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Bill Stankiewicz
· April 10, 2018
Absolutely a terrible visit! After waiting over an hour for our oil change we noticed that the truck was parked outside the front door of service. We waited another 20 minutes before going inside to a...scertain the disposition of our vehicle. Finally the service guy, Josh, comes up to us, we were standing in the lane where you pickup your vehicle, and says our vehicle was ready. He presented us with a receipt for a tire rotation, no oil change! After I inquired about the oil change he stated it was not on the original order, that he just got back and had seven “ROs” he was processing. He apologized and got the truck back in line. After 4 P.M. the truck was finally delivered to us. No inspection paperwork was given to me as it had been in the past, so I can only assume that no inspection of my vehicle was performed. It was rushed through due to the incompetence of the initiating service manager, who by the way we later learned was a porter because we asked why the guy making popcorn was not taking care of our truck. The tire pressure was not corrected as the right rear was low upon presentation of the vehicle and now the inboard electronics show the left front as low. The other fluids were not topped off as well, I.E. washer fluid. My brakes were noted as low the last time the vehicle was in and they were not inspected as well. Hence the lack of a all point inspection report. I have 8 more services that I paid for when I bought the vehicle. Can they be used anywhere or am I stuck with your incompetent staff? If that is the case then I am requesting a refund. By the way, the highlight of our visit is when our sales rep, Aldolfo, came to visit us. He had plenty of time to find us, for sure! See More
Valerie Wilson
· February 18, 2018
We took my husband's Jeep Wrangler into the service center for repairs at the end of January to have the computer in the vehicle fixed, a water pump issue fixed, and a headlight fixed (attached to the... computer issue). We get the Jeep back 5 days later (2 days after they told us we’d get the vehicle back) and within an hour we notice that the headlight was fixed but now a fog light is out. Since we thought it was a minor fix such as replacing the bulb, we did not contact the company until two days later when we switched out the bulb and realized the bulb was not the issue - the wiring on the fog light was done incorrectly when they fixed the headlight. We called and tried to speak with the service manager who did the repair and we were told we could not prove they are the ones who wired the light incorrectly and that we were out of luck because too many days had passed between when the vehicle was in the shop (less than 2 days apart). We will no longer trust Perkins for any work done on our vehicles and will make sure to steer friends and family away to a competent repair shop/dealership. See More
Ian Horgan
· December 27, 2017
Just recently I purchased a RAM Promaster from Perkins Motors and couldn't be happier with the experience. While I was finalizing all the paperwork with my sales rep, the van was pulled inside for a q...uick wash, wax and tire polish. Then, as a final departure gift they topped off the tank for me!

I own another RAM van (purchased elsewhere) and decided to buy a second, but different one from Perkins, because every-time I take it in for its routine oil change the service has been wonderful. I've never waited longer than about 30 minutes and the staff always seems to be very helpful and informative as I'm pulling it in.

I would recommend Perkins Motors to anyone looking for a new car now, especially after receiving a follow up call from my sales rep a few weeks after my purchase, just to see how I was doing - top notch guys!
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Courtney Nezvera
· December 21, 2017
Service department was awful. Basically I was charged and paid for a diagnostic for something's I thought was under warranty. The never explained why the part had to be replaced or what was wrong with... it. When I went to pick the car up because I refuse to pay for a repair that you can't explain to me they didn't even try to talk to me. Handed me my papers then proceeded to make me wait to leave since they decided to pull up another car in front of the only exit where the customer wasn't ready to leave. Everyone looked like they had an attitude and it was a room full of people sitting around and charging apparently 150 an hour for it. Waste of my money and time. See More
Jenn Vincenzetti
· March 26, 2018
After my Jeep being in and out of the shop 4 times in one week all clutch issues still not fixed, we go and pick up my Jeep today only to have a busted windshield and of course it’s not there fault bu...t it wasn’t there when we dropped it off I will never take another vehicle there See More
Collin Coates
· January 16, 2018
I went to Perkins Motors for a warranty repair on my jeep wrangler. It was a long drawn out process to get the repair going due to warranty issues, but my service advisor (Don) kept me in the loop the... entire time and was very kind and professional throughout. I appreciate their service and am very happy to have my jeep back! I would not hesitate to turn to Perkins Motors for future work and would encourage you to consult with Don for all of your service needs! See More
Becca Havlat
· March 23, 2018
If I could pick 0 stars I would have. I brought my Chrysler in for a recall issue. I called and made an appointment for 7:40 am so I could go back to work after. After being told it would only take 2 ...hours, I am STILL sitting here and it is going on the 5th hr. Not only am I annoyed but I’m also pregnant with twins and super uncomfortable. I will never. Ever. Bring my car back here. I don’t care how simple the issue. See More
Logan Barbee
· November 9, 2017
My experience only involved the service department. I have never experienced the sales department and will never if it’s up to me. The service department will still charge you even if they can’t solve... your problem. I understand that time is money and we all have to get paid. However, if the service team had proper training in the vehicles that they service, they could have informed me that they could not fix my issue before I brought in my vehicle. The service manager even mentioned that he had never heard of an issue similar to mine. With a dealership of this size and scope, I find it hard to believe that no one has come to them with a similar issue. Regardless, it took 30-45 minutes and a $65 bill for them to inform me that my issue could not be solved. Will not be returning. See More
Steven Colucci
· March 25, 2018
If you’re interested in a new Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Fiat Perkins is the place. I’ve purchased 2 from them and Adolfo Lopez is the guy, a family man, a US veteran, and the all around good guy who he...lped us. We won’t go anywhere else or with any other salesman. See More
Heather Hammond
· December 14, 2017
If I could give zero stars I would. Jeff is arrogant and a liar. He authorizes for parts to be put in the vehicle without customer consent and then just hands a bill over expecting you to pay. Decides... it's not important to consult with the insurance adjuster and does what he wants. When and if we ever get our vehicle back we wont be using this service department again See More
Pete Kariotis
· December 11, 2017
Bought a Jeep for 40k, before buying the jeep I made it clear that the cracked windshield needed to be fixed as well as some fenders that were peeling off. Bought the Jeep which was simple and quick. ...No complaints with the sales area. Took the jeep back to get the windshield fixed, no body knew what was going on or why we were there.. we were told we had an appointment with a glass guy but yet they had to call him in.. he didn't show up for 3 hours.. fenders were just forgotten about. After making ANOTHER appointment for the fenders, they rescheduled 3 times because they ordered the wrong clips.. finally My wife took it in and I checked their work 3 days later because I had to work.. still peeling off.. if they used clips like they said this would not be happening.. very dissatisfied with what happened after buying the Jeep. Perkins sales is pretty good but Perkins service is TERRIBLE and I will never bring this Jeep there again. Added a star only because the car buying process was easier then most dealers and sales was great.

UPDATE: The day I posted this review I received a call from Jeff, he told me to bring the jeep in one more time and it would be fixed right. So I did and it was actually taken care of. It's rare that a dealership will actually care enough to right their wrong. Like stated above, sales is great as Jeff is the sales manager, can't say the same about service but they did fix what my issue was. Only took 1 star for the headache.
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Dave Woody
· November 1, 2017
Dropped off my wife's 2014 Chrysler Town and Country because it was leaking oil. Jeff had everything ready when we dropped the van off, and called me by noon to let me know what the problem was, what... corrective actions were taken, and that the vehicle was ready for pick up. The entire experience was painless, and very quick. By far the best experience with a service department at any dealership I've ever been to. I will be a repeat customer for my next scheduled service! See More
Shannon Ford
· March 3, 2018
Absolutely worthless service department. I will NEVER purchase another vehicle here. Have never had much success with their service department, but their latest screw up takes the cake. After 3 mon...ths of waiting for a part (that initially we were told would take two days) constant phone calls( frequently unreturned), and constant brush offs, today we were told a computer glitch gave our part to another vehicle and we now have to start over. BS! The only glitch is piss poor employees and half assed service! See More
Alejandro Llamas Tejeda
· October 4, 2017
I don't understand what is going on in your service department. I am so disappointed with your service, that even though I was happy to purchase my '17 Compass from you, I will not be servicing it any more!
2 weeks to get a part, no comunication until I call them and then, after I set up an appointment, turns out they didn't work on my car, claiming they had too much work.... what's the point of making an appointment!!!They have kept it overnight without talking to me, no loaner car was available and again no communication. This car is less than a month old!!! They may have sold me a lemon and their service is beyond terrible
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Lisa Tarter
· November 1, 2017
Absolutely horrible service. Rude managers who lie about your vehicle and what to expect. They have had our vehicle for weeks, and have screwed things up so badly with our insurance, our insurance com...pany is threatening us with the storage fees. Jennifer and Melissa have apparently no clue what they are doing, and take it out on the customer. See More
Shea Wallin
· October 26, 2017
Crooked price gouging greedy manipulators. $130 charge to confirm my diagnosis whilst they had it in for recalls and an oil change. I thought oil change and diagnostics was $130. I understand trying make a profit but that is crooked. Also quoted me over $600 to change an idler pulley and belt..... $70 in parts from autozone....... $200 ish from them. Never again will my family do buisness with Perkins dodge and jeep in the springs and I urge everyone I know to follow suit. Greed is only allowed by the customers. See More
Tamra Makin
· February 19, 2018
Oz, at Perkins Motors was absolutely amazing! He actually listened to what I wanted, needed, and could afford. He did the leg work to find me the PERFECT vehicle for me. Can't ask for a better experie...nce buying a used car, I was dreading it, and Oz, he made it fun! See More
Kevin Peters
· September 10, 2017
Went to the dealer to trade my Ram 1500 for a 2500. After evaluating my trade they told me everything looked good except the 4 wheel drive wasn't working. I was told they still wanted my trade, but fo...r less money of course. The problem is my 4 wheel drive works perfectly fine and I knew this because I just used it the weekend before. I had to prove it worked to the dealer by having them put it on a lift to see all 4 wheels spin. In the process I was told by my sales consultant they had a customer drive my truck while it was being evaluated by the dealer with out my permission. I brought my concerns to the sales manager and he just gave me a blank stare and acted like the dealership did nothing wrong. He didn't even offer an apology. I am extremely disappointed by the actions and customer service of this dealer. See More
Juan Luna
· March 7, 2018
Great customer and engineering service. Jeff Jackson was very helpful and professional. I took my car in thinking I would be spending a lot of money but turns out it was a quick fix. Lifetime customer... till I move in the far future. See More
Lisa Barnett
· October 6, 2017
I have been a loyal customer to Perkins for many years, but this last experience will certainly be my last. I went into the dealership to purchase a NEW car. Everything was great initially, until I fo...und out the damage the vehicle actually had. Shortly after purchase, I got a nail in my tire which ended up needing to be replaced instead of patched. When the mechanic lifted my car to change the tire, he noticed ALL of my tires were oddly worn on the inside of the tires. He tried to do an alignment, which was impossible because of the damage. I then called the dealership to questions why my brand "NEW" car had this damage, and they admitted my car actually had been previously sold and returned DAMAGED days later because financing kicked back. The sales manager blamed me for not asking more questions when I bought the car. Excuse me? I was told the car was new, there should be no questions in regards to the vehicles state. This makes my car USED not NEW. The sales manager made me feel stupid and belittled. I will NEVER return and neither will anyone I know. See More
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