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The Economist

How many hours of sunlight would be needed to power the world for a year, if we could capture all that hits the Earth? We asked Londoners the burning question

Interesting analysis.

David Suzuki Foundation

Fascinating perspective on peak oil and electric vehicles - especially if you have investments in fossil fuels.
Let's power up Canada with renewables:

Video source: Bloomberg


Are these the greatest machines ever created?

The America's Cup racing series is not a boat race, it's an air race. The boats are airplanes that rise up on foils, using the same principles of lift as an ...
The Economist

Why China—the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases—has become the world leader in renewable energy

Popular event at SkyFire Energy for their Summer Solstice event - great future of energy conversations in Canada's energy capital!

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Long been a fan of this - from the days of the Microsoft white paper on distributed data furnaces to bitcoin heaters in Toronto to the Asetek liquid cooled servers and GE hybrid hot water tanks.

A great idea, long overdue!

NowThis Future
June 5

Server heat is being used to give people warm showers

Could a movement to protect the planet be as transformative as the industrial revolution?

The Economist
June 6

The melting Arctic, which is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, matters to us all. Our latest column looks at Donald Trump’s flawed decision to pull out of the Paris accord

What winning looks like...

The world’s quickest sedans battle it out on this episode of Tire Rack's Head 2 Head ( The Audi RS7 and Tesla Model S have nearly id...

It's tucked away in Ramsay.

It's our property of the week and it is LEED certified with triple-paned windows, energy-efficient appliances and a mid-century-inspired design.

Must see TV!

A really great conversation with Elon Musk at TED.

Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

The people who question if Tesla can produce 1,400 Model 3s / week by the end of 2018 could never even build the Model X.

Let alone 11,550 in a quarter... a year from meaningful rates of production.

Much ado is made of Tesla's financial valuation surpassing Fords, but Instagram was purchased for $1b the year Kodak went bankrupt, and Facebook doesn't make any cars at all and is worth almost 10x either of them.


Tesla is a movement, in the right direction. Are you on board?

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Tesla's record deliveries highlight rapid growth in Model X deliveries but also point to the electric-car maker's need for Model 3 to help Tesla achieve its massive production target next year.

But what does it mean?

The Boeing Company
April 4

We've made the 777-300ER more fuel-efficient than ever before.

Residential retrofit rebates come (back) to Alberta.

Work with a participating Alberta contractor to increase your at-home energy efficiency with improved insulation, upgraded windows and tankless water heaters—all at a great discount.

A look at the auto industry and the challenge of meeting demand for EV manufacturers like Tesla.

Would it surprise you to learn that global vehicle production in 2015 was over 90 million units? That's on just 0.4% year over year growth. Brand new

A textbook example of what innovation looks like.

Boldly going where only Pres 45 has gone before… Twitter offensive.

Your energy storage problems solved in 100 days, or your money back

"That serious enough for you?"