I haven't been online for a while. I've been building a tiny home (thow!!). I want to hit the road, travel, be a little nomadic for a while... within reason. Yes, the land is still there! I haven't been able to make any more improvements, so it's been on the back burner. I am trying to use FB more. I'm not familiar with all the functions, bells and whistles. I see I've missed msgs. I had no idea! It may be easier for me to keep up here, and I'll do my best to post more, update more and keep in contact better.
Anyone interested in an off grid mixer? Just an idea. Have a great day!!

New ideas emerging- at last!

Self sufficiency, and subsequently, the "tiny home movement" were the inspiring ideas behind Pepperpot Farms to begin with. Offering private, affordable, off grid spaces to people interested in...

Income idea?

I’m always looking for new ways on the farm to re-use, recycle and repurpose, and there’s nothing I love more than an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Our kitchen waste is already pretty minimal, thanks to a combination of cooking our own dog food, and having chickens and rabb…
There are probably several million articles on the internet about how to grow tomatoes. Folks will tell you how to grow tomatoes organically, or how to grow world record tomatoes, or how to grow 60-80 pounds of tomatoes from a single plant, or how to grow the tastiest tomatoes. We have a love affa…

Lofted cabins with wrap around porches.

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360 Sheds & Metal Buildings

These Deluxe Lofted Barns will make great cabins in the woods!
#Cabins #TinyHouse #LiveSmall #Camping #1LotInVa #360sheds #TheShedLady

What a great project to explore! I love the idea of 100$ self sustaining. Isn't this possible here in the Midwest? I think YES!

Every now and then you come across a tiny house that has been constructed to an incredibly high standard. That’s exactly the case with this stunning off-the-grid tiny home, built by ex boat builder and cabinet maker Jeff Hobbs.There’s no hiding the amount of sustainable technology that has been inco…

These are great storage stairs. Good use of space and leaves the entire home open. Nice!

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Just a few pics of the woods @ Pepperpotfarms

Heading out to the farm this weekend! Meeting landscapers and a potential supplier for the cabins! Would you like to come out to have a look around? Get in contact as soon as possible!

We received a quote from a well drilling company... It came it at over $9,000- and that's the 'minimum' cost. So, other options will have to be in order. Will be posting a new update soon. Have a great week everyone!

If you have been waiting to get out to the site, now is your chance! Ready? Let's go!

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When Bill Southworth of Hybrid Propulsion began traveling with his Rottweiler he was unhappy with where he had to end up staying. That’s why he ended up creating the 80 sq. ft. transforming c…
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So, as you can see by now- I've started adding information to PPFs. As we roll ever closer to 2016, I am in a different mindset and mode! The site is changing, and my focus is leaning into various...

Using a green house as a home utility!

Problem: Cold climate off grid home heating Solution: Greenhouse built over existing structure   Even if you live in a 4 season location, you might consider this brilliant idea presented by Kirsten...