Do you know what the greatest gift of all truly is? Santa teaches Kelsey and Reed in Pep Talk's Christmas special.

Written and directed by Reed Kavner and Kelsey Solywoda

Starring ...
Reed Kavner
Kelsey Solywoda
Ian Power-Luetscher
J. Steven Madura

Director of Human Photography
Andrew Elder

Special Thanks
Lisa Spitzner
Jessica Xie

Music licensed via Epidemic Sound

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Did you know that vampires don't show up in photos? Well, last night's Pep Talk! Day-after-Halloween Bootacular wasn't really a comedy show; it was a test to see which of our friends are vampires. We're happy to announce that our friend group continues to be 100% vampire-free. Congratulations! These pictures by Jessica Xie are proof.

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The Greatest Gift of All: A Christmas Claymation Special

[vampire voice] Good evening guys and ghouls,

Pep Talk is back (from the dead!!) with a SPOOOOKY (belated) Halloween edition. We're coming straight from the aisles of Duane Reade's Day-After-Halloween sale and will have lots of VERY REASONABLY PRICED TREATS to share with you, our lovely audience/coven.

ALSO, we've got some creepy-crawly comedy! This month's KILLER (oooh! Killer! Scary!) lineup features:


Emma Vernon
Jessy Morner-Ritt
Sam & Bill
Jess Fuchs


- Ghost Kelsey and Goblin Reed

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September's show is but a distant memory, but it lives on in our hearts (and our hard drives, thanks to these pix). Big thanks to Conner Ozer, Brandon Scott Wolf, Molly Brenner, and Steven Markow for hanging out with us on a Saturday night! Mark your Day Runner® Planner for the next show: Wednesday 11/1 @ 7pm!

Hey look! Our "high-joy show" is in Time Out New York! Come see our "very funny buddies" Saturday 9/30:

Who said comedy has to be so dour and self-deprecating? Reed Kavner and Kelsey Solywoda encourage their very funny buddies to go all out at this high-joy show

PEP TALK! asks New York's bravest comedians to leave their comfort zones and to bring the audience with them. We've seen a comic make money like a stripper, heard confessions about working for Bill O'Rielly, and learned (from a song!) how to scam your Tinder date for free Burger King.

**This month's show features**

Brandon Scott Wolf (Weekend Update)


Ana Fabrega (The Chris Gethard Show)

Steven Markow (The New Yorker)

Molly Brenner (Physically Bold)

And your hosts, Reed Kavner (the C train) and Kelsey Solywoda (Dunkin' Donuts)

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WOWOWOW! Our very funny, very lovely friends Pretty Sad White Girls are releasing their first album!! Check out their Indiegogo campaign to help them finish it up!

Help a New York City-based musical comedy duo raise money to fund their debut album! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
Pep Talk added 15 new photos — with Petey Peterson and 5 others.

In honor of Labor Day, check out Petey Peterson, Jonathan van Halem, Hallie Haas, and Matt Nedostup WORKIN IT at August's Pep Talk! Pics by Jessica Xie. We'll be back with a new lineup 9/30:

Pep Talk added an event.

PEP TALK! asks New York's bravest comedians to take themselves out of out their comfort zones and to bring us along with them. Your hosts Kelsey Solywoda and Reed Kavner will provide the encouragement we'll need to go on this journey of personal growth together.

This month we're excited to feature:

Eudora Peterson...

Hallie Haas

Jonathan van Halem

Matt Nedostup

We can't wait to see you there! We're proud of you already.

Kelsey and Reed

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Wow! The premiere edition of PEP TALK! was great! We learned about The Lizzie McGuire Movie, shitting while wearing a leash, and scamming your Tinder dates for free Burger King. But most importantly, we learned about ourselves. It was a journey and this is our scrapbook. Pretty pics by Jenny Regan & Jessica Xie

Pep Talk added an event.

Wow, hey there, hello friends! We are v. psyched to announce the world premiere of PEP TALK! a comedy variety show where your ever-supportive hosts Kelsey Solywoda and Reed Kavner (THAT'S US!) encourage comedians to leave their comfort zones and help us all grow.

We have such a fun line-up for our first show!! Seriously, look at these superstars:

STAND-UP by Orli Matlow...
CHARACTERS by Will Martinez
MUSIC by Pretty Sad White Girls

We are VERY excited for this show and we hope to see you there!

You're a warrior, don't ever forget that.

Kelsey and Reed

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Mon 7:00 PM EDT