We are having song in Beyond the Gates, new horror flick of Barbara Crampton from Re-Animator!!! Premiere at LA Film Festival June 2 and also 6!

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Celtic Frost tribute is streaming by REVOLVER Magazine!

The online home for Revolver Magazine and the Golden Gods Awards delivers hard rock and heavy metal news, Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock, music video, photos and more

Celtic Frost tribute LP is arrived! Featuring tracks of Acid Witch, Child Bite (Official) featuring Phil Anselmo, Coffin Slave (feat. Scott Carlson of Repulsion), Municipal Waste, Temple Of Void, Evoken, Hayward & WE... Orderings available now from Corpse Flower Records...

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Our Celtic Frost cover is comings soon! With also great tracks of Child Bite featurings Philip Anselmo, Evoken (Official), Municipal Waste and Coffin Slave (feat Scott Carlson of Repulsion)!

Morbid Tales!: A Tribute to Celtic Frost by Corpse Flower Records

Ice Wars is arrived! All new 4 songs EP available for downloadings and limited-edition cassette purchasings now. Featurings killer artworks by Brunofsky from Decibel Magazine!

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Coming SOON...

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Side A of upcoming Celtic Frost covers LP feature Child Bite (Official) w. Phil Anselmo, Acid Witch, Temple Of Void & PERSEKUTOR!

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New interviewings up at! Update on new songs, new release, new band member!

Black Metal Bowel Movement, Interviews Catching Up With Persekutor Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at 1:00PM08/28/14 at 1:00PMBy Emperor Rhombus When we last spoke to Transylvanian black metal duo Persekutor, they had just released their debut EP Power Frost, comprised of two old-school dirges chronicli…

Arctic Cross reviewings in Ken McIntyre's "Tapes Of Wrath" column of Classic Rock Magazine / TeamRock!

"Persekutor are Romanian goat herders who dabble in black metal..."

Arctic Cross reviewings at Tape Wyrm!

Persekutor – Arctic Cross [Romania, Black] (2014)StandardSelf Released | 3-22-14So once I figure out Persekutor, I am going to let everyone else know. I promise. If the odd album cover wasn’t enough indication, Romania’s Persekutor comes with a bit of raised eyebrows and speculation. From a series o...

Arctic Cross cassettes now availables! Limited to 100 copies only! Click below for purchasings...

4 track album

New EP now available for downloads! Limited hand-numbers cassette version comings soon!

4 track album

Latest reviewings from Wonderbox Metal!

This is a short EP by Romanian Black Metallers Persekutor. And what a striking cover they've chosen! Not what you would necessarily equate with such underground Black Metal but kudos to them for av...

Vlad does Call & Response feature in new issue of Decibel Magazine! They are also reviewing Power Frost!…/…/products/march-2014-113

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Receiving many messages asking where can purchase Power Frost 7" in Europe. Here is list of distributors that should have:


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Power Frost reviewings at Metal Injection!

Persekutor's new EP Power Frost is either the work of a band with no self-awareness whatsoever or a Metalocalypse style satire of the tragically grim True Kvlt crowd.

Many thankings to @Metal Bulletin Zine for supports!

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