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  • You can get my poetic autobiographical books of pomes PLANET YOUNG and PLANET MIDDLE AGE from

    Biographies, such strange things, they make me think that life is over. I’m not terribly fussed on what I’ve done. I’m far more into what I’m doing. Doing means you’re still alive. Doing means you haven't done. I'm not done with doing. I am aware though it’s quite good fun to know what people are doing or have done. IV been born it was good. I am the seventh son of a seventh child born on the seventh month. I was born at home and my mum was in five days and five nights labour. The bedroom was full of the very concerned women of our community. When I was finally born there was a huge round of applause. I fancy that's why I became a performer. I was originally going to be called Anthony but Maggie Mannen prayed to St Gerard at the very second I popped out and the midwife said amidst the applause here's little Gerard. Infancy was a strange time. I was born into a very working class family dripping in humour, poverty and grief. I'm from an immediate family of ten of which only three survive. My family was decimated by a series of tragic accidents. My young life was incredibly rich and full of experience. I treasure the joy and the pain, maybe not at the time but most definitely now. Now means I'm able to digest "then" so much easier. School really hurt and I haven’t forgiven it. School was a long period of indigestion. School rendered me voicless because of the constant mocking of my "girly" voice. Not just pupils the teachers as well...bastards. The church played a massive part in my young life, again it hurt but to say there wasn’t any comfort would be a lie. I am now a very happy atheist. Growing up in Scottie Road was as vicious as it was tender. Scottie Road is as infamous as its slender. Scottie Road still fills my mind and fuels my thought. Its well harder than Penny Lane. Scottie Road would batter Penny Lane in a fight. Theres definitely a mythical quality to it, it almost feels prehistoric. My life took a turn to brilliance in 1979 when I joined the Everyman Youth Theatre. An eiderdown cataclysm. There aren’t enough words, metaphor or similes to explain the profound impact it had. Not just me but thousands of young scouse kids went through those doors and became people. A diamond in a sea of anthracite. From those experiences anything and everything happened. I joined Zip theatre company in Wolverhampton and went to The Silver Web still the best gay club Iv ever been to. I feel I must mention The Masquerade, Sadie s and Jodys three premier Liverpool gay clubs. They chartered our youth through high energy and stormy waters, bliss. The queer energy in early eighties Liverpool was triumphant, we weren't going to let depressions get us down. 1981 was such a brilliant time. Drama, drama, drama. Some of the most amazing relationships ever formed.I'm really a simple soul. A simple soul who can feel great joy and great sadness. I want a less greedy world.
Favorite Quotes
  • "I wouldn't if I were you sweetheart." Maggie Watkins

    "We're all made of lies but remember Gerard Lies are made of truth." May Butler me Ma

    "Its a world things happen." Gerry Potter[I live my life by this creed}

    "Never take a trip to calm you down." Liz ONiel

    "One moment please." Robbie Webb