The ParticipateDB 2018 Digital Engagement Census is a public data collection event taking place February 9-18, 2018 inviting the global field of community engagement and public participation practitioners to report how digital engagement – i.e., the art and practice of applying information and com...

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We are looking for a sw developer (php) in Berlin. Somebody who is as passionate about participation and teamwork as we are would be great. Check out our job offer:

DEMOS conceptualizes and implements eParticipation, eDemocracy and eGovernment for public organizations in Germany, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
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A new form of online survey uses crowdsourcing and data visualization to reveal the hidden nuances in partisan debates.
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​​​​​​​ Emmanuel Macron's victory in Sunday’s presidential elections marks a stalemate in France’s participatory democracy.
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Robert Bjarnason to Civic Technology and Open Government - Global #civictech #opengov

Our open source Your Priorities citizens participation software is a hit in Malta

Having a say in what your city or neighbourhood should be like is often complicated, time-consuming and full of confusing jargon. A new wave of digital tools are trying to make the process transparent and interactive

the relationships between space, decision-making and democracy

In a recent study of the plenary halls of every UN member-state legislature, Amsterdam-based architectural firm XML analysed the relationships between space, decision-making and democracy, exploring the recent history of our legislative topologies and posing timely questions about their future....

Digital participation & green energy - very nice combination!

In Germany’s northernmost state, Schleswig-Holstein, people usually associate the word “watt” with the expansive mud flats along its North Sea coast, the Wattenmeer. But thanks to its position between the North Sea to the west and the Baltic to the east, Schleswig-Holstein has huge expanses of land…

Keep going OGP!

Over the past two months, OGP’s government, civil society and other stakeholders have heard me deliver a key message: OGP is at a critical juncture – it has grown significantly in scale, with 70 countries joining the partnership in just five years, along with thousands of civil society organizations...
Spatial planning online: Hamburg’s platform for public participation In the year 2016, the German government still faces great challenges. In connection with the tackling of acute problems, such as...
In the third week of February 2014, I did something that has never before been attempted in local government anywhere in the world. Using…

"The rhetoric of smart cities would be more persuasive if the environment that the technology companies create was actually a compelling one that offered models for what the city can be. But if you look at Silicon Valley you see that the greatest innovators in the digital field have created a bland suburban environment that is becoming increasingly exclusive, its tech bubbles insulated from the public sphere. "…/rem-koolhaas-asks-are-smart-citi…

NEW from Civicist, Tom Steinberg discusses the evolution of the Open Data Movement and the road blocks to progress at scale.

I am, for my sins, one of the many parents of the strange beast that is the open data movement. I was one of the first people to nag politicians about the value of opening up public data in machine readable ways. I’m one of the first people who actually wrote policy papers on the …