Trust is the core of any healthy relationship. However, even when there is a lack of trust, I am able to successfully work with couples in a PeacefulSplit divorce mediation. Learn more by visiting

When contemplating divorce, I am frequently asked by a potential client: “I want to mediate but I’m not sure about my spouse.” Often times, one spouse makes the initial call or sends the first email, but the other spouse is either hesitant or is caught by surprise. When I reach out to speak with the other spouse, they are often relieved to learn that their divorce, while unwelcome, can be completed via mediation, in a peaceful manner. If you are facing a divorce, it doesn’t have to be an ugly experience. Try a Peaceful Split! What do you have to risk by trying a different approach?

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As Hurricane Irma approaches, it's a reminder of what's truly important in life. Please remind yourself of the feelings you have now towards all of your family and friends, near and far, when you are thinking about how you want your family and yourself to experience an unfortunate divorce. #PeacefulSplit

It no surprise that spouses desiring a divorce will not always agree on the best process for obtaining a divorce. Read how I can help couples decide if mediation is best for them.

When a couple hires a real estate broker, their goal is the same: they both want to buy or sell their house. When a couple hires a babysitter, their goal is the same: they both…

I was honored to have been a guest on Dr. Eva Brown's Taboo Talktime with my wife and co-mediator Erica, talking about the benefits and advantages of using mediation to peacefully resolve the issues in your divorce.

Although no one can remove the pain of divorce, read how I help couples to obtain their divorce peacefully - through Mediation.

Divorce can be Peaceful, but it invariably will involve pain. A PeacefulSplit mediation can help you and your spouse divorce with dignity.

Domestic abuse can have profound effects on couples when the "survivor" wants a divorce. Mississippi just passed a new law to add "Domestic Abuse" as grounds for divorce.

What are your thoughts?

Mississippi is one of 2 states — the other is South Dakota — without true no-fault divorce.

Check out my latest blog and learn how mediation can work for couples, even when they are not able to even agree on using mediation to obtain a divorce.

Spouses often do not agree at the outset if Mediation is right for them, without pushing away their emotional roadblocks.

Check out my latest blog post.

Couples, in general, and high-conflict couples, in particular, can invariably resolve the issues in their divorce via mediation.

I am pleased to announce that Erica Epstein has joined PeacefulSplit as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. Erica has extensive experience regarding early childhood and school-age children and related issues, as well as working with families with special-needs children. She is also a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. Eric and Erica will be offering joint mediation to help couples going through the divorce process. We hope to provide a comforting experience for our clients going through the stress and anxiety inherent in the divorce process. Feel free to contact Eric or Erica at 954-272-8292, 844-4PEACEFUL or visit us at #PeacefulSplit

As a courtesy to my clients, our firm offers online payments through lawPay. LawPay is secure payment system that is compliant with all card brand security standards, ensuring protection of your personal information. CLICK BELOW

Did you know that women initiate divorce in greater numbers than men. Wondering why? Let Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and attorney, Eric B. Epstein, Esq., provide some reasons.

In heterosexual marriages, women begin the divorce process in greater numbers than men.  Why? It seems counterintuitive since we have been bombarded with messages that women, in general, want long-term, stable relationships and marriages, while…

Often times parents view divorce from the perspective on how their lives will be impacted. However, from the perspective of a child, divorce is traumatic and causes unpredictable changes in their lives which often times results in behavioral changes. Erica H. Epstein (M.A) discusses the impact divorce has on young children.

Divorce is a traumatic event that creates upheaval in the family system and can cause a myriad of altering life changes upon children. Whether the children are young, middle aged or adolescents that feeling of…

For those of you contemplating divorce or going through the process, may this New Year bring you and your family the peace, happiness and serenity that you seek and deserve.

These valuable tips when thinking about getting divorced can make the process go smoother and your life less stressful.

Going through a divorce is a complicated and overwhelming ordeal. So if you’ve made the decision to divorce or are facing divorce because your spouse has stated an intention to end the marriage, you might…

Children are often the silent victims of their parents' divorce. Read my Blog about what your child needs from his/her parents when they are getting divorced.

Scientific American reported that nearly 1.5 million children witness their parents' divorce annually. As parents begin the process of legalizing their divorce, they can become consumed with the details while trying to manage their own…

Divorce doesn't have to mean pain, expense and fighting. You can obtain an economical Peaceful Split. Call now - 1-844-4PEACEFUL - to schedule your Divorce Mediation by Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, Eric B. Epstein, Esq.