is top notch. Keep up the good work. I have 4 of your handguards and will use and endors...e your products forever. See More
Ricky Jackson
· March 3, 2017
2nd time ordering, 2nd time they've screwed up the shipping. Funny they can get my C/C info right to charge me but not ship to the right address.

I won't be ordering from them again...
Jeff Drobny
· October 21, 2014
Bought a 13.5" M-Lok blem, got a shipping notice with in an hour, it arrived in 3 days... Couldn't be happier, and if there is a blem I couldn't find it. You guys are awesome. Btw, I found you throug...h Stickman's giveaway. I thought you'd like to know your generosity is paying off! I'll definitely do business with you again.
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Michael O'Neil
· August 31, 2016
Awesome shop, knowledgeable team of guys. Ben, Andrew and Joe are great to work with and care about their customers. The rest of the team seems to stack up the same.
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Cutting some thread protectors.

Our last day here at 5276 Eastgate Mall is tomorrow, July 1st.

We will be closed during our move!

Facebook is probably next...

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