Freebie for this month is these black and white scribbley doodle digital papers. Enjoy! Free download from…/doodles-digital-paper-pack…/

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Today I will mostly be making printable greeting card templates. These designs have been selling well on a print-on-demand site for the last year or so, it's about time they joined the official shop. CAUTION: Some of them are slightly mucky.

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Well. That was an unpleasant few months. Thankfully the drama of EU VAT is now at least partly behind us and things are moving again, so hurrah! On that note the Etsy shop is back up and running, and there's an official Peculiar Printables website (still somewhat a WIP) where you will find a luvverly coupon code posted on the blog to celebrate.

Now that I can stop worrying about VAT and create things again, there's a look at the sort of thing I've been working on! As you can see, it's kind of a little bit of everything . . .


To celebrate hitting 50 sales, everything in the shop is now 20% off until the end of the month. Rawr!

Ack, how have I not updated this page in a month?! It's because I'm lazy, that's how. To celebrate this laziness I have some new seasonal items up and will be having my first shop-wide sale as soon as sales hit 50 (that's only one more to go!)

Not on Etsy yet even though I've been nagging you for months? That's ok, now you can get a free fiver towards your first purchase:

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More new(ish) things at the shop:

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Can July count as a "record sales month" if I've only been selling for two months?

I say why not. Therefore celebrating with Baileys, colourful knitting, and Project Runway. Ah yeeeeah.

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So this week has been a bit quiet on the creativity front, as a lot of my time has been used up on setting up a proper non-Etsy website (watch this space).

However, I did manage to draw some slime. Yes, slime. Or I suppose some of it might be blood. For Halloween. Because it's the beginning of July so there are UNDER FOUR MONTHS until what I'm sure everyone would agree is the best holiday of the year.

Expect Halloween party packs and invites, as well as a ton more Halloween ...scrapbooking stuff from me over the coming weeks.

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High quality illustrated slimes in four colors; green, black, red and purple. Use in your digital Halloween projects or print for use in

Back in the distant olden times of early June, with a brand new Etsy shop and not much clue what I was doing, a customer approached me about a custom order.

Her wedding favours were going to be sticks of rock (best idea ever, nom nom) and some personalised name cards were in order to turn them into place settings too.

A few weeks later and she was kind enough to send me this pic. It's a little small but if you close one eye and squint you should be able to make out the name ...card wrapped around the rock. I think they'll look great as table settings!

Thank you Mandi, the shop may be doing well now but that first sale will always have a special place in my heart

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Achievement unlocked! Today, after weeks of worrying about when someone would finally leave a review through Etsy, it happened and I spent a full 5 minutes too terrified to click on it in case it was bad. No worries though, it's good

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New things in the shop today. That's right, NEW THINGS! How exciting.

See pics, enjoy pretties, go shop:

My marketing is subtle, I think you'll agree.

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Meet Mister Pipster, the official mascot of my new venture. He helps by, um, demanding constant attention and never letting me get anything done. That's pretty much it.

I'm trying to design printable bunting, Pip, I need both hands!

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Drawing roses. Much more complicated than anticipated!

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Googly eyes! Because everyone loves googly eyes.

A repeating digital paper googly eyes pattern in an assortment of nine rainbow colors. If you would like this pattern in an alternative color

Drawing beachy things kind of makes me want it to be warm, please.…/printable-seaside-beach-digital-paper

A beach-themed set of repeatable patterns in a blue and yellow color scheme. If you would like any changes to these patterns please be in

Currently have items featured in two collections of UK sellers. First up is a card & paper showcase and second is a collection of wedding items. Check them out here:

Card and Paper Shop UK - Birthday Cards, New Baby Cards, Thank You Cards, Gift Cards, Art Cards, Greetings Cards, Paper Craft and Paper Art

Latest digital papers / backgrounds pack includes three color schemes and patterns with hearts, bows, diamonds, polka dots and stripes. Print them, use them on your website, enjoy!…/15-printable-digital-papers-backgrou…

Fifteen assorted digital paper tileable patterns in three color schemes; blue/yellow, pink/grey, orange/blue. If you would like these patterns