Jim Dowling commentary on recent offering of 4 Billion in loans to develop an arms export industry.

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“True love is delicate and kind, full of gentle perception and understanding, full of beauty and grace, full of joy unutterable. There should be some flavor of this in all our love for others. We are all one.” ―Dorothy Day


And Lockheed are moving into Australia with the same goal. Which includes a foreign policy based on endless war. More war: more government spend. This is not dr...iven by conflict but by cooperation.
#Lockoutlockheed #nomoreUSwars
"Now, President Trump has opened the floodgates for defense spending, proposing $716 billion for the Pentagon, a 13 percent increase. And the defense industry is poised to profit, with Lockheed in the lead."

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The top five defense contractors get more federal funding than entire U.S. agencies
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Posted by Ben Pennings
Ben Pennings

[Explicit and Violent Language Warning] Qld Deputy Premier Jackie Trad decided to attack me on Facebook yesterday, diverting attention from the Queensland Labor... government refusing to veto our money going to Adani through the back door of Aurizon. Here's some other pro-Adani attacks I've received in the last couple weeks and a way forward. You can send Jackie a message here -

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Wage Peace

Wage Peace is looking for someone to build a simple infographic/meme for the peace movement. It's about three public figures. Anyone want to give it a go... contact Margie or comment here..

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Wage Peace


Susan Prince

I just sent an email to all 149 Federal Members of Parliament as below:

To all my elected officials,

Thank you for your great work for the equality campaign....
I am a theatre maker and only get employed project by project. I turn 60 this year and am on the dole, like the other 699,999 people.
I object to the use of Serco having anything to do with my information
I object to the cashless welfare card where I am dictated to what I can buy with my $547.60 per fortnight
I object to giving my details to Indue regarding who I pay money to
As my representative I know you will object to these things in Parliament on my behalf.

I find it incredible that you would want Australia to be known as an arms dealer
Our Parliament complain bitterly about refugees then go about making money by creating more refugees
I object to Australia becoming an Arms Dealer
As my representative I know you will object to this in Parliament on my behalf.

I live in Cairns - the heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
This is a jewel that you are ready throw aside for money
I object to the carmichael mine
I object to any dealings with Adani
As my representative I know you will object to these things in Parliament on my behalf

I am aware that many of you may not get in at the next election because of party politics or unpopularity with the people you are serving. However, I look to you as a human, I look to your heart to know that you have the power to change these things, you can be the light, you can be the people remembered for changing the downward spiral of our country.

We are a people not an economy.

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The link to an mp3 of a 56 min podcast: "Pine Gap; the secret in Australia's Heart ".
is here:…/
Med...ia Release
“Pine Gap: The Secret spy base in Australia’s heart “ radio programme
This special broadcast will be broadcast in the Extras slot on [time] ? It comes to you from the studios of Community Radio 2xx and is going across Australia on the Community Radio Network.
This is the story of six Peace Pilgrims who were arrested inside the top secret US military spy base near Alice Springs. Research shows that Pine Gap is probably the CIA’s “most important technical intelligence collection station in the world”.
The Peace Pilgrims walked all night onto the base - carrying musical instruments , an amplifier and a big poster with a picture from the US war in Iraq of a father holding his dead daughter with her leg in bloody tatters. They went to the base to play a musical lament to the death and misery caused by Pine Gap. They were called on spiritual journeys to illuminate how the base makes Australians complicit in deaths and murders in countries we are not even at war with.
Does it sound like the Pilgrims are crazy ? Not so...This programme shows how these ordinary people achieved their extraordinary goal of casting light on the activities of Pine Gap. Through their trial in Alice Springs they put Pine Gap and Australia’s hardwires complicit involvement in drone warfare on trial and got a wide medial audience . Facing punitive seven year jail sentences requested by the Attorney Generals, Senator Brandis, Department, they represented themselves in court attempting to show that is was necessary for them to enter Pine Gap base in order to stop the illegal deaths that are orchestrated from within.
Hear from the two expert witnesses they called to the bar:
• Former Senator Scott Ludlum
• Richard Tanter: who teaches Foreign Policy, Nuclear Weapons and relations to Indonesia at Melbourne University. He is the Chair of the International campaign for the abolition of Nuclear Weapons [ICAN] which was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
and from other peace advocates:
Chris Tomlins: Arrente [Alice Springs area] Traditional Owner
Kevin Buzzacott (born 1947), often referred to as Uncle Kev . He is an Indigenous Australian from the Arabunna nation in northern South Australia. He has campaigned widely for cultural recognition, justice and land rights for Aboriginal people.
Alex Edney-Browne who is doing a PhD about the psychological impacts of drone warfare.
Graeme Dunstan: long time peace activist
The Peace Pilgrims: Paul Christie, Jim Dowling, Margaret Pestorius, Andy Paine, Tim Webb and Franz Dowling
Produced and presented by Bec Horridge. []
Length 56 mins

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1 February 2018, Pine Gap: The Secret in Australia’s Heart Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, Northern Territory, Australia Pine Gap: The Secret in Australia’s Heart Behind The Lines audio files by Behind The Lines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Inter...

LISTEN NOW (radio edit) - This weeks Wonder Woman Margaret Pestorious has been a non violent activist for over twenty five years. Her latest peaceful action at ...Pine Gap could lead her straight to jail but that doesn't faze her at all for 'there's work to be done on the inside too' she says.

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This weeks wonder woman has been a non violent activist for over twenty five years. Her latest peaceful action at Pine Gap could lead her straight to jail but that doesn't faze her at all for 'there's
Peace Pilgrims shared a link.
February 3
But the voices crying out against war remain as marginalized and without political clout as ever... What’s a little cholera — excuse me, the worst outbreak of this preventable disease in modern history — compared to the needs of a smoothly functioning economy?
Mar 30 - Apr 8Melbourne - South Australia
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January 25

Please read this and all the associated posts[!] if you are coming along.

Do we say Invasion Day or Survival Day? Do we follow calls to #ChangeTheDate or to #AbolishAustraliaDay. There are a range of views, but what seems commonly shared – we shouldn’t be celebrating genocide.

It's probably the day the massacres started in earnest in the Southern parts of Australia: the day the convicts and settlers arrived. It's a day that provided a lot of opportunities for some and terrible terrible violence and devastation for others. Should we #changethedate? Wear black and stand with us. Listen Listen Listen as we stand near the Frontier Wars Lest We Forget Banner and have a presence in Cairns. In Cairns we are not so confused about this day because we know what it means to our Aboriginal and Islander friends in FNQ. Stand and listen

Fri 12:00 PM UTC+10at the Boardwalk Display Near the Corner of Esplanade and Aplin St, Cairns
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For every SHARE of this post we'll donate $1 to AIME.

Australia Day is a day known to many as a time to enjoy a cold beverage in the sun, but dissatisfaction w...ith this celebration is growing from a rumble to a roar as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s perspectives of the day gain a place in the hearts of more and more non-Indigenous Australians.

For every SHARE of this post, we’ll give $1 to AIME, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, a program that supports Indigenous kids to finish high school and transition into university, further education and employment at the same rate as every Australian kid. (Make sure you share from this post so we can keep track!)

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Rather than celebrating, we’re reflecting what this day means to our fellow First Australians and how we might be able to create a shared, celebrated future together.
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January 18
In a strange and beautiful way, sad songs offer nourishment.
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Close Pine Gap

Pine Gap is not the only US military base on Australian soil


This article is on the money.
It's from the New Daily which is a 'new' [2013!!!] Australian online News Outlet funded by the industry s...uperfunds. Appears reputable.

They have interviewed Dr Leonid Petrov from the ANU which is a fresh change from the other papers who usually interview Blaxland from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, funded by the arms dealers.

Dr Petrov [does anyone know him??] says that the US like instability in the Asia Pacific because it helps sell weapons from their corporations.

Could this be possible? Such a cynical view from the esteemed academy? Yay!!! Who would like to meet Dr Petrov. Maybe he is studying something helpful to us.

Our objective: to decrease the aspects of militarism across the institutions of the Australian society: Less destructive equipment, decrease militarisation of civil society institutions, decrease militarisation of borders, fewer military interventions in other people's communities with fewer Australian troops, less military training, less security training, less money for expensive weaponary, fewer US troop movements in Australia,,, Does Dr Petrov know about or think about these things - seems he might Yay.

BTW COMMENTS ARE NOT CLOSED YET! GO to the heart of the matter which is US weapons sales. THank Dr Petrov - refer them to WagePeaceau

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Donald Trump's inflammatory tweet goading Kim Jong-un about his nuclear button being "much bigger" is all about money, says a leading expert on North Korea