Hafa Adai! Closed Thursday 2/22, but I’ll be open again Friday and Saturday 11-2pm. #guamfood

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Hafa Adai! It’s a Kelaguen & Corn Soup kind of day! Open at 11 today, Saturday. See you soon!
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People talk aboutshrimp fritters, red rice and area code
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Frankie Palacios
· January 21, 2018
The food is consistently great! Ed is very responsive on messenger and is always welcoming at his cart. Thank you Ed
Timi Roper
· February 17, 2018
Buy one of everything when you go. Because it is all delicious!
Richard Meno Fejeran
· August 6, 2017
Amazing guamanian food! Very authentic and taste just like back home!
Mark Jöhannsson
· September 10, 2017
Delicious! Great for a different lunch and change of pace.
Paul A Merrill Jr
· April 16, 2014
Awesome kelaguen and kick-ass chicken, took me back to Guam since I came to the US over 25 years ago. Thanks for telling us about the Chamorro place in SF too, will definitely go check it out!
Elizabeth Wager
· May 13, 2017
Amazing! Empanada, keleguen, red rice, tatiya!! Must try. The owners are so friendly.
Joyce Perez Cruz
· March 8, 2014
The food was
Good and flavorful.
I was lucky to get the last 3 empanadas.
Sarah Evans
· May 31, 2014
Guamanian food and cold beers. What a wonderful combination!
Jasmine San Nicolas Portades
· April 29, 2014
Bc I've posted ur schedule today, my husband went to get us some food.. I wish I was there to meet u :)
Nick Baiocchi
· April 19, 2014
The food is amazing! If you haven't been here yet you missing out.
Joseph Mendiola
· April 5, 2014
Christopher Bruckmann
March 20, 2016
So, it turns out that I very strongly dislike Guamanian food (that is, food from Guam). For those who don't know, Guam is an island and US territory in the Western Pacific. Also, Guam's area code is 6...71. And, in Portland, they slap the PDX airport code everywhere --hence, this food cart is called PDX671. And as far as food carts go, it is one of the more famous. After all, Guamanian food is something of a rarity in the mainland United States. Perhaps, and forgive me, this is because Guamanian food is so nasty.

We had the special: Kelaguen Mannok (a cold, disappointing, and repellent slab of grilled chicken with difficult skin), some slug-textured goop in a bowl of thickening coconut milk, and the Red Rice. The Red Rice was the most tasteless substance I've ever put in my mouth; we jokingly referred to it as "Shape," because it was so spongy and devoid of flavor.

This rice was more strange to me than even the slithery, revolting goop, because the vulgar abstraction of the Shape-rice seemed to take something away from us with each bite. My closed mouth has more inherent flavor to it than Shape does. No more Shape for me, ever. And you know what's even more strange about Shape? I have come to learn that it was once ordinary rice, but was seasoned with some mysterious seed to give it both color and strip it of the quality of being called food, apparently. Shape is merely edible and attains nothing beyond that.

There was also a bowl of Bonelos Uhang (shrimp fritters). It was not disgusting, but it was also not any good.

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Nancy Taffera-Santos
March 7, 2014
Haven't had a fiesta plate during work lunch in 20 years. Lumpia, red rice, grilled chicken and shrimp patties.
Kaz Yamazaki
March 24, 2012
So good that I ordered another meal to-go. Keep the shrimp fritters coming!
Representing! Here is video we DVR'd from tonight's 5:30 newscast.
Mixing the finadene #pdx671 #guamfood #finadene
North Station Highlights

Keeping you up to date...already sold out of Kelaguen Månnok and Red Rice! More #guamfood tomorrow!
I still got some Fried Friday Greatness; Lumpia, Shrimp Fritters, & Empanada!!

Hafa Adai! I’m OPEN TODAY, Friday & Saturday 11-2pm for lunch! Come by for some great #guamfood #finadenne

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Hafa Adai Portland! I’m open today 2/1, 11-2pm for lunch. We’re on grubhub for deliveries! I’ll be closed this weekend, but open again on Fri.2/9&Sat.2/10 #guamfood #pdx671love

Hafa Adai! It’s another great day for some Kelaguen, Corn Soup... or both!! 971-570-0945 for pickup or get on grubhub and have it delivered! Open at 11am.
#pdx671love #pdx671 🇬🇺#guamfood 🇬🇺 #kelaguen #atulenelotes @ PDX Six Seven One

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Hafa Adai Portland, Open Today til 2pm and already only 7 orders of Kelaguen Månnok left! Call 971-570-0945 to reserve yours or get on grubhub for a delivery. #guamfood #pdx671love

Hafa Adai Portland! I’ll be open Friday and Saturday 11-2pm. Stay dry! #guamfood #pdx671love

HEADS UP!! You've got until January 31 to take advantage of this deal.
*Feastly is offering $15 off meals when you purchase through January 31. Use code RESOLUTION15 to reserve now!*
🇬🇺 PDX671's Portland Dining Month Pop-up features 3 courses for $33. Two dates to choose from, so check it out! 🇬🇺

Hafa Adai, Portland! Stop by Rose City Food Park and grab some PDX Six Seven One … I've got Atulen Elotes (Coconut milk corn soup) and all that other good stuff today. Open at 11!
ALSO… you can call in your order 971-570-0945 or get on Grubhub for a delivery!

PDX Six Seven One shared their event.
January 20

Hafa Adai! Come enjoy a taste of the islands with food from Guam. Portland Dining Month Pop-up: 3 courses for $33.
Use code RESOLUTION15 for $15 off through January 31! Reserve your seats now!!

Titiyas in the making!
#pdx671love #pdx671 🇬🇺 #guamfood 🇬🇺 #titiyas

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😋Mmmmm.... empanada filling! #pdx671love #pdx671 🇬🇺 #guamfood 🇬🇺 #pika #empanada

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Hafa Adai! Just a reminder, I’m currently closed. I’ll be back OPEN on Saturday 1/20 at 11am. #guamfood #pdx671love

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PDX671 is available for private events!
Visit to request your date.

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January 6
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