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About Peyton
  • Hey, I'm Peyton! (:
    Blonde hair, blue eyes, boring right? ♥
    I'm a cheerleader, and a volleyball player.
    & I'm not a stuck up cheerleader like most! (;
    Umm, I frickin' love animals. I have a horse, and
    her name is Bella. ♥ Oh, I like horseback riding too!
    I am in love with Justin Bieber ♥ If you don't like
    him, then there's something wrong with you. ;)
    I also looove country music. Only thing I listen to other than JB ♥
    I wanna be a singer when I grow up. Probably not gonna happen though. :P
    Haha, well I'm not so good at these things, I'm too dorky :B
    So we should talk, yeah? ♥
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