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Natasha Risch
· October 30, 2016
I'm from near the Cincinnati area. Wasn't expecting the long line. It was def worth the wait and drive. There is nothing quite like this. You have to see this at least once. They have restrooms, food,... drinks, and entertainment along the way like a group where they dance to different types of songs and they show tv shows as well on a projector screen. Oh and the line jumping isn't really line jumping. U have the option to get a picture taken and the price is very reasonable and then you get back in line. I'd recommend showing up at least an hour early before it opens and bring a stroller or wagon for the little ones. See More
Carrie Holt Fox
· October 22, 2016
I'm so glad that we went to Jacksons Orchard in Bowling Green before coming to Louisville for this from Nashville, or I REALLY would have felt like the ultimate trip planning failure. We waited on the... street forever just to turn in to still be in an incredibly long line to even find a parking spot.

I had a cop be very rude to me when I was trying to find a visible spot to temporarily wait for my husband to come back from the restroom with our young daughter. When he finally found me, we attempted to leave for it to take another 15 minutes to get out of the maze of cars and try to drive behind and next to pedestrians who don't care that they're blocking the only half of a road you can drive on because the other half has cars parked on it.

I'm sure the jackolanterns are beautiful but the venue is clearly not big enough for the crowd it attracts. The parking situation cannot handle the traffic of the crowd it attracts. After perusing over the website, I've found no mention of expecting any kind of lengthy wait time to try and prepare out-of-towners. It would be a kindness for people driving from 1-3+ hours away to not waste their time, or plan for a slow night. Next time I'll google and look at Facebook reviews for truthful expectations. Lesson learned.
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Chris Dattilo
· October 16, 2016
The popularity of this event has become its own downfall. We drove down from Cincinnati to check this out as I've bragged about how amazing this was from previous years going to my friends and Upon arriving to the park, traffic was ridiculous. As we got closer, the line of people to get in had to be at least 2,000 people. It did not move so we chose to avoid the event and go to a haunted house. Such a shame that this event has been ruined by its own success. I won't be back � See More
Laney Marie Golish
· October 25, 2014
I went last night and it was great. It was a 3 hour drive, but totally worth it. The lines are very long, but moved super fast and there are restrooms and concessions during the wait which is nice. Wo...rkers were very helpful and I was very pleased that smoking is prohibited during the walk on the trail. My only complaint is I wish there were more spaces for parking. We ended up parking across the street at another business and walked, but it was very short distance. All in all it was a great experience. See More
Collin Thornton
· October 15, 2016
Prepare to wait in line for an exorbitantly long time. It took forever to park and then the ridiculously long line outside just hides an even longer line inside (at least double in length). It takes h...ours getting snaked around the place waiting (I'm not exaggerating) to finally get to the pumpkins. They're nice and all but not worth the trouble. I still recommend pacing this place over. See More
Brandi Ray
· October 22, 2015
Although we will probably never get the same experience we did opening year (with no wait and being on trail with only a few more couples), it is still an amazing experience! I'm hoping the contract i...s renewed in a couple of years, I would hate to see this go. See More
Ramona Griffin Eldridge
· October 20, 2014
I wish I could review this, but after we drove for 2 hours, waited in an hour and a half traffic jam getting into the park and saw the thousand people in line (estimated to be a 2-3 hour wait) we were... unable to submit our 2 year old to a midnight tour with our pre-paid non-refundable tickets!!!! What an expensive night for a round trip to nowhere. See More
Kristen Wyant
· October 21, 2015
Well worth the money! Worth the drive! Second year I've been and loved every minute of it!
Devan Edwards
· September 13, 2016
I came last year and I can't wait to come back, amazing art work!!!!!
Mary Lerlie-Schuble
· July 5, 2015
Wish it the path would never end... just amazing the variety and talent in the whole show.
Janice Bachand
· October 1, 2014
I don't know how they do it, but every year is better than the last! The talent is extraordinary! I'm speechless!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Diane Lambert Holt
· October 20, 2016
We went during the week after 9pm. There were NO crowds, NO traffic, NO waiting in line and the weather was PERFECT! A most Spectacular SPOOKtacular.
Steve Naile
· November 19, 2015
Incredible!! Worth every minute of this one of kind exhibit v
Kylea Buckner Lewis
· September 8, 2016
Great experience for the whole family...
Easy to get to.
Lora Blanton Kinner
· October 19, 2014
It was definitely worth the 3 hour trip. There is something for people of all ages.
Kevin Wayman
· November 2, 2014
Was way better than we expected! Didn't want to drive almost three hours and pay the entrance fee, but so glad we did. Amazing!
Zachary Charles Lee
· October 21, 2014
Literally the coolest thing ever. Loved it and would do it over again.
Keri Rauch
· October 17, 2014
Amazing you have to see it to experience how awesome this is!
Heather Stafford
· October 17, 2014
It was worth the drive to see this!!! Coming back every year.
Marie Jamison
· October 5, 2015
If you haven't been you do not know what you are missing!!
If this sounds like you - come see us! Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular, October 13 - November 6.

Hey Everyone!!!

We've moved to our new profile page at Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular. Follow the link and make sure to like us, so you can keep-up with all of the Spooky fun!!!…/…

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If this sounds like you - come see us! Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular, October 13 - November 6.

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Sounds about right. It's going to be a great show.

Hey look - The Huffington Post also thinks you should visit Louisville for Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular. We think they are right! It's good to be a local in October.

Louisville, Kentucky is the city where I was born and raised, and although I've traveled all over the world, I've never found anywhere quite as special. ...

The trail is still open for another hour and a half and it's not too busy, so stop on by.

Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular

Make sure to stop by and say hello to our new Director of Metro Parks and Recreation, Seve Ghose, who is out here at the #502Pumpkins show volunteering tonight! You can find him at the end of the trail passing out goodie bags from our sponsors.

There's no rain in tonight's forecast, so grab a couple of extra layers and come see the ##502Pumpkins while you still can!

Due to the forecast for a 100% chance of sustained, heavy rain on Tuesday, October 27, the Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular will be closed for Tuesday night. We will re-open as normal on Wednesday.

There are no lines and still an hour left until the trail closes. Come on out!

The trail is still open for another two hours. Come get your fill of pumpkins!

It's not too late to sign up to be a volunteer! To learn more visit:

Enjoy the trail when you volunteer for Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular! There will be a nightly orientation for volunteers. All volunteers will receive a free long-sleeve t-shirt and one free ticket for every shift worker. Food and drink will be available for volunteers as well. Come as an individual or…

It's a beautiful, warm evening...perfect for a stroll in the park! Come see us! #502Pumpkins

Much to all the spooky Trick-Or-Treaters’ delight, this pumpkin carving artist is especially skilled at lighting up the frightening night. Artist Edward Cabral, of Chicago, creates masterpieces out of pumpkins, spending anywhere from 6-12 hours on his seasonal canvases. Right after graduating from t…
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Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular

There's no place like home or the Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular! Only 12 nights left to enjoy the magic.