When Mark Tremonti, PRS signature artist and world-acclaimed heavy metal guitarist of Alter Bridge and Creed, approached Joe and commissioned the artist to d...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch unserem Kunden «Bestattungshaus Hebenstreit & Kentrup GmbH, Bonn» zum Gewinn des «European Funeral Innovation Award 2017»: Ausgezeichnet wurde unser gemeinsames Konzept, die «Grüne Linie» —> https://www.grü

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Werner Kentrup

Die Website zeigt, wie die Websites von Apple, Amazon, YouTube & Co. vor 10 Jahren aussahen. Da war das Internet bei uns allen schon voll angekommen … Spannend, was sich in der Zeit getan hat – auch insofern eine Zeitreise, als sich bestimmt viele daran erinnern können, sobald sie es sehen. ★

See what the Internet was doing ten years ago.

Medienwand / Hausfassade vom Greven Medien Verlag in Köln. ★

Medienwand / façade from @[365107878934:274:Greven Medien] verlag in cologne ★
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Choose two of them. ★

Logo design for Skarabaevs. Therefore we wanted to create a logo that shows both, a clear and neutral look and visual barbed hooks. This was achieved by making the brand name a bit harder to read – first of all by mixing upper and lower case letters and especially by connecting the lower case a with the upper case E to a ligature. Additionally we used a V instead of a U, like it's typically be seen on latin scription tablets. The adjustment of the lower case letters' thickness was a quite important task.

The Skarabaevs bug itself was created just as minimalistic as possible, whilst keeping the characteristic shape of the animal at the same time.★

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Ariadne Parallax Website … Das Hirn ist übrigens mein eigenes! ★ #empty #magic #parallax #adobemuse #mrt #radiology

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Oscar Ramos designed absolute cool playing cards. ★

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Our client's products are almost impossible to picture. That’s why we introduced especially developed 3dimensional images (which became industry standard in the meantime). Real life product's thickness is approx. 1.3 mm and made of different materials (such as polyester, polyamide, secret fibre treatments, stainless, etc. …). In an early stage we created over 60 of these illustrations by sketching outlines by hand, vectorizing in Illustrator and finalizing the images in Photoshop.

In a later stage of our 3dimensional product model evolution, we started creating them as real 3d in Modo. ★

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Brochure design for a common project of Bang & Olufsen and Sunseeker Yachts. The aim was to establish B&O’s newly developed entertainment / bus system for yachts and boats. The brochure is focused on b2b customers, that’s why we wanted achieve a cool yet minimized look. ★

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Stylized eye as logo for radiology (medicine) center. Okay indeed, to show the circular logo on the CD-Rs was a creative homerun … ★

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Logo for «Carden Capital», a hedge fonds located in CA, USA. ★

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Hand drawn sketch for a corporate newsletter (print) header. ★

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Sensationell, ein so omnipräsentes Produkt zu bewerben!
#stellarheni Grand Opening. #siegfriedgin #siggi #gindeslebens #eyecatcher

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Zum Glück weiß niemand, dass ich ein Roboter bin …!

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