Newborn Doesn't Want To Leave Mommy
The Amazing Journey
From Conception to Birth
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John Taylor
· January 23, 2018
A culture that embraces the personhood of everyone - from conception to natural death - calls us to be faithful to our Creator in whose image He created us and therein lies our happiness as individual...s and as a society.

Keep the Faith
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Mike Essen
· October 16, 2017
Personhood USA is the pro life organization that is spot on. They emphasize that a 1st trimester abortion is as evil as at 20 weeks. I’ve been active in the pro life movement for 30+ years and this or...ganization is #1 See More
César Barroso
· December 12, 2017
This page damages the pro life movement more than it helps it.
Elizabeth Potter Graham
· March 7, 2018
Charity Navigator doesn't list this organization.
Jennifer McCullough
· July 5, 2017
This page isn't about saving the unborn. It's about promoting a specific pseudo-Christian anti-gay lifestyle and judging those who aren't onboard with that regardless of whether those people are tryin...g to save babies. I've seen people who claim to be Christians on here say things that I've never seen from the awfullest non-Christians I've ever encountered. See More
Taiwa Carroll
November 4, 2012
It says thou shalt not kill and that we will pay the price for our sins. Let me guess men, you also don't believe we live by the old testament? Well if that is the case then we should still be able to... molest our children. It says in the Old Testament that tatoos are a sin and piercings but people still do those. But it's not the mans fault that women keep getting pregnant and that the men shouldn't pay for their own mistakes. It takes 2 guys and yall are egotisticall jerks to even think like you do. I'm glad I do not know you. Ron is women should be fixed then so should men. I am pro life and no man tells me what to do about my life. It's my life not yours or anyone elses. Get over yourselves. See More
Claire Vautour
November 12, 2012
There are numerous people who have survived abortion and lived to tell their story. There are many courageous health care workers who had the love, courage and moral strength to 'whisk away' living ba...bies after an abortion attempt and who helped to save their lives. The strange thing about these living folk is that legally and technically they do not exist, they were never born, they are non-persons. They cannot get a birth certificate and they cannot get a passport, they probably can't work because they cannot get a social security number. Yet to recognize them as being the same as any citizen of the land with the same rights, they need to be acknowledged as a living human being! Difficult, when technically they weren't born! These babies deserve PERSONHOOD. See More
Katrinka Yobotz
October 31, 2012
Do you think Barack Obama or Mitt Romney could handle any question you could throw at them, especially if you had the chance to bore in on them with follow up questions? Without "prep," without their ...campaigns having the chance to pre-screen anything, without a tele-prompter? Could they handle that sort of vetting from a hundred, or a thousand, or more, citizens of this country?

TOM HOEFLING is doing exactly that. Tom is on his front porch, taking questions from We the People all week, with no media or campaign filter.

Call (218) 936-4343 code 340794# Today thru Election day, Noon-Midnight ET
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Gabrielle Magee
October 26, 2012
Medical research indicates that roughly half of all fertilized human eggs - "conceptions" - never implant into the uterus and are just flushed out from the get-go. Of those that do implant, the miscar...riage rate starts at about 20% at the onset of fertility, and rises with age to over 80% just before menopause.

Crunching the numbers, this means that God aborts nearly 75% of all conceptions. Humans add another ~6%. Are the anti-abortionists going to charge, convict, and execute God for well over 300 million murders of unborn babies per year?
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Crys Cliffton
November 3, 2012
@Ron Ellis, you are a complete idiot! How dare you compare a woman with a dog getting spayed?! How about you mind your own business and your own body. NOT all women are government aid, just an FYI. Ho...w would you suggest we take care of all the MEN who get women pregnant and not have anything to do with their child emotionally and financially? Here's an example for you: I was married, got pregnant twice. My husband left, has NEVER helped support MY children financially or emotionally, and also has 2 other kids whom he doesn't have anything to do with. Is that ok with you? I'm guessing so. You, sir, are the douchiest of the douchey, besides Mitt, of course. See More
Alisha N Carpenter
November 4, 2012
If I listened to the world's views on abortion - I wouldn't have my beautiful 9 year old son - God made that child for me and no one should have ever questioned that because I was 17 and raped - he wa...s a beautiful, wanted and loved child despite all those against him ..... See More
Gregory Killingsworth
November 5, 2012
Re: Seth Bailey & Matt Cates: Matt, gov't. has always legislated morality. Aren't murder, slander (lying), stealing, etc., immoral acts? Seth, Matt's right: the preborn human is the only person who ...can be legally killed solely because of their residence. One doesn't need spiritual grounds for upholding the founding document of our nation, the Declaration of Independence ("...right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.") See More
Faith A. Boyd
October 20, 2012
This is NOT a pro-life page, it's pro-obama. Anyone can come up with a bunch of numbers, I don't believe them at all. This a bunk. Don't let the fox into the chicken house...this site is one of the... many foxes out there feeding us BS if we aren't careful. Don't believe everything you read even if it SAYS something of what you believe. See More
Sara Little
· July 4, 2017
This page is very unaccepting of the LGBTQ community and endorse conversion therapy.
Larry Marquardt
October 30, 2012
I take this as a personal moral committment, but I caution that the definition of life may be overbroad here, and wish to add that we are all promised forgiveness.
Ron Ellis
November 3, 2012
Instead of fighting so hard to prevent abortion. ( Which I don t believe in ) I think we should be fighting to get the women spayed after having 2 illegitimate children. Reason they will usually hav...e more. Spread your legs receive more money from the Govt. Get em fixed a fix the root of the problem . See More
Rochelle Hairston
October 14, 2012
NO ONE has a warped sense of what it means to be a woman today. What, pray tell has changed, that would in any way, shape or form make it more acceptable today to rip a precious, unsuspecting life it's life source, it's MOM?? Are we exalting ourselves above GOD, who knew very well how that child was conceived, because He allowed it to be???? Are we to kill life He created and deem it necessary, and needed?? People keep using the excuse of rape and incest as a justifiable reason for violently murdering a helpless, defenseless baby in it's mother's womb, which should be the safest place. Statistics show that the VAST MAJORITY of abortions are NOT of women who have been raped. No, instead, women who know full well what they are doing, teens and even little girl....they are the ones having abortion, after abortion, after abortion. They are having irresponsible, unprotected sex...and yet they scream that they want a choice to murder or not! Here is an idea that you NEED to about this CHOICE.....have PROTECTED SEX, RESPONSIBLE SEX, OR NO SEX, if you do NOT want a child....or, how about putting the baby up for adoption?......oh, yeah, that's just way to inconvenient to do any of those things.....murder is much more acceptable. See More
Michael Scimeca
October 8, 2012
@ Melissa, if abortion is so safe, then why are women dying from complications? I also didn't know women should have the right to murder. Strange, you've even placed yourself above the law. Biology... agrees, a baby is alive at the moment of conception. That is irrefutable. As a Catholic, I will pray for you. See More
Brenda Miller
October 14, 2012
Of course as Republicans are pro birth, I anticipate that Republicans will stand in line and accept all these unwanted babies into their homes. Isn't that the right thing to do???
Felipe Zuniga
October 29, 2012
This is an emotional issue that will never be resolved, but always be used to sway votes
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Live Action

Protecting children begins with ending abortion.

Abortion is the greatest killer of children in America, dismembering, poisoning, or starving to death nearly 1 million babies every year using forceps, suction catheters, pills, and needles. A child's safety must start in the womb.

True indeed. Abortion is the fruit and outgrowth of the secularization and sexualization of our society. The key to restoring a culture of life is for us to rebuild the moral and spiritual foundations of family, society and government. #ImagoDei

Rusty Thomas

Patrick Henry, trumpet of the American Revolution, warned:

Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is impossible that a nation of infidels or idolaters should be ...a nation of free-men. It is when a people forget God, that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom.

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We just came back from an incredible week of rallies and campaign work supporting Gubernatorial candidate in Oklahoma, Dan Fisher. His campaign is the tip of the spear to end abortion in this nation. He has a plan to actually end abortion in Oklahoma, and the courage and conviction to carry that plan out. If you are in Oklahoma, or a neighboring state, get involved in his campaign! #TimeForJustice #DanFisherForGovernor2018

Dan Fisher, a Republican running for governor, says his rivals claim to be anti-abortion but won't call for the end...

Lila Rose tells the truth about Planned Parenthood.

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Posted by PragerU

Imagine there’s an organization that claims to stand for one thing but actually stands for another.

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Youth Defence

It is cruel for society, in the cold light of day, to offer abortion to a woman with an unexpected pregnancy. In reality they are helping themselves, not her. I...t's easier to give her abortion than real help. Society must truly value every mother and child and give real choices not the violence of abortion. #savelives #savethe8th

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This is so great to hear! To all our friends in Ohio, get connected with these folks and add your voice to the chorus demanding an end to abortion in Ohio. It is time to get off the Hamster wheel of endless pro-life regulations and call for the immediate abolition of this horrific practice.

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Ohio Pro-Life League

The Ohio Life at Conception Act is ready for your state representative to add their name as a cosponsor, and we NEED YOUR HELP!

Click the district finder below... to find out who represents you in the Ohio House of Representatives, and then contact them and insist they sign on as a cosponsor to the Ohio #LifeAtConceptionAct!

This bill was designed to save EVERY baby from being killed before birth - please don't wait!

Find your Representative here ►►

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Excellent little video put together by our friends in Wisconsin. Since Pro-Life Republicans came to power there in 2010, Planned Parenthood has received $100 million and 40,000 babies have been brutally torn limb from limb. It is time for states to defy Roe and abolish abortion. #AbolishAbortionWisconsin #DefyRoe #Personhood

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Abolish Abortion Wisconsin is at Wisconsin State Capitol.

45 years of regulated child murder is ENOUGH. We are done celebrating hollow victories while children are being torn apart.

If you want to see abortion abolishe...d in Wisconsin, join us in Madison on February 7. Learn what must be done to establish justice in our state.

Learn more and join the event:

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What if tomorrow the Supreme Court declared war on North Korea and ordered a Nuclear Strike against them? Would the other branches of government immediately obey the Court? Would state and local governments roll over and submit to such an order under the pretense that ""whatever the Supreme Court says is the law of the land"? Hmmm.... #DefyRoe #CourtsCannotMakeLaw #ChecksAndBalances

Dan Fisher for Governor is running for Governor in Oklahoma. He has repented of his apathy toward the murder of his preborn neighbor, and of supporting compromised laws that regulate abortion. If elected, he will not bow before a corrupt federal government. He will do everything within his power to abolish abortion.

Please examine his platform and if you are able, donate to his campaign. No Pro-Life candidate has ever spoken or acted the way Dan Fisher speaks and acts. That's because Dan isn't just a pro-lifer. He's an abolitionist. And that's a big deal.

Examine his platform, watch his videos, and donate here:

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If you're looking for a place to give a few extra dollars this month, this is a fantastic cause and a fantastic candidate who is leading a serious movement that has become the tip of the spear to end abortion in this country! We cannot encourage strongly enough your support of this effort!

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Personhood Education

As Christians it is important to remember that the incarnation of Christ began in the womb. The value, worth, and dignity of preborn human beings is central to Christian doctrine and belief.

Personhood USA shared a post.
January 1

From Personhood USA Director Jason Storms

Jason Storms

Republicans control the legislature and Governorship in 32 states! (Democrats only control 6, the rest are split). Essentially all of thes...e are now professing "pro-life" states. Yet, how many of these states have made any serious attempt to end the killing of the preborn within their jurisdiction? The vast majority of these states haven't even defunded Planned Parenthood but continue to write them annual checks! The killing of innocent human life is clearly on the backburner of their legislative agenda. This is very revealing. Most of the "pro-life" leaders in these states claim they cannot do more because the Federal courts stand in their way. The evidence suggests this is a mere excuse. The sad reality is that the vast majority of these leaders would NOT end abortion in their state if Roe were overturned tomorrow. Their actions (or inaction) show that ending abortion is NOT a priority for them. They only seem to "care" when it comes time to get our votes. (And how many “pro-life” organizations cater to this ruse, providing cover for these politicians and diverting the energy and resources of Christian people away from substantive action and into this GOP establishment game?)

We cannot continue to elect Republicans who merely give us lip service. It's time to raise the bar! We must demand that our legislators stand up, speak out, and take substantive action to end the killing of the preborn. We can no longer support any and every thing that calls itself “pro-life". We must be wise and discerning, otherwise, we will only perpetuate the killing while stuck on an endless hamster wheel of meaningless incremental policies!

FOR YOU THIS WEEK: Contact your legislator and ask them what actions they have planned this coming year to protect preborn children in their district!

NOTE: We will have a document coming out soon for leaders to sign onto listing five essential criteria for any legislative piece that we will support. Be looking out for it and be ready to share it with your legislators and your church.

#BeWiseIn2018 #AbolishAbortion #Interpose

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