"Just remember that perfection is unrealistic. Go for consistency."

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Need help finding time to relax and take care of yourself? Click the post below for my tips.

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Are you overwhelmed by all the things you have to do your first month blogging? Read my post below on my plan for my blog launch.

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Love @dovecameron? I do too. Read 10 of her best quotes on personal growth, self care, and happiness.

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"this ebook covers EVERYTHING a new blogger needs to know to get their blog started and launched."

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Awesome giveaway for anyone blogger who's interested

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"Self-care is really not that hard, you just have to do it. You just have to prioritize it. Make the time."

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Thank you Meera for sharing my post!!!

"What really interested me in The Blog Start Up was the launch plans that Meera created and the fact that it wasn’t some long course that I most likely wouldn’t... make time to finish all the way through. It was an actionable ebook that I could read in one afternoon and make improvements to my blog the next day."

Check out Passion By Girl Veronica's review on the Blog Startup.

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Want to learn how to launch a successful blog? Click the post below for a review of the ebook you ABSOLUTELY NEED to grow your audience/income in the first 90 days! @meerakothand

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Just came up with 90 blog post ideas. I'm ready to work towards making PASSION BY GIRL my full time business!

😞 No time for self care? Too busy with your day job or side hustle?

🌠 I totally understand. I'm busy with school + this, and tending to my health can be low on my priority list.

💚 But those are just excuses. Your health is SOO important, and you gotta remember to make time to do things that give you enjoyment.


😺 I just published a new blog post called "How to Make Self-Care a Priority (Like a Girl Boss). Click the link to check it out below (EDITED: the link works now):

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I think you will agree with me when I say that self care is awesome, but hard to implement sometimes. We’re all busy with our day jobs and our side hustles. Work takes up time, and it leaves us with little energy to do much else. It sucks because we want to make money, but in order to be our best ...
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Just launched my blog, Please check it out I already have a resource library in place so sign up so you can check it out!

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