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Thanks for having me on to talk about this important topic.

“Helping children work through school shootings and threats- @evamckend speaks with @pedipsych about how our community can best respond to frightening incidents

And it begins.......

““R.J. Reynolds and other big tobacco companies have always had, in the back of their minds, one day being in the cannabis business..." Not saying we're prophets, but our organization's slogan has always been, "Preventing Another Big Tobacco."

Medications for pediatric #anxiety disorders. An update in @PediatricNews about where the evidence is and isn't. #mentalhealth

Although medications can be useful in treating anxiety disorders, they are not recommended as a stand alone treatment.

It looks like the ONLY other factor they controlled for was SES.

“New Study Reveals Link Between Fluoride and ADHD

Important to communicate to our elected officials how important mental health is to the overall well being of the state. Good luck to those attending tomorrow!

“NAMI Vermont is looking forward to seeing many mental health advocates and supporters in the State Capitol...

Interested to hear about this.

“Looking forward to digging into this plan today on the show. A new 925-bed facility in Franklin County, built by a private contractor and leased to the state. Price tag of $150ish million. Will it gain any traction?

Strange that story doesn't mention that commission also says "a period of 12 – 18 months would be necessary for the Vermont Department of Health to develop a campaign that will address this critical need" of potential harms. #vtpoli @ajkvt

“Vermont's public safety commissioner says saliva tests for marijuana would be similar to field sobriety tests for alcohol.

My Origins of Personality course at @uvmvermont starts tomorrow morning for students interesting in learning how they got to be they way they are. Still time to enroll. @uvmWE

Colorado politicians ignore major pot problems. Quite the wake up call. #vtpoli

Colorado politicians need to stop pandering and start leading, which means telling the truth about the severely negative consequences of big...

We're planning another awesome conference and open to ideas for topics if there are requests from the primary care clinicians!

“SAVE THE DATE for the #ChildPsychiatry in #PrimaryCare Conference! Taking place May 4 at the Hampton Inn in Colchester. Stay tuned for additional details! #UVM #CME #CMIE @pedipsych @UVMMedCenter @UVMHealth”

Let me see if I get this logic correct. Legalize marijuana. Increase drug problem. Tax marijuana. Use tax from the increased use that was created by legalization to make these drug problems less bad. Brilliant! @learnaboutsam #vtpoli

“Backers Of A Tax-And-Regulate Marijuana Legalization Bill Vow To Push On For Their Plan

Great topic and looking forward to hearing the broadcast (probably tonight). Comment posted on the @vermontedition website. @JaneLindholm

“'Emotional Disturbance' Among Vt. Students: What It Means And How The State Helps

BOOK UPDATE. I'm sure many of you have been on the edge of your seat wondering what has been happening with my next book project: Parenting Made Complicated: A One Size Does Not Fit All Look at What Science Really Knows about Early Parenting's Biggest Dilemmas. Well, things are moving along and 6 of 12-13 chapters have a first draft. I'm still working on trying to find a publisher. Interesting, many of the rejections so far have been a critique of the American public. It seems like publishers believe that parents just want to be told what to do rather than be given a guide to help them think for themselves (even one written in a lively and nontechnical way like this one). I'm determined to prove them wrong!

You all sure that today is a good day for the legalization vote? Might want to think again. #vtpoli

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding a policy that allowed legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country without federal intervention.

New research shows that 47.4% of people with #cannabis induced psychosis wound up with a diagnosis of either schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. @PoppotGroup @learnaboutsam #vtpoli

“Nearly 1/3 of substance-induced psychosis patients converted to either #schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Nearly half converted after cannabis-induced psychosis.”

Pro-pot lobbying groups in VT sponsor children's book called "It's Just a Plant" to con kids. Youth use directly related to perceived risk of harm. We don't need your "help" to keep kids safe. @vtdigger @bfp_news #vtpoli