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  • Sr Tax SpecialistOctober 11, 2007 to presentCrystal, Minnesota
  • Technical Specialist Support Level 1October 19, 2010 to May 15, 2015Minnetonka, Minnesota
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  • Ashford University

    I'm a 47 year old stay-at-home father oftwo girls. A Software Engineer originally from the Minneapolis, MN area, recently re-immigrated from Western Nebraska where my wife grew up and we moved to in-order to raise our daughter in the small-town (you know the whole graduating class and not just the homeroom) atmosphere. Jobs brought us back to the twin cities where I was shocked to find that in the 4 1/2 years that we were gone, the cost of day care doubled and even $10-$12/hr. doesn't cut it anymore.

    While still in college to get a bachelors degree in comp-sci, I was approached by a development company and offered a truck load of money to write software and eventually to de-bug Y2K stuff. Well, Y2K was Y2! (! = NOT for you non geeks and mathematically challenged), the jobs tapered off, the money dried up, and by 2002 (the year I met and married my wife) the company was bankrupt and I was fighting for positions at other similar software companies... one after the other, they all tanked.

    Now with software/help-desk jobs being sent aboard, it's time to switch careers to a growth industry. I've always done my own taxes, entered preliminary data for another tax preparer, written software that adheres to G.A.P., owned and operated my own business, recently started working for HR Block, and have a genuine aptitude for mathematics & puzzles. It would seem that I am ideally suited for accounting. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none? No, but I'm really good with numbers!

    Want to know what I do when I'm not working with numbers (three months out of the year) or playing with my children? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
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