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We have launched Android version of the app. Check it out!!

PC Remote Beta for android is now available in Google Play store. Please download it and provide feedback.

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You have requested PC Remote for Android. We have worked hard to make this happen. It will be released this weekend on Google play so stay tuned.

Connect to your computer from any part of the world using PC Remote Pro! The latest version allows you to enable connectivity over Internet. Check it out!…/181246c6-b55d-e011-854c-00237…

Now you can connect to your computer from any part of the world using PC Remote! The latest version allows you to enable connectivity over Internet. Check it out!

Before you head out for the holidays, setup Webcam Remote Pro so that you can access your home webcam from anywhere:…/788e26c7-2b99-4f69-9f8d-3d087…

PC Remote team is pleased to offer a Christmas Gift! We have released an Android version of our app. Join this Google Group to get more information on how to download the app: We would love to hear your feedback!!

Some of you whispered ... two finger tap for right click. WP8 users can now select a picture from phone and open it on PC. We have delivered both of them in the update released today in PC Remote Pro app and Mouse Remote Pro apps

Thanks for your support. We are glad to announce that we have hit 2 million download of PC Remote app. We are committed to make the experience of PC Remote with upcoming releases.

Check out this article ... it surprised us

Developers are constantly creating new apps for the Nokia Lumia smart phones to enhance what it can offer to the owners. For instance, the free PC Remote app can convert a Nokia Lumia into a multimedia remote control and allow the user to access and control the PC with the smart phone instead of the...

Many of you have requested an ability to connect computer via Internet. We have worked on it for 6 months, created the PC Remote web service to make this a reality. We are testing this feature on our Baby Monitor and Webcam Remote app. The feature is free of cost as it is beta. Once we are confidant we will bring this PC Remote very soon!!!!! Please download these apps if you are interested in trying this feature.

The coming update will have -
1. Fixes to Desktop remote where Back button was not working.
2. Fixes to Desktop remote to ensure that mouse pointer does not go out of bounds on the page.
3. Added support for Left hand mouse
4. Added support for sensitivity for scrolling.


There are more new coming this week so stay tuned!

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The new update is available on Microsoft store that fixes right click issue. Sorry for the inconvenience that was caused. We appreciate your patience.

We have identified that in the new release there is issue with the right click of. The fix has been submitted to Marketplace. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PC Remote Windows now supports Power Controls, Power point, XBMC, Custom Mouse Sensitivity. Check it out at…/a57fb56f-6fda-44ba-93da-fe88a25…

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Support for iTunes, Zune, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player coming soon to PC Remote for Windows 8…/a57fb56f-6fda-44ba-93da-fe88a25…

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