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A frequently asked question is how we get quality information. We have answers.

How the Pareto Network ensures quality information, Part I
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Hello and thank you for believing in Pareto Network! Don't forget to look at the Bounty Program we have launched:

"The Pareto Network, a content provider for the digital currency marketplace, accomplished this goal by diagnosing the threat of misinformation and insufficient knowledge in the nascent and growing world of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Their solution was to develop a platform that incentivizes well-vetted information. The high demand for this type of content can lead to a rapidly growing audience, and in the case of Pareto, who arrived first, the market share advantage achieved by early adopters."

Broadcast--particularly online--presents entrepreneurs with a bigger opportunity than ever before.

"A double spend allows someone to inflate the supply of the cryptocurrency and create money out of nothing, with no consequence socially or legally. Confidence in cryptocurrencies comes from the ability to prevent that, and smaller cryptocurrencies are not as secure as bigger ones for a variety of reasons."

A Case Study about Pareto Network:…/pareto-studies-case-6f00e451eac2

A double spend allows someone to inflate the supply of the cryptocurrency and create money out of nothing, with no consequence socially or…

We are looking for Content Creators and Enthusiasts to join Pareto’s Bounty Program!

The Pareto Network is the first peer to peer financial content marketplace! It connects providers of financial information in the cryptocurrency space with investors, providing foresight into market inefficiencies and opportunities.

Content creators can earn money by sharing financial information that benefits people in the network. When investors reward content creators, their ranking goes... up which gives them faster access to more actionable information in the future.

We are interested in quality articles, blog posts, videos and other publications in English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish - preferably in these languages but other languages will be considered too.

Also, don’t forget! The content Campaign is awarded 30% of the 2,500,000 tokens available throughout the entire bounty campaign.

Find out more details -

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Pareto Network founders on Gamechangers TV with Jim Connor, discussing the blockchain as a tool.

Pareto Network will be featured on Fox Business and bring financial professionals to our platform. Our earliest supporters will be rewarded.

JUPITER, Fla. November 15, 2017 The award-winning producers of Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr., will explore the latest advances in cryptocurrency. This episode is slated to air first quarter 2018 on F…

We have just launched our Bounty Program on!

2,500,000 PXT Tokens Allocated to Our Bounty Program:

Content 30%...
Signatures - 20%
Translations - 15%
FaceBook - 20%
Twitter - 15%

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[BOUNTY] Pareto Network - The P2P Financial Content & Information Marketplace

"The Pareto Network, a decentralized network that incentivizes unbiased financial information, announced today that it will be the exclusive distributor of content produced by EndoTech Ltd. related to cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused investments.

EndoTech is an Israeli company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems to provide guidance, trading ideas and news for the cryptocurrency space in an organized and filtered display. In over a decade within the financial sector, EndoTech has provided algorithms and guidance to over one hundred hedge funds in the U.S., Europe and Asia."

Link to the article:…/pareto-network-partners-with-endotech-to…

We've signed on our first exclusive content partner Endotech Ltd to provide AI and Machine Learning cryptocurrency analysis to our network…/

#cryptocurrency #pareto #ICO

San Francisco, CA, and Tel Aviv, IL, November 13, 2017 ( – The Pareto Network Ltd., a decentralized network that …

A 2-minute video on the Pareto Network

Learn more at How the Pareto Network is a tool to improve your place in the capital markets especially the world of digital curren...

Thank you to many of you who contacted us with suggestions and feedback; we listened!

1. We have have changed our tokensale URL to so that you feel safe when contributing to our Pre-Sale.

2. We have also removed the 5 ETH Minimum, and assigned the 39% bonus throughout the course of the Pre-Sale period (until 30 November), so you get 1700 PXT for 1 ETH all the way through, until the price is adjusted to 1224 PXT for 1 ETH in the Public Crowdsal...e!

If you have any further feedback or suggestions please get in touch.

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"This Agreement for Future Delivery of Tokens (this \u201cAgreement\u201d), memorializes that in exchange for the payment by the undersigned purchaser (the \u201cPurchaser\u201d) of the Total Purchase Amount set out above on or about [October 30, 2017] (the \u201cEffective Date\u201d), Pareto Networ...

The countdown has hit zero, and the Pareto Network Presale is now officially Live! In Presale you get 1700 PXT per 1 ETH - that’s a 39% bonus compared with the upcoming Public Crowdsale which will be 1224 PXT to 1 ETH! Visit our website to get access

NB: Please do not contribute to any addresses that are not announced by our official Page or Telegram Announcement Group

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Check out the Pareto Network Roadmap

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