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Caleb Chao
· March 25, 2017
Joe is super knowledgeable and has been known to answer Facebook messages near any hour of day or night. He gets the nature of finding rare and desirable guns a...nd is pretty good at hunting things down. His help during 2016 election season helped me get a rifle sold same day so I could get another one. He didn't make a profit from more or less consigning via shouting out to the customers. I appreciate that he will try to help where he can. Some of the rarer things are priced accordingly, but I'm an economist who acknowledges supply and demand. They have CCW classes, fingerprinting, and passport photos to help expedite your multi-state CCW. Joe seems to have a pulse on the market for very cool rifles. You can always expect to find multiple desirable things to take home! See More
Skylar M Jansen
· May 10, 2017
Always have had great deals and top quality parts. I have always received the items quickly and packaged well.
David Hernandez
· May 18, 2017
Excellent place with knowledgeable staff. Got my Arizona CCW through their class. Thanks guys
Ernest Liebe
· February 11, 2016
I recently purchased the Parallax Tactical LLC Free Float Super Slim Rail off of Brownells, I have to admit I was amazed by how stunning this handguard looked... upon opening the cardboard tube it came in. It went on an Anderson Manufacturing Upper Receiver that I added a 20" Faxon Barrel onto. I am thrilled with how light this combination is compared to my other AR15. Thanks for making a wonderful product and you'll definitely receive more business from me. Keep up the great work. See More
Ricky Jackson
· March 3, 2017
2nd time ordering, 2nd time they've screwed up the shipping. Funny they can get my C/C info right to charge me but not ship to the right address.

I won't be ordering from them again...
Tyson Spellman
· July 29, 2014
Parallax is awesome i bought my first lower receiver from them and several parts for my AR there and my glock17 rtf2 which i loved from them they walked me thru... my first and second AR builds for free i didnt even buy all of the parts from them no questions ask... i moved out of state but i swear by them hands down and the best customer service they will talk qith you and answer all of ur questions no matter how dumb they are... i have had some dumb ones i new. Lol but they dont make u feel bad... i felt comfortable with them especially qith thw owner and the guy qith the fn 5.7 hes cool See More
Ryan Eldridge
· November 28, 2014
Awesome little shop. Rode my motorcycle 105 miles to get there for their in store only Black Friday sale, just to find out they had sold out of the FFSSR 13" They hooked me up with a rain check, something they didn't have to do. Nor did I expect it. Great service and atmosphere even with the Black Friday crowd.

If you're in the neighborhood or not, stop by, you won't regret it.

"Shall not be infringed"
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Pat Tex
· February 17, 2016
For a store that is only open 4 days a week and opens at 12pm, you would think you could at least get there on time. Today 4 people are waiting outside, a guy u...nlocks the door about 5 minutess after 12pm. He doesn't open the door and greet the customers, just unlocks it and walks away. We didn't know if that meant they were open or what. Finally one of the customers opens the door and we all walk in. No greeting or anything. TERRIBLE customer service. You just lost a customer... See More
Gordon Rubendall
· August 10, 2014
I have traveled all over the USA and Parallax Tactical is by far the best tactical gun shop I have dealt with. Great products at a fair price and super fast sh...ipping. I have been building AR / M4 rifles for many years and I plan on many more. That being said I will be a customer as long as me and they are around. See More
Micah Keleher
· October 12, 2014
This company is at the heart of modern innovation and style. The products are high quality and customer service is top notch. Keep up the good work. I have 4 of your handguards and will use and endorse your products forever.
Jeff Drobny
· October 21, 2014
Bought a 13.5" M-Lok blem, got a shipping notice with in an hour, it arrived in 3 days... Couldn't be happier, and if there is a blem I couldn't find it. You g...uys are awesome. Btw, I found you through Stickman's giveaway. I thought you'd like to know your generosity is paying off! I'll definitely do business with you again.
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Nate Rodrigues
· August 21, 2013
Great store, lots of goodies! I wanna thank Thomas for taking the time to go over my AR butt- stock to barrel with me for the remaining parts I needed to comple...te my build. He really took the time to explain differences in parts, giving recommendations all while teaching me along the way. I never once felt rushed and he even put it together and let me watch. Nice work Thomas and Parallax Tactical I couldn't b happier!! See More
Michael O'Neil
· August 31, 2016
Awesome shop, knowledgeable team of guys. Ben, Andrew and Joe are great to work with and care about their customers. The rest of the team seems to stack up the same.
Javony Sparks
· December 9, 2015
Extremely slow shipping! It took 2 weeks for them to get a handguard from San Diego to Sacramento. I told my best friend about the blemished handguard deal, and he's still waiting for his to arrive after ordering 3 weeks ago. Numerous phonecalls unanswered and vague email responses
Daniel Denton
· June 28, 2014
Went in there for the first time today looking for my first AR and received exceptionally friendly service and helpful advice. Ended up picking up a AR lower for a great price and look forward to going back to complete the build.
Garrett O'Sullivan
· April 30, 2016
Hey helped me to get an amazing BCG and CH. They were very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. The parts are great and the pricing was unbeatable!
Bruce Perez
· April 6, 2017
One of the best license dealer. I get my license very quickly. Friendly staffs.
Rylin Chavez
· January 2, 2014
Great service. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. I brought an upper to get cerakoted and assembled. The original finish date was 2 weeks and the finishes it a whole week early. Super impressed. I will continue to go to this store.
John Gabel
· June 29, 2016
Purchased their 17.7" rail and had it cerakoted in Magpul OD green. It is beautiful and I cannot wait to see it over my 20" fluted SS bull barrel.
Michael Yanez
· May 1, 2015
They have a Great Staff! My only complaint is I couldn't exchange an $11 gas tube that I purchased there. The only reason I didn't need the gas tube is cause I ended up buying complete upper and spent about $800 that day.
2017 CRPA NRA Michel & Associates AW Webinar
Some rifles in Stock!
Cutting some thread protectors.

Our last day here at 5276 Eastgate Mall is tomorrow, July 1st.

We will be closed during our move!

And the first few victims of the new AW law... Gun shop owners. I bet it was a rifle sitting in a forgotten corner in a safe. When DOJ does an audit they take photos of anything that looks fishy to come back with...

The owners of Arroyo Grande, California, gun shop The Outdoorsman, Stefanie Todd, and husband Dylan Todd, were arrested Thursday, November 16, 2017, on assault weapons charges.

An interesting perspective. Long game?
October 7

I've posted my thoughts on this in a few threads, I'll quote them at the bottom for those who haven't seen them.

But that's not what I'm posting about here.

I'v...e been watching the responses to the statement released by the NRA regarding bump stocks and frankly it makes me wonder if we have any chance at all not just in this State but in this Country.

None of us know for sure what the factors were that went in to drafting their statement. What do they know about the legislature's plans that we don't, what has been said by ATF in private and what efforts to direct the flow of the discussion are underway.

What we do know is that this is not the NRA's first fight and for the most cynical it's not a point important enough to sell out millions of members and a couple hundred years of history over.

They've been in this fight for a long time, much longer and more effectively than the newcomers who are trying to milk their statement for cash claiming to be the 'real pro gun group'. Like everyone they've had missteps but they've had many more steps forward.
How many here were deliriously happy when the mag ban injunction came down? July 1st we did not have to get rid of magazines over 10 rounds. Yes I know most wouldn't anyway but that's not the point.
People in L.A. can buy compact handguns again for the first time in many years this month.

The point of all this is simple, we know the NRA is fighting for us and with us.
We've seen it here constantly from the lawsuits to fight the gunmeggedon bills, the full time lobbying efforts and injunctions and even wins.

When they release this statement which asks for a third review in place of new legislation we have to think there is a motive and purpose to it other than deciding 'Well, now's as good a time as any to throw them all under the bus'. History shows they are not stupid or reckless, over-cautious sometimes perhaps but not reckless.

In the face of all that, with no real knowledge of the what and why of it what do gun owners do?
The same thing we always do, fall on our own like a pack of jackals.
"I'm cancelling my membership!" "They're sellouts, I'm done with them!" "F the NRA!!"
Then there's the other '2A orgs' who salivate at the thought of being able to turn this in to income for themselves. Who cares what happens next week, next month, next year, people will have moved on to a new outrage but they got their check so it's all good.

And we wonder why we have such a hard time getting anything done or even opposing something.
We're so busy clawing away at each other because 'They're not doing it the way I want them to' and 'I don't like this particular point so it's all CRAP!' that instead of doing anything meaningful we've burned all our time, effort and energy trying to destroy one of our own.

Let's assume for a minute that the current statement and even the effort behind it turns out to be total crap. Nothing good comes of it and we're left to fight more stupid legislation.

First off, does anyone with half a brain really think that was the purpose and intent here? Can anyone look at the history and the efforts recently and previously and honestly say 'They meant to screw us'?

Even if as some think this was poorly thought out and a major misstep what value is there in saying 'I'm done, cancelling and never dealing with them again'? We blow off everything that came before, ignore it all because of a mistake?
I don't believe it was a mistake and I don't believe the NRA is selling us out. I think they have a plan working and we're not seeing all of it yet. If I'm wrong I'll wait until it's a pattern or I'm as incapable of error as I'm demanding they be before walking away.

If you're one of those who run around yelling that the NRA wants gun control so they can 'stay in business' nothing said will help you, you're ignorant of history and self deluded. Mankind had thousands of years of history showing neighbor trying to subjugate neighbor and it always starts with disarming those you want to control. Nothing is going to change that and we're going to be fighting against that as long as there are people.

I don't know how this is going to play out, I have no inside information.
I do know that it's incredibly more likely that they have something going that I've not seen yet that will at least be fighting for our benefit.
If I'm wrong and it turns out to be a big assed mistake I'll be upset at the loss but as for the mistake, welcome to the club I've got a big damn list of all of mine.

We're killing ourselves, we're pitting gun owner against gun owner and we're spending more time fighting among ourselves over this than we are fighting the people who want to disarm and subjugate us.

We're doing more harm to ourselves then they are right now and it has to stop.

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This the bill the NRA might compromise on. Let them know how you feel.

Theoretically this could be used to ban all aftermarket trigger parts, lighter weight bolt carrier groups, etc.

No automatic alt text available.

An update!

We're painting the new retail space right now - then flooring and slatwall. We should have everything wrapped up before the end of the year. We are still open by appointment for Cerakote, Gunsmithing and Transfers.

A few people have inquired when they will be able to process out their firearms that are stuck here since we moved and changed licenses. Our local permit arrived yesterday and we will be in process with CA DOJ to changr our access to the DROS / CFLC system so we can generate approvals to get guns out of here and to other local shops to handle them as we are still building out the retail space and in transition with quite a few other projects.

Power is out. Phones are down. They should have it back online sometime tomorrow afternoon...

Part of what we've been dealing with this move..

Image may contain: indoor

Phones have been acting up. If you need to contact us please email

We're getting our fixed line internet installed next week, we've been on a cellular backup - and it really sucks.

This is a fundraiser for Anthony Pee Wee Boing 's daughter. Any support would be appreciated. Thank you.

On July 27th we lost a very important person in our lives. Anthony Boing left us all too soon and he will be extremely missed. For those who knew him, knew that he loved his young daughter Lilli, with all of his heart. The family will be covering all arrangements and for those who loved him ju...

Now that everyone has had time to be notified, Anthony Boing, you will be missed. I will post more information in the coming days about services or any other relevant information.

Please give us a week or two to sort out Anthony's affairs, as the day after his passing we were going to start getting the Cerakote / Gunsmithing up in earnest after we just moved into our new location.

His passing is a shock to us all here at Parallax.

It is with great sadness that I am posting that one of our employees has passed. We will post further details at a later time.

If you know who it is, please give time for investigators to find the truth.

Thank you.

11 to 14 hour says getting things ready here... Exhausted. We will be slow getting back to any emails phones etc. Internet just went up today. Phones too, however not fully setup.

Phones should all be back online by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

We're just getting the computers back online and unpacked. Hopefully we'll be shipping any back orders out as soon as we do. Phones should go back online too.

Currently still moving in to our new space. We cannot do any gun sales or transfers as we are waiting on local permits.

Moving shops after almost six years in one location isn't easy. Over 100,000 lbs of machinery was moved.