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Serena Coovert
· November 4, 2013
This company is great and reasponably priced too!
Damaged Hard drive
Protect IP Act
The website is Down Ep.3

Keep in mind this is an experimental release, as it's only supported for six months. Hopefully, it's an example of good things to come in the April 2018 LTS release.

Ubuntu 17.10 brings a huge set of changes, including the latest GNOME Shell desktop by default. We cover this, and the many other changes you'll find in this...

Now that's the power of a decentralized digital currency, right there. Troll the bank.

"I just sent $500,000 to the other side of the planet in less than 2 seconds with no banks... for a $0.01 fee. ☺️ Where else can you do that?

I also earned 1634.57% interest ( return on investment ) over the past 2 years. Where else can you do that?


I love asking my Chase Private Banker these questions.... EVERY TIME I SEE THEM. 😎" ~Bruce Wagner

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"The statement “I have nothing to hide” is very popular. But recently reversing this statement has also become very popular: “Give me your bank account login, your email login, your Facebook login.” Most people refuse this instantly, and for a good reason: Everybody has something to hide."~Arne Möhle(Tutanota, the end-to-end-encrypted mailbox for businesses and individuals.)

VPNs don't just protect your privacy. They increase the security of your session on the Internet too. Some sites will not allow you to access their site from a VPN. Those sites, you simply shouldn't use.…/buy-vpn/PCHOME001

Lol! People have been giving me crap about covering my laptop, and phone cameras for years. Finally a great demonstration. If you think to yourself, "well, I have an iPhone, it's more secure." You're a damn fool.

In this demo, Armis Labs will demonstrate BlueBorne, and how a hacker can take over an android device only via bluetooth. For more information, please visit ...

Are you still using SMS, or MMS through your cell phone provider? At this point it's almost certain that all those messages are being captured, and archived forever. Your cell phone provider has a lot of incentive to learn as much about you as possible. All this data will eventually be stolen by hackers, and used against you in any way that suites them. Or, if you are ever suspected of a crime, law enforcement will selectively use anything you ever said to help build their With enough data, you can completely misrepresent one's character, and "prove" almost anything. It's time to move on to more secure, and private communications. Telegram is ne of many great choices. This is a great explanation about the different chats, in what way you are protected, and what way you're not. remember, the goal is not absolute 100% security. That doesn't exist. The goal is, the best privacy you can get, with the minimal inconvenience.

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A wiki for Telegram Messenger

Well, let me just keep beating this dead horse! We keep allowing these idiots to collect massive amounts of personal information about us, and this keeps happening... Will we ever learn? This one is a little different though... When did I ever consent to them collecting all that information about me?…

Equifax, one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the US, revealed today that it has suffered a massive data breach at the hand of hackers. The stolen data includes names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, and other personal information for 143 million Americans.

I am happy to have my kids use censored networks to communicate in a safe environment. But for us adults, we need to get past using censored, centralized communications. There is a growing availability of options. I'll be talking about some of them in the future.…/death-threat-against-mosquito-gets…

A Japanese man recently found his Twitter account permanently frozen after tweeting a violent message alongside a picture of a corpse: Bastard!

I know some people think Bitcoin is silly. The privilege of living in a western society, with the #1 strongest currency in the world, and easy access to banking..., makes us a little naive about how the world really works. We get to ignore money. Most of us have no idea even how money works. We just earn it and spend it, without giving it much thought. I'm not a dooms-dayer. I don't believe that the US dollar will collapse in my lifetime, but it will eventually collapse. All fiat currencies do. The average American isn't feeling it yet, but the US dollar is on the decline, world wide. The world is changing, and it's doing it exponentially. This train is coming. If you just wait for it arrive within your purview, it will be moving to fast for you to climb on board. Educate yourself now. The more you know about what's happening, the better off you will be.... It is coming my friends. It's coming.

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Featuring interviews with enthusiasts and experts, this documentary covers Bitcoin's roots, its future and the technology that makes it tick.

The tech in me says, this is how it's supposed to be. I'm sick to death of computers trying to think for me, second guessing me at every turn with access denied messages, even when I'm logged in as administrator. The constant nagging of "are you sure?" Yes I'm sure. Just do what I say, dammit!

I say McDonald's got it right.…/mcdonalds-kiosk-sold-this-person-e…

He tried ordering a nothing burger

This is increasingly the new reality of the Internet. As the US government compels businesses, even abroad, to collect personal data about you, and your economic activity, many ethical companies will simply stop doing business with with US customers. Coming to a site you love soon.

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As a technologist, I love the idea of a robot society killing all of us, and taking over the world, just as much s the next guy. Sorry to say, I just don't think that's gonna happen in my lifetime. We have much more to fear from the PEOPLE behind the next generation of technology, than we do from the technology itself.

Well-selected funny robot fails in one short video! Please subscribe to fail compilation channel full of interesting, exciting and funny events, fails, fault...

Do you need to send a large file, in a secure way? Do you need someone to send you a file, but they don't know how. I have great free solution for you. Best of all, it's stupid easy!

Todays tech tip is, look into Firefox Focus for iOS, and Android. I've been using it for a while now, and it works great!

Firefox Focus blocks ads and forgets your browsing history, so you can focus on the good stuff. Get Focus for fast, private browsing on Android and iOS now!

Another day, another company looses all the data you've given them about you. I find it funny that the video at the top of the page, talks about ways to secure your data. None of that does you any good, if you allow companies like Verizon to collect your personal data, and then they loose it!…/verizon-data-leaked-online/index.html

Verizon confirmed the personal data of 6 million customers has leaked online.