Dean Baker, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, shows that the upward redistribution of income in the U.S. over the last four decades was not the result of globalization and the natural workings of the market. Rather it was the result of conscious policies that were designed…

Women, for a variety of reasons, get a worse deal from Social Security than men. Since benefits are based on earnings throughout one's career, this has to do with (especially) unequal pay, unequal treatment in hirings and promotions, and interruptions in work history to care-give. And sexism. We've seen some progress in the 30-something years since the ERA stalled out, but not nearly enough. The result is that a lot more women than men enter old age with not enough to get by ...on. This movie (by Kamala Lopez and Gini Sikes) is a great dissection of enduring gender inequality and why the push for a real solution is needed. More importantly, it's a great tool for activists. Available today from iTunes. Order it, and ask your local community/art cinema to show it. Grassroots organizing works, and it can start with Equal Means Equal! Please distribute widely!

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Posts's statement last week that he favors expanding Social Security was a watershed. What happens next is a lot murkier, however. mu/2016/06/06/obama-expands-the-social-security-conversation/

President Obama's statement last week that he supports expanding Social Security was indeed a watershed in the discussion of the program's future. What happens

Hello again! I'm back to blogging, incensed by the lack of historical insight in the recent condemnations of Berniecare. Here's an instant remedy.…/the-realism-of-bernie…/

Ever since Bernie Sanders released details of his single-payer health care proposal recently, critics right and center have been on the attack against his

In the world of Washington, incentives—carrots and sticks—seem to be the answer for everything, including how to get people on disability back to work. But a new study suggests the problem is the same one the Americans With Disabilities Act identified 25 years ago: discrimination.…/of-carrots-sticks-and…/

In the world of Washington, incentives—carrots and sticks—seem to be the answer for everything, including how to get people on disability back to work. But a

How the just-passed budget bill fits into the Republicans' long game to dismantle Social Security.…/30/the-soft-underbelly/

Having failed in numerous frontal assaults on Social Security, the Republican congressional leadership several years ago adopted a new strategy for dismantling

The GOP (and many center-right Dems) have long wanted to turn Social Security, effectively, into welfare. (Which makes it easier to cut.) But what would happen if they got their way? How would they decide who's deserving of assistance and who's not? The devil's in the details.…/2…/10/22/hardship-case/

Means-testing Social Security is a popular position among Republican presidential candidates this election cycle—if not among prospective voters. That means,

Bernie Sanders's confrontation with members of Black Lives Matter should teach a lesson to everyone engaged in the struggle to defend Social Security: Unless the campaign for economic equality recognizes the need to prioritize racial equality as well—that racial and economic issues are not separate—preserving and expanding Social Security will become increasingly difficult. ...…/social-securitys-futu…/

Bernie Sanders's confrontation with members of Black Lives Matter should teach a lesson to everyone engaged in the struggle to defend Social Security: Unless

Not all critics of Big Government are right wingers. Here's my Q&A with Anne Kornhauser about her revealing new book, Debating the American State.…/the-liberal-critics-o…/

What does it mean to be a “progressive” or “liberal” in America today? More than anything else, perhaps, it implies a determination to defend the signature

A Lifeline, Not a Safety Net: Read my latest post, about a new study that shows people are relying more, and earlier, on Social Security.…/a-lifeline-not-a-safe…/

What’s the biggest source of income for Americans in the last years of their lives? Whether you live to 65, 75, or 85-plus, no matter if you’re married or

By failing to take a clear position on TPP, Hillary Clinton treats voters, and working Americans in general with contempt.…/why-hillary-clinton-i…/

For the last decade, Harry Reid has been a bulwark against efforts by Republicans and members of his own party to send the core of the New Deal achievement down

The LA Times' Michael Hiltzik dissects the recent sleazy attack on Disability Insurance in the Wall Street Journal.…/la-fi-mh-wsj-disability-20150309-c…

At first glance, an op-ed in Monday's Wall Street Journal  makes a devastating case against Social Security's disability system. On closer inspection, the case isn't so clear.

More on AK Press's recovery from their warehouse fire, and how (and why) you can help.…/ak-press-needs-your-…/…

Independent publishers are a bulwark of free speech, free exchange of ideas, and the struggle for a better world. The last thing one of our best indy publishers

Apologies for not posting so much lately. This is real important: The publisher of my award-winning book, The People's Pension, has just suffered a terrible fire in their offices/warehouse. They could really use some support. Please read the below article on contact AK at the link provided. This is VERY much appreciated!…/akpress/help_ak_press_friends_recover_f…

Home / Help AK Press & Friends Recover from Fire AK Press is currently cleaning up the wreckage from a major fire. You are in the right place if you want to help. In the early, morning of 3/21/15, the building behind ours caught fire and two people…

The unheralded culprit behind European pension privatization: stock exchanges. Who would have guessed? A new paper explains why.…/the-origins-of-pensio…/

Starting in the 1970s, governments authorized and promoted individual retirement accounts of various sorts. The commonly accepted explanation was that public pensions were no longer affordable and had to be supplemented or replaced by private saving. The truth, according to a revealing new paper, is…

Rand Paul, child of privilege, is full of it.…/la-fi-mh-rand-pauls-supremely-cyni…

Travel obligations kept me from addressing until now the attack on Social Security disability recipients made last week by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., but it was too outstandingly ignorant and cynical to go unanswered.