If you are going to be on Straddie at the delightful Island Elements festival this weekend then come and join us for an exploration of Natural Succession - the process by which nature regenerates health, abundance, diversity and stability. It's our blueprint for evolution and reconnection to the elements of nature

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Island Elements Festival

Bunya Halasz and Flavia Assuncao from Growing Roots Permaculture, are passionate Ecologists, Permaculture Educators and Food Growers that are eternally striving... to learn from Natures Processes and work as sensitively as they can to regenerate degraded lands with productive, diverse, resilient perennial food growing systems.. They will be sharing this vital knowledge on Sunday Afternoon at Island Elements Festival, come and expand your knowledge and discuss ideas on the Earth Stage.

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Interesting insight into the decline of nutritional qualities of food

The atmosphere is literally changing the food we eat, for the worse. And almost nobody is paying attention.

Just attended this awe inspiring course delivered by extraordinary facilitators. Some of the most refined successional food forest work developed in very similar climatic regions and ecology in Brazil. It's an incredible opportunity to connect with these Brazilians while they are here in Byron. If u want to get skilled up in subtropical food polyculture, inspired by group action and learn more about the landless movement in Brazil that is reclaiming degraded industrial farmlands and turning them into food forests with food, home and income for many, then this where it's at.

Would you like to attend our four-day Syntropic Farming Courses? Courses run on April 7th, 13th, 20th and 27th. Spaces are limited so reserve your place now to avoid missing out.

Syntropic Agriculture meets Permaculture in the Northern Rivers.

Loving being a part of this great team of Permaculture tutors. Courses all starting in Feb - Including the Flexible learning, Modular Permaculture Design Course that I coordinate. Check out the details and please share with friends who you feel might benefit from connecting to this awesome school of hands-on learning

Remineralisation of soils combined with healthy practices to keep them cycling in our soil is key to human and environmental health

Bruce Pasco's Book 'Dark Emu' is an insightful, important and very readable work - highly recomend it to anyone wishing to deepen knowledge and appreciation of this beautiful continent and the incredibly beautiful, resourceful culture of its original inhabitants.

Anyone within travelling distance of the Byron Shire, I strongly recommend coming along. You will also get the opportunity to explore one of my most enjoyable gardening projects that I have been co-creating with the Paradise One Community

Sun 10:30 AM UTC+10
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Here is the next offering from the Growing Roots Team - please share to anyone who you feel may be interested in a 2 week immersion in the great projects and permaculture folks of the Byron Shire

For any folks keen to accelerate their skill development in Permaculture Design, Gardening, food sovereignty, bioregionalism and more....... Please share if you have friends who may be interested in this

Sat 9:00 AM UTC+10Byron Shire
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Any folks in the Byron Shire Interested in studying Permaculture?

Sat 9:00 AM UTC+11Byron ShireMullumbimby, NSW, Australia
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Come and get earthy with some good ole fashion basket weaving.. Such a versatile skill to have both in the physical and non physical world. We will be a little hub of weavers, artists, musicians, poets, goddesses and ethno - botanists weaving together a colourful tapestry of local knowledge, experience and connection. all levels welcome..xx

Mar 5, 2016 - Mar 6, 2016Red Earth Studio Gallery 28 Mill St, Mullumbimby
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This will be our second PDC Intensive offered through Byron Community College and facilitated by the Growing Roots Permaculture team. Last Novembers Intensive was an amazing journey being taught from 6 different sites in the Byron Shire - offering a broad experience of Permaculture Systems from Bush Tukka Food Forests through to organic market gardens. Great team of teachers and great vegetarian food too Please share with anyone who you feel may be interested in this immersion in Permaculture Education and Inspiration

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Take some time out from everyday life and immerse yourself in a hands on Permaculture learning experience. This intensive course runs over 11 days from the 12th... to 23rd March and will take place at various beautiful locations in the Byron Shire. Places are limited, to enrol call 02 6684 3374 or visit

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For any folks In the Northern NSW Region looking for a great 'Hands On" Introduction to Permaculture this Summer, Solum Farms have invited the Growing Roots Team to offer this 4 day Intro over 2 weekends. This can be accredited towards a future Permaculture Design Course with Growing Roots. Please share with any folks in the region who you feel may into this opportunity.

Jan 30, 2016 - Feb 7, 2016Solum Farm - Taste the Sun.Mororo, NSW, Australia
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This affordable one day course offers a blueprint for highly productive, efficient, diverse food, fuel and fibre cropping for humid subtropical and tropical regions of the planet - combined with a low down of great local crops including bush tukka species that thrive in the Byron Shire

Growing Roots Permaculture to Food Forests

Food Forests
Learn how to design, establish and care for your own diverse, tree based food p...roduction system in a low maintenance fashion that works with natures fundamental processes of land and soil repair and rehabilitation. Discover a huge array of fruit and nut trees from around the world that thrive in our warm, subtropical climate including indigenous bush foods.

This is a module of our Permaculture Design Course that we are opening up to a limited number of day participants - Food Forestry is one of the ultimate, highly productive forms of regenerative ecological agriculture. This unit can be accredited as modules towards future courses with the Growing Roots team.

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Looking forward to a new monthly ritual of WEAVING CIRCLES - Straddie Sessions. Time to slow down, gather together and weave our worlds.

'Growing Roots' is a community of Designers, Growers, Artists and Ecologists passionate about interconnected knowledge and action in the realms of Successional Permaculture, Agroforestry and Food Forestry for Productivity and Ecological Restoration