Who doesn't love the @OC_Fair especially as a time lapse at night with all the beautiful lights and thrilling rides from @RCSFun! SONG: @LittleBodyBigHeart MELANIE MARTINEZ - Carousel (KXA Remix)
Manta Roller Coaster Remix Song: Rolipso - Jumble (FreeSongsToUse Release) Park: @SeaWorldSanDiego Location: San Diego, California, USA Make: Mack Rides Length: 2,800 FT Height: 30 FT Drop: 54 FT Speed: 43 MPH Duration: 2:00 G-Force: 4.0 Elements: 2 LSM Launches
Could this be what @KnottsBerryFarm is getting for their Virtual Reality from @VRStudios? #KnottsBerryFarm #Knotts #ThemePark #AmusementPark #BuenaPark #California #OrangeCounty #VirtualReality #VRStudios #Zombies #TimeZombies #Video game #VR

All rides, shows, and attractions closed at @UniStudios due to power surge which happened approximately 2:45 PM! The only thing that's back up is trams but Fast and Furious is still down and all the rest of the park is still down!

#UniStudios #UniversalStudiosHollywood #ThemePark #AmusementPark #AttractionSpot #Attraction #Spot #Deathbyillusion #Rides #PowerSurge #Park #Down #Universal #Attractions

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Riddlers Revenge is one of my FAVORITE standup coasters still left today! It's a shame that they have been taking them out for floorless trains.

Whats your favorite B&M Standup roller coaster?

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I LOVE WWoHP Butter Beer so much that I bought out the whole store of Reeds Soda's Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer which was 46 of them and they were on sale this week! (I drank one already.)

If you ever have been to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter these drinks are the closest thing to Harry Potter Butter Beer minus the butterscotch foam on top. That you'll have to make on your own with many recipes online!

If you would like to try one of these out for yourself you can usually find them online, Natural Grocers, Rocket Fizz, or some other health food stores or stores that sale specialty drinks.

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Take a ride on Trailblazer a Arrow Dynamics Roller Coaster with my latest Front Seat 60 FPS HD POV video from Hersheypark!

Whats your Favorite Arrow Dynamics Roller Coaster?

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Experience Harry Potter Christmas In The Wizarding World at The Shops at South Town Mall in Sandy Utah with my HD Full Walkthrough And Ollivanders Wand Shop Show!

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Lumos Maxima! Just casting a spell to light up Hogwarts Castle at @ShopsSouthTown Harry Potter Christmas In The Wizarding World!

Whats your favorite house?

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Whos up for a game of Quidditch?

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Paradise Pier is going to be changing to Pixar Pier @Disneyland DCA. What do you think about the change? Should they keep it as is or change it? Post your thoughts...

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Sorry guys I had a typo in my latest video for the Speed. It said height. It's not been fixed and here is the new link! Experience Timber Terror a Custom Coasters International Inc. Wooden Sit down roller coaster with my HD POV at 60 FPS at Si...

Checkout my latest video from Silverwood Theme Park with this Custom Coasters International Inc. roller coaster Timber Terror with my On-ride Front Sest 60 FPS (HD POV) Located in Athol, Idaho, USA!

Whats your favorite Custom Coasters International Inc roller coaster?

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Into The Black Haunted Attraction Commercial 2017 (HD) Pomona Fairplex California

Join us this October at the Pomona Fairplex and enter the Legendary Black House Into the Black


The Haunted House (NOTE: The Price For This Is $29)

Follow in the footsteps of the paranormal team once they are inside the Black house where demons lurk within. OH and by the way, you walk through alone. YES...we said ALONE!​

The VR (NOTE: This Is A Extra Fee of $13)

​There is also a Virtual Reality Experience that will bring you back in time to witness the horrors that happened in the Black house. Brought to you by Hollow Studios

For hours ticket pricing, and more information go to

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Experience Cornstalkers with my HD 60 FPS walkthrough at Halloween Haunt 2017 California's Great Americaa!

A cult of evil scarecrows lie in wait in this overgrown path of debris, hay bales and cornstalks. Guests must weave their way through this twisting maze of bedlam, dodging a series of dead ends and avoiding the stalkers who are "dead-set" on forbidding anyone to escape.


Beware of this old farm where evil lurks at every turn. Old buildings hold machetes and knives that are used for unspeakably evil purposes by the now alive scarecrows. These people of the corn attack from every direction in the dense rubbish of this old field, coming at you from all angles.

This corn maze is so claustrophobic that it can be difficult to determine if you’re navigating through tall cornstalks or a wall of terrifying fiends blending seamlessly into your surroundings. This corn maze grows even eerier with old tractors and farming implements strewn throughout the confined path—pushing wanderers toward scarecrows lurking in the corn.

Returning for another season of scares, CornStalkers is a long-time favorite at Halloween Haunt for those who have survived its evil creatures of the night.

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Experience The IT Experience based off the movie you visit the Neibolt House and help Georgie get through the house and face IT and other scary events in Hollywood, California, USA.

Remember down here you'll float too!

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