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  • Author/Inspirational Speaker/Trainer/Coach/Mentor2008 to presentThe Woodlands, Texas
    Business Consultant/Referrer of Merchant Services/Energy/Franchising/Consumer Financing/Graphic Arts/Social Media/Fraud Investigations/Political and Corporate Connection Liaison

    832-948-5812p / 888-624-8778f / PO Box 130741 / The Woodlands, TX 77393

    "The Life Analyst discovers, educates, and empowers people to match their DDA to their DNA with analyzed processes that incorporate step by step actions to achieve growth and balance in their personal and financial objectives"

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  • Paula J. Foulk is the founder of The Life Analyst from The Woodlands, Texas. She grew in the country of Benton, Illinois, a rural southern town of about 7,000 people. She took the 4 F's - Faith, Family, Fun, and Fortune that she learned as a child and followed the concept that her parents taught through out her life and attributes that to her success coupled with action plans she put together along the way. After several years of people asking how are you making it in this tough economy, she found her self helping people reach their goals and ....TLA was born....TLA is on a mission to revolutionize people into becoming visionaries of their own accord. TLA's visionary revolution for each and every person is to incorporate bottom line activities coupled with the power within through mentoring and coaching with clear, distinctive and specific goals. PJ is a country girl at heart and believes anyone can live their dream. TLA is dedicated to mentoring and coaching people to discover, educate, and empower them to match their DDA with their DNA with proprietary analyzed processes that incorporate step by step actions to achieve growth and balance in their career's personal and financial objectives. She is an industry expert, entrepreneur, speaker, visionary and author in her field. As a Visionary coupled with mentoring and coaching, she assisted clients in doubling and tripling their incomes to Six Figures while one has increased their income to Seven Figures and business profits beyond most belief's. TLA articulated where they were going while allowing them to be innovative, experimental and take calculated risks by creating individualized action plans, direction and guidance through motivational coaching and mentoring.

    PJ knows what it is like to make it on her own. She found herself raising a 3 year old with no career and was determined to make the "Six Figure Club" to provide the lifestyle she believed she and her daughter deserved. PJ sold over a BILLION dollars in new combined treasury management sales over the past few years that generated new combined annual revenues of over $1.5 million dollars despite the adversity she endured. While working in corporate America for one of the largest financial institutions, she educated her small business to Fortune 100 clients on how they could reduce costs while optimizing their time and money. She assisted and developed marketing initiatives and pilot products. She also created accredited training programs of industry awareness on fraud prevention that the Coast to Coast Financial Institution Marketing Director took notice of and used her idea and presentation throughout the country at client conferences. Her unique perspective to train and educate others led to the development of TLA by reflecting on her parents teachings and taking note on what and how she personally accomplished her goals. By digging deep into her own self, using the TLA inspirational training program, she prevailed in the spiraling downturn of the economy, with almost a 300% increase in her annual revenue goals and 50% pay cut in commissions in a 5 year period. Past Awards include - Cars, Jewelry, Sales Summit Award, All Star Sales Award, Top Producer, Sales Excellence and many others. In her spare time, PJ enjoys volunteering at "The Night's Shield" Children's Shelter, entertaining, traveling, writing, gourmet cooking, playing golf and tennis, and watching her favorite sports - racing, golf, baseball, football, and basketball. eMail -
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