Phillis Wheatley had a productive, but tragically short, life as a poet. Today, she lives on as an inspirational figure in American history. That's why she's the first figure in our new series "Historical Figure of the Month."

One midsummer day in 1761, John Wheatley arrived at a Boston auction block in want of a slave girl.

Yeah, we think Purcellville is pretty cool too 😊 Students and alum, what's your favorite thing to do in P-ville?

The town of Purcellville, Virginia is about 50 miles from D.C. and makes for a great day trip – it’s packed with quirky stores for shopping, access to wineries and breweries, trails for hiking, and no dearth of places to eat and drink, and some LOVE. We’v
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Elisabeth Wilk
· June 19, 2017
When in the course of human events a bitter alumna raises an army of lackeys to attack her alma mater and flood the Facebook page with lies and deceitful catchphrases, it becomes necessary to defend t...he College.
In keeping with this sentiment, I am giving Patrick Henry College a five star review. I rate my alma mater so highly because of how much it grew me as a person.
At PHC I learned how to think - and not only think, period, but also think for myself. I was able to come to my own conclusions about everything ranging from religion to politics to feminism to Harry Potter. I made friends with all kinds of people, from nigh-fundamentalist to unabashedly liberal.
I studied American history, history of Western civilization, philosophy (from Socrates through Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Kirkegaard, Dawkins, up through till modern day), political theory, literature (from ancient texts of Homer to postmodern works such as Waiting for Godot), and so much more.
Most importantly, I grew as a person. I cannot overstate how much I was stretched and strengthened and matured by my time here. I learned invaluable lessons, found my passion in life, and got to know not only myself better, but also the world around me and how I interact with it.
All this, by the way, happened without my experiencing an ounce of misogyny towards myself, or observing any towards any women that I know.
A classical liberal education teaches the basics of life, and Patrick Henry College provides that education.

(Oh, and the College also gave me a degree that was apparently accredited enough to get me accepted into one of the best graduate programs in my chosen field. That's nice, too.)
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Jonathan Boes
· June 19, 2017
PHC's academic and social culture is like nothing I've ever experienced. I felt the academic freedom to be a Christian, to ask any questions, and to engage with (and seek to understand) any other scho...ol of thought. Our classes took us deep into the literary, philosophical and political classics with an eye for truth and beauty. The professors were consistently kind and engaging. The student culture sought and appreciated beauty like no other culture I've been part of, while engaging with each other (even disagreeing with each other) with the utmost respect. On the whole, PHC taught me how to engage the world with grace and understanding, rather than with dogmatism and judgment.

For these reasons I give the school a 5-star review. My actual rating might be more of a 4.5 for a few reasons. The school's young age and lack of certain accreditations may curtail some opportunities. As a literature student, while I found my major academically excellent, I also sometimes felt a lack of opportunity/connection with the outside literary world. I also know friends in the major who have had great difficulty when applying to grad school because of PHC's accreditation. This doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with other majors at the school.

But none of those things merit lowering my rating of PHC. This isn't a school for people who want a piece of paper to get a job. This is a school for people who want to become better people and to grow as humans who understand truth and beauty.
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Michael Ford
· June 19, 2017
Class of '16 alum: The thing is that this school is not perfect. If you think you have been to a school that is, allow me to humbly posit that you are kidding yourself. Every man-made institution I come in contact with has harbored deep and sometimes personally harmful flaws, but I do not hold that against any institution if they have helped me and most others advance in life, love, and wisdom while simultaneously seeking to correct its own issues.

I am who I am today because of the professors, staff, and family I found at PHC. I am preparing to enter Law School at UF because of PHC. It changed the way I viewed the world by forcing me to actually care for and about those around me and especially those who disagreed with me. My time at the college helped further my ability to listen before opening my mouth. So yeah... five stars
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Nick Barden
· June 19, 2017
Great faculty teaching the liberal arts in a small classroom setting. The 63-credit core ensures that students are all studying the same texts, while allowing them to branch out and take electives upperclassmen years. The 300 person student body is great for people who want a 300 person student body, and not great for people who don't (everyone complaining about the small student body probably should have done their research before applying to colleges).

The community of learning that you'll find at PHC is quite rare. It's a Protestant school that understands and engages thoughtfully with the Great Books and the religious tradition that underpins it. Classes are taught in Socratic format with a focus on original sources. The conversations spill over into the dining hall and dorms, and, due to the 63-credit core, everyone knows what their fellow students are studying in class. The entire campus, for four years, is focused on the life of the mind, and that's something that can't be replicated at a larger school. As far as I know, the closest thing to peers in its denominational space are King's College and Grove City College, though it has a secular analog in St. John's and plenty of Catholic analogs in Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Moore, and Christendom.

Lack of regional accreditation can be a challenge, but there's also a bigger issue at play here. Accreditation reform is desperately needed across the board, and SACS has a track record as one of the worst accreditors in the country.

People complain about difficulty in getting jobs, and I do think that the college could improve on career counseling (I've struck out on my career from the Classical Liberal Arts major and largely blazed my own way), but the school does have some great career pipelines (and I don't know a single grad working a gig at the local Starbucks, which is more than many small liberal arts colleges can claim). The American Politics and Policy program is excellent in getting people on the Hill or into local and state government, Strategic Intelligence most often gets students security clearances while they're interning, and aspiring law students have a number of pathways that all seem to end at top 10 law schools.

But job placement isn't actually, at the end of the day, what higher education is supposed to be about. It's great to see a school providing an alternative to the current regime in higher education that is based on the historic ideal of the university. We need more schools like it. If you're looking for the I Am Charlotte Simmons experience, don't go to PHC.

4.5/5 (rounding up to 5), would give the last half a point when it gets regional accreditation.
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Kathy Parsell Weitz
· June 19, 2017
Grateful Patrick Henry College parent here, for many of the same reasons already expressed - professors that mentor, challenge, and love their students and their fields, along with a college culture t...hat encourages students to mature and pursue vocation now (instead of encouraging a prolonged and foolish adolescence). As a parent, PHC is on the extremely short list of colleges for our kids.

As a classical educator, I am grateful for the genuine liberal arts education offered here - there is no dumbing down of the curriculum; students are exposed to a liberal feast of the very best (and very worst) of thought through the ages, rather than a narrow-minded and intolerant picking and choosing based on the prevailing standards of current PC thought.

As the director of curriculum development for a local classical education co-op, I am grateful for the PHC interns who have taught our students with incredible professionalism and excellence. Knowing that these young men and women are going out from here to invest their lives in the next generation brings much hope in the midst of these troublous times.

As a community member, I am grateful for the many students who have invested in our church and our town, and most especially for those who have become lifelong friends.

Years and years ago, I first saw PHC as a set of plans on a friend's kitchen table. Exciting days followed as the vision became reality. Dark days also followed as the inevitable growing pains came. I laugh whenever I hear someone say that PHC teaches students to walk in lock-step; there is plenty of healthy diversity of opinion on a wide range of non-essentials. But what has never wavered is the commitment of the faculty, staff, and the vast majority of the students at PHC to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a believer in that gospel, I am grateful!
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Kay Kyong A Kim
· August 17, 2017
Just dropped off our first born son at PHC starting his first year. I loved how the school let the parents participate in part of the orientation together with their children. Great community of people. Awesome staff and faculty who love the Lord. Love the academic rigor for His glory. Felt so blessed knowing that our son will be growing much to be God's Kingdom worker in the midst of very godly community. See More
Chelsea Boes
· June 19, 2017
Hard to overstate the beauty of the education I received at PHC. I was a non-homeschooler but I found the students at faculty to be the most non-contemptuous and most gracious people I have ever known.... That environment gave me the freedom to blossom as I never knew I could. At PHC you are learning every minute of the day, and you come out changed forever for the good, freer to think well and more understanding of others.

I needed time to recover physically after PHC because of its rigor (I think many students do). But that was a small price to pay for the wealth of education.
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Andrew Almaguer
· June 20, 2017
I was going to give PHC 10 stars, but then I found out from a handful of polite, well-spoken reviewers that PHC is a bastion of misogyny, racism, and homophobia. I had no idea that the people I spent ...four years living and studying with hated women, discriminated against others solely based on their race, and were terrified of homosexuals. But now that I know, I must do the right thing and adjust my review to reflect the exhaustively researched facts. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to those reviewers who opened my eyes with their masterful use of buzzwords and angry emoticons. You may have never been to this college, nor know a single thing about it, but that does not make your view any less valid or informed. I will be sure not to talk to any of my PHC friends ever again - nor listen to any explanation for their unspecified, but definitely bigoted views - unless to hurl a volatile cluster of baseless insults at them for being so hateful. See More
Lauren Johnson
· June 19, 2017
As a PHC grad, I am extremely grateful for the education I received and the experience I had there. The classes are challenging but small, the professors are personally invested, and I made lifelong f...riends. I've found a rewarding career in my field and have never felt like the lack of regional accreditation has put me at any kind of disadvantage professionally. If anything, the rigorous liberal arts background has given me a huge advantage over my peers.

Of course the school isn't perfect, nor is it a good fit for everyone. (That's what campus visits are for!) But PHC is and always has been unapologetically forthright in its intent to educate students "for Christ and for Liberty." For the set of students truly interested in a school like that, it's a great fit and a decision I'd make again.
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William Simpson
· June 19, 2017
I have attended a summer camp at Patrick Henry College and my wife graduated from PHC. We have always found the education to be excellent. I am very grateful for my wife's liberal arts education from ...this college and have heartily recommended my younger sister to attend the college even over my alma mater, Texas A&M University, which is saying a lot for a very loyal Aggie. The campus is also pristine and beautiful. It's a great place to get an education. If they had graduate programs, it would be on my list for graduate schools. See More
Kyle West
· June 19, 2017
The school isn't perfect; no institution is. But in its bones, it's a good place for good people. Oh, and they pride themselves on training some of the best female lawyers and scholars of the next gen...eration, by the way. There are ways I pray the school can improve, as there probably would be for any place I truly care about. But don't buy the hate. See More
Rebecca McCurdy
· June 20, 2017
The professors were so encouraging and wonderful. I never knew I could think or work at the intellectual levels I was pushed to achieve until I had to. The community helped me through so much while I ...was there, both the students and faculty. Even though I've had trouble with the grad school application process due to the lack of regional accreditation, I wouldn't trade the experiences and lessons learned from PHC for anything else this world has to offer. There is room to grow especially when it comes to getting regional accreditation but there are colleges one can get into with the humanities. I would suggest setting up networking between alumni and current students who are seeking to attend grad school in Literature and History, so that we can have lists of Universities that will look at us even if we do not have regional accreditation. See More
Barbara McKneely
· June 19, 2017
We were in a terrible state here wondering where our daughter, Maggie should go to school. We toured as many as we could around the state and NONE of them spoke to us like PHC did. Not only were the... students who took us around to visit the school fabulous, but every person since has been nothing but Top Dollar!
I love the pride everyone feels about PHC. The standard of excellence in education, personal development and treating each student as an individual taking their own path has been incredible.
Maggie has so many opportunities because of the path PHC directed her to take. The greatest thing has been the requirement that she complete an internship before graduation- what a job/ career booster that has been. She is so much more ahead of the game than students graduating from colleges without this requirement. I am so thankful that this school has this kind of foresight.
I also respect and admire every professor I have met- truly good, intelligent people who want all of these students to leave PHC with a clear path to where they should be- graduate school, law school, a job, whatever.
I really only have praise for this precious small school developing HUGE success stories for our world.
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Levi Kauffman
· June 20, 2017
-Not everyone looks good in a brown shirt with red armband, but that's the uniform requirement. At least most students do a good job of polishing their jackboots before they go out, which shows... attention to detail.
-Many male students think they can grow good facial hair, and they are wrong.
-Marching in goosestep is only required outdoors, and since a lot of classes are in just a few buildings, you won't have to worry about forming up to march too many times in the school day.
-Witch burnings at the end of every semester. Students who make the dean's list get to participate. Nothing prepares for the real world like hands-on experience.
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Peter Schellhase
· June 19, 2017
I attended PHC from 2005-2009 in the Political Theory program. PHC is difficult in many ways. It's not for everyone. I was stretched academically, spiritually, and relationally. However, these were of the most important and formative years of my life. Since then I've kept in touch with the campus community, and it seems that the same good, challenging environment is there for current students. Also, the dining hall and other student amenities are a lot better now. See More
Justin Booth
· June 19, 2017
Started PHC in the fall of 2010. It definitely had it's good and bad sides. I think they're doing a decent job trying to fill a niche market. If you're looking for a very small, classical liberal arts... focused school, definitely give them a lookup. The professors are really cool, and the low ratio of students to professor is a huge plus. While diversity is strongly desired by the administration, expect to experience a narrow selection of cliques (or so it was from 2010-2013, when I left to go study in the computer science industry instead.) See More
Clayton McReynolds
· June 19, 2017
My liberal arts and literature major education from PHC gave me a wide knowledge base and, even more importantly, habits of thought and study that have served me very well in pursuing my Ph.D. in Engl...ish Literature. Realistically, I might have had a better shot at a higher tier grad. program if I got my degree elsewhere because PHC is a tiny little baby of a school still growing, but I would never trade the education I've received and especially the relationships I've built. See More
Wyly Walker
· June 19, 2017
PHC has been my dream school since I was 12 years old and I personally know dozens of grads, current students and parents that entrusted the education of themselves or their children to PHC. I have n...ever heard a purely negative review of this school from someone who has been extensively involved with the school. The worst complaints I've heard are minor.

Please do not listen to those who rate negatively but know almost nothing about PHC.
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Meredith Mantel
· June 20, 2017
Patrick Henry is a good school in many ways, but unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in IR. Unlike a lot of larger schools, it doesn't really have any sor...t of alumni career resources, career/internship advising, or dedicated staff to help you navigate the process of applying to grad schools and fellowships. As an International Policy and Politics Alumna (class of 2013), I think this put me behind my peers graduating from larger, more well-known schools who had (and still have) access to those resources. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to start thinking about fellowships like the Pickering, Rangel, Boren, Fulbright, etc. around sophomore year of undergrad (even if you don't apply for them until grad school). PHC just doesn't have the resources or the expertise to help students through that process.

Another issue with the IR program is the fact that PHC just isn't well-connected in the field of IR. Neither the professors, the internship coordinator, nor the administration really knows much about what it takes to get into USAID, the State Department, or some of the prominent NGOs and think tanks. Everyone means well and will do what they can to assist, but the student is going to have to do much of the leg work themselves. I ended up doing that, so it can be done. It's just not the easy way of doing and I know I ended up making a few mistakes along the way that experienced IR professors would've been able to catch.

Finally, the IPP track is relatively new at PHC and is still quite small. There's no option to focus on a subset of IR such as regional studies, peace and conflict mitigation, or international development. There's also limited foreign languages to choose from, though you can take languages credits from somewhere else and transfer them in. Because the track is still new, there are a limited number of IPP courses to take (I recall at most two IPP-specific courses being offered each semester - but usually only one). Hopefully, the track will grow, but in my time at PHC, I didn't see any growth or any efforts to grow it, which is a real shame because IR is a great career option and there's so much opportunity there.
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Margaret Reynolds
· August 19, 2017
Imagine if you will a college whose PRIMARY goal is not to train students in the classical method to think critically and argue persuasively. While Patrick Henry College does this without equal, it is... the college's deeper calling which is the driving force behind its success.
In the (paraphrased) words of the college president to the incoming class, "If we teach you to be the best and the brightest, but you do not learn humility and you do not grow in your walk with Christ, we have failed you."
This is Patrick Henry College.
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Patrick Henry College added 3 new photos to the album: Spring 2018 — at Patrick Henry College.

Weekend snow! PC: Abigail Salomon

"He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing. He wraps up the waters in his clouds, yet the clouds do not burst under their weight." - Job 26:7-8
Wow, we are amazed by this photo of the Barbara Hodel Center by student Abigail Salomon! Sadly, the snow has melted now, but it was gorgeous while it lasted.

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Tass Saada shared his story of salvation and life with Christ after spending several years as a young man in the Palestine Liberation Organization, including work as an assassin.

Palestinian author, speaker, CEO, and minister Tass Saada spoke to approximately 50 PHC students on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on February 10.

PHC men's basketball defeated Appalachian Bible College 72-64 at Appalachian Bible tonight! #23 Seth Mitchell, a junior, led in scoring with 31 points. #GoSentinels

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Patrick Henry College is excited to announce this semester’s joint student-alumni journalism party! Come for the food, stay for the #FakeNews jokes.

PHC is excited to announce this semester’s joint student-alumni journalism party!