I fell asleep during the #SOTU - same old rhetoric 😴 blah blah blah

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Let’s be clear: America isn’t stronger when @realDonaldTrump tries to rip health care away from millions of Americans. #SOTU


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After a long and divisive year, many Americans were yearning for the President to present a unifying vision for the country. Unfortunately, his #SOTU address stoked the fires of division instead of bringing us closer together. #AYearOfTrump

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Rep. Kennedy: "It would be easy to dismiss this past year as chaos. As partisanship. As politics. But it’s far, far bigger than that. This administration isn’t just targeting the laws that protect us – they are targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection." #SOTU

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There is no war on American energy. America should lead on clean energy! Smart leaders are tapping into this unprecedented opportunity. Doesn’t @RealDonaldTrump know that US solar jobs are growing 17X the average job growth? #SOTU

Then hopefully next is to take out or take over the #USPS !!!!

“Amazon's next world to conquer is the US health care system

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OPINION: Trump thinks words don't matter. He's wrong

Should he have used that word? Of course not. Was it beneath the dignity of his office? Certainly. Is he the first president to use caustic language? Don’t kid yourself.

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Wallace: Trump's 'S***hole' Remark Makes It Tougher to Reach Immigration Deal

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace said President Trump's comment about the U.S. accepting immigrants from "s***hole countries" will make it more difficult to reach a deal on immigration reform.

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Don Lemon was absolutely flawless tonight.

“Don Lemon is NOT playing tonight. He has stated that #Trump and his statements are racist. Spoke the HISTORY of slavery & expressed the disgust we all feel for 45’s ignorant statements today on #Haiti & other countries. #CNN @donlemon TURN UP! #45 #TrumpAmerica #BLM

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BREAKING: Fiat Chrysler to invest $1B+ to modernize a Michigan plant, in addition to previous $1B investment in the plant; will add 2500 new jobs, and will give $2,000 bonuses to 60,000 of its hourly and salaried employees in the US because of tax reform.

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"Let me be clear.... the people of Haiti have been through more, withstood more, fought back against more injustice... than our President ever has" Anderson Cooper choked back tears as he reflected on his relationship with Haiti, and its people

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He’s not even trying to hide the racism anymore.

The president’s comments on immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and other nations surprised lawmakers.

amazing... embarrassing already

“He’s not even trying to hide the racism anymore.

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This Swiss company is changing the way cities deal with trash

“This Swiss company is changing the way cities deal with trash

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It is astounding that we have a president who celebrates 13 million people losing their health insurance. Instead of bragging about more Americans without health care, we should be joining the rest of the industrialized world and guaranteeing health care to all people as a right.

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The United States is virtually the only country on earth that allows pharmaceutical companies to jack up the price of a life-saving cancer drug by 1,400%. This is an outrage.

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I’m going to say something really crazy: I believe in science. Climate change is real and we have a moral obligation to protect this Earth for our children and grandchildren.