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About Morten Gum
  • About myself first, For all of the everyone in my list.... *0*
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do not ask me for MSN!!!!
    I really have no MSN. But if i have, i also have no time to play it.
    I'm pretty bored for MSN request.- -* If you want to chat, just drop the email to me. I prefer email due to it's quite easier for me to check and reply at any times.

    About myself again, Ah ha
    There’s nothing special, just be a plain Thai people.

    Traveling around the huge world, spend most of the time to search my own self and feeling. Discovering the new world is my inspiration peek as like as to meet a nice new friend.

    BUT > > >

    I've always been so busy, then so Sorry for not replying your msg or your friend request immediately.

    Thank you for your request but my list has grown up insanely. So I have to choose only some……to……be….…my……..friend……..and thanks for your waiting.

    I don’t wanna have too much friends here. So don’t startle if your list is deleted from me some day. I limit myself at 100 friends. Please keep in touch and drop email to say hi each other, so we’ll be such a good friend……..for long………forever.

    For someone, if you know you’re not supposed to be my friend pleaseeeeeeeee leave. I'm not that kind of Thai boy. And please kindly "DO" polite to me. OK?

    AT LAST "I love my FAMILY my FRIENDS and I LOVE GREENDAY" wa wa wa wowwwwwww haha
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