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Introvert or Extrovert: Is there another choice?

I've always been a little frustrated when taking a personality test that forces you to declare whether you are an introvert or extrovert. For me, it depends.

I have no problem enjoying a nice, quiet lunch alone, like I'm doing right now. In fact, I rather look forward to them. You can't beat the company!! 🤓


At the same time, I love a good party with friends. The rowdier, the better. Too long without relational stimulation will turn my mood sour.

One night the conversation at our small group turned toward the I/E question. One of our friends who is always the life of the party, self identified as an introvert. I challenged her assumption. No way. She must be confused about the words. She assured me that she was well aware of the definitions, and that she considered herself a "loud introvert". In social gatherings she was very comfortable, (sometimes a little too comfortable 🤓) being loud and boisterous. But, in her other world, she enjoyed and actually craved solitude.

A loud introvert. Maybe Meyers/Briggs should include that as an option.

I recently read of a study, reported by the Wall Street Journal, that really resonated with me. Apparently there is a large segment of the population who are wired up similar to me. Rather than limiting the choices to Introvert/Extrovert, they have coined a third category called "Ambivert".

Ambiverts are:
- Socially flexible
- Skilled communicators
- Moderate in mood
- Highly adaptable

I've found my tribe!!

The article suggested a test for ambivertism: "You can tell if you’re an am-bivert by ask­ing your­self how you’d be­have in com­mon sit­u­a­tions. What do you crave af­ter a long day at work when you need to re­fuel—a happy hour with friends, or your couch and the re­mote con­trol? At a so­cial event, at what point do you want to leave—as soon as you get there or af­ter the last per­son has left? In a con­ver­sa-tion, do you pre­fer to think through your an­swers be­fore speak­ing, or throw out what-ever idea comes to mind and bat it back and forth? If you’re an am­bivert, your pref­er­ence will of­ten be some­where in the mid­dle—you choose to have a drink with a friend af­ter work but then af­ter­ward go home and take a long walk with the dog."

You can read more about it here:…/not-an-introvert-not-an-extrovert-you-…

So what are you? Extrovert? Introvert? Or are there any of you who are normal like me? 🤓

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Psychologists and behavioral scientists are looking more closely at ambiversion—a personality type that can adapt to social or solitary environments.

Amazing to watch tons of concrete this far up in the air. #progress #imagine #seacoastchurch

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Posted by Greg Surratt

The loss of life is always tragic. The senseless taking of life is appalling. When, as was the case this weekend, an entire family is murdered, there are no words. Joseph, Rose, Kenya and Faith Manigault, lost their lives on Saturday and an entire community mourns.

As the names slowly leaked out, Debbie and I began to ask ourselves if this could be the Joe Manigault that we knew from so many years ago?

Almost 30 years ago Seacoast was just getting started. For our first yea...r we met in a movie theatre on Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant. Soon we needed another meeting space so we moved to James B Edwards Elementary School. I will never forget the day the Principal, Tom Lee introduced me to the custodian of the school and told me that I needed to treat him well because he literally held the keys to the kingdom, at least the kingdom of JBE. That's when I met Joe Manigault.

Nearly thirty years later, I'm not sure I've met a better man. He was such a joy to work with. Faithful, conscientious and friendly. He'd be there at 6:30am every Sunday, ready to lend a hand when in reality his only responsibility was to use those keys to unlock the doors for that small congregation meeting in his school. He was always there, always helpful and never without a smile and a story.

Joe was very committed to his own church, but for a few short and crucial years he became an integral part of our church family. He would come help us set up, run over to his church for services and be back in time to help us pack our portable church away until we repeated the process for the handful of faithful saints who gathered for midweek services. Wash, rinse and repeat. Week in and week out for months on end. You could always count on Joe.

Joe slowly weaved his way into our hearts, and into many children's lives. Everyone loved Mr. Joe.

And now Joe and his wife Rose, their daughter Kenya and his grand daughter Faith are gone. Senselessly taken and desperately missed by friends and family.

Mr Joe, we wish you well as you enter into the eternal life that God has reserved for you. You will forever be a part of the story of Seacoast Church. Thanks for being a faithful servant and cheerful keeper of the keys. Many have been marked by your generosity of spirit. May your reward be great in the kingdom that really matters.

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Sometimes the mission is better served by a temporary loss #seacoastchurch #imagine #multisite #trustinggodevenwhenyoudontfeellikeit

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Ever have a hard time trusting God with something? A decision? Current circumstances? Your future? Me too. Jesus has some wisdom on the subject and I’m going to be talking about it this weekend. #seacoastchurch #Trust #overcomingdoubt

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Went to see a friend in the hospital and saw this guy (Michael) reading a GREAT book in the waiting room 🤓
#irrevrend #nonNYTbestseller

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Here is the live stream for Brenda Hilgers service:

Watch Jubilee Fellowship Church's Brenda's Funeral on Please join us as we celebrate the life of Brenda Hilgers.

Experiencing awesome time of worship @lifesongchurch_ #ARC #dontdoministryalone #newengland

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We lost a great friend tonight. Brenda Hilgers went to heaven. It’s hard to know what to say.

She married my best friend Terry when we were young and brave and so unaware of what life would bring. The four of us (Debbie, Terry, Brenda and I) played together, laughed together, fought together, vacationed together, raised our kids together and even started a church together.

She was feisty and caring, hospitable and fun. A great mom and grandma. A loving wife, with plenty of ...wisdom to share.

We will miss you. We really will. It’s times like this and people like you that make heaven more real. Until then we will cherish our memories.


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Exciting progress being made!! Can’t wait to fill this place with worship. #seacoastchurch #imagine @ Seacoast Church

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Watching the funeral service of a great Kingdom hero #billygraham #finishstrong

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This is probably my favorite song that the Seacoast worship team has written. It releases today!!

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Seacoast Worship

Today we're releasing our new single Prophesy, featuring Nate Davis! We're so excited about this song and can't wait for you to hear it.

Download it now at

What I learned from Billy Graham

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Posted by Greg Surratt

Listening to @darrinpatrick_ and @amie.patrick bringing a great word on marriage
#seacoastchurch #ThisIsUs

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We are building walls so more people can tear down theirs...
#seacoastchurch #imagine

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It’s a tad chilly and the winds blowing a bit, but you can’t catch em if your not out here.
#fishing #charleston #wandoriver #saltlife #awendaw

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