Hm...Xmen's new take on history.

Half a century ago, Magneto was implicated in the mutant plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The events of that fateful day in November have been ...
Phenomena Tracker updated their cover photo.
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There's gotta be something these doing this...…/unexplained-events-unexplai…

unexplained-events: “unexplained-events: “ In a tiny corner of western Poland a forest of about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks - all bent northward. Surrounded...

Did anyone see The Conjuring over the summer? This is the spooky true story that inspired the movie:…/real-story-behind-conjuring

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Did anyone see Ghost Hunters this week? This is the haunted mansion that they visited, in case you want to check it out for yourself!

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The Ghost Adventures Halloween special is almost on! This year, they are traveling to Transylvania, home of Dracula himself. Here are some spooky facts about him:

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The classic Halloween films are playing all day on AMC. Are any of you watching? Here is the schedule:

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Halloween is just around the corner. So brace yourselves with television specials! What are your favorite supernatural/paranormal/cryptology shows?

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Anybody down for a stroll through the cemetery?…/world-s-spookiest-cemeteries-sli…/#

View the World's spookiest cemeteries photo gallery on Yahoo Travel. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

Another one? Geez, is it just us or are these movies starting to not be scary anymore.

Watch the official trailer for the new Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. In theaters January.

Does anyone else find these incredibly freaky and realistic. See the tongue rings? We really hope these never have to exist in real life....…/tumblr_milmlmiLBQ1r3lc3no1_500…

Beachgoers in the Spanish community of Cantabria were astonished Tuesday when they stumbled onto the carcass of a giant squid that had washed ashore almost [...]

whoa...2013 likes in 2013. It's a sign! Thanks new friends. Stay tracking ~

Not supernatural...but super un-natural enough to share here. Does make you think about how the stories around mythical creatures came into being...…/rare-six-clawed-lobster-is-caught…/

A very rare lobster is set to go on public display this week at the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor where it will live [...]

A cat. That is all.

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