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Professional Skills
About Lisa
  • Hello,
    I'm a Yankee that came to Oklahoma, and fell in love with "you'll" ..I believe in God and the importance of having a good spiritual connection comes first, family second, and the golden rule.
    I believe that good quality character, integrity, and being a loving person are qualities far more important than a person's wealth or outside appearance. Because when it's all said and done the only thing that matters is the love and we are all connected and we all become one again so live well.
Favorite Quotes
  • Why stop at average? !!

    What you permit is what you promote!

    What you do today determines your tomorrow.

    Character is what you do even when no one is watching.

    And one quote I wrote and tell myself is...

    "I'd rather stand up for what is right and die trying, than to die a little at a time with a closed heart smothered with indifference. "