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People talk aboutsore throat and fatty brisket
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David Hoggan
· April 19, 2018
The house specialty Pho Ba is outstanding. The deeper you dive into the bowl, the more the flavors integrate, intensify and transform. The last bite is better than the first, and the first is amazing.
Lilith Babylon-Waterworth
· August 23, 2017
My husband first ate Vietnamese food while an airman in the 60's. He was an airplane mechanic, saw no armed conflict, but ducked lots of bombs on his base. Survived the Tet Offensive in '68. Got to lots of street food and dine in restaurants as well. Pho Lotus is his, and my, favorite. They'll make things to preference (no peas and carrots please, with the fried rice) and get orders to the table piping hot and delicious. The service is impeccable, the prices better than good. We order way more than we can eat (and out of there for under $40 with tip, with boxes to go that we have an ice chest waiting for). I buy baby bok choy, some snow peas, and throw a few shrimp into the left-over #69 crispy (I kid you not!) the next night, Highly recommend! See More
Reed Mae Rodriguez
· August 21, 2017
This is the worst Vietnamese restaurant. They don't honor their own coupon. And they will say their credit card machine is broken most of the time. These are greedy suckers.. I can't imagine what they... put in their food. They pay so much money to place an ad on Facebook because their business is slowing down. See More
Staci Endicott
· September 22, 2017
It's our favorite go to place for Pho�it's omg goodness with great service - they are very attentive!
Anita Kirkpatrick
· February 10, 2016
This is Our family spot! We never have to wait long and the food is amazing! We stick to the same order (pho and spring rolls) but always like to add one more dish so the servers always know what to r...ecommend. I haven't found a dish I don't like. I love this place and it is the best Pho in Elk Grove. See More
Kwency Cantnobodydoitlikeme McNeil
· January 16, 2016
Either it's their culture or you feel a sense of unwelcomeness. My second order was late, other customers that came in after me already received their food. I felt afraid to eat bc the energy was unwe...lcomed. No refills were given. I had to pray over my food. Waitress acted as if she didnt want to serve my table. WOW! And never came back to follow up if we needed anything else. I have seen this place for years and thought it was rather popular but now that I finally arrived this would be my first and last time. I hate wasting money. I almost feel poisoned. Anyone adding 5 stars is probably associated to the place See More
Norma Ancheta
· August 26, 2017
my second time to be with friends in this restaurant, food with full satisfaction, clean and orders came on time.
Teresa Medrano Pena
· November 14, 2017
The food is always delisious! Never had a bad experience!!
Le Duong
· March 13, 2017
One Order chow mein noodle get only very little, charge for ATM, and charge for one Tea cup terrible light like water, beef meat ball noodle suckered, worse than instant noodle in a bag.
Ricardo C Cortes
· March 11, 2017
First time there and I really love it! Thinking to come back next week, the bun Bo hue soup was a killer also the pork chops, the service was the best keep it up guys
Steven Smith
· June 21, 2015
It's great! Good service and good food and you get free refills on soda unlike a lot of other Asian places. And on Wednesdays when you order pho you could get a free kids bowl of pho if you got any kids.
Miriam Velasco
· December 3, 2014
Smelled good but after waiting 15 minutes and watching 3 people get attended to, we decided to get up and walk out. Told the owner/manager and he brushed it off and one waiter said we had only been th...ere for a couple minutes...I doubt it takes a couple minutes to take 3 orders and bring out food to one other table. At least ask what we want to drink, but not even that. Don't want to say it was something about perhaps race, but all the people after us that got attended to the moment they sat down, were of like race. Oh and to talk bad about you they say it in their own language so you can't understand. See More
Marlene Celestino
· March 19, 2017
First time to eat here! It is very clean and service is very fast! Food were very delicious! Will definitely go back again when we are in area!
Saveth Chan
· March 30, 2015
I'm Pho king eater who else Know Pho then me try few time great service but Pho not that great.I try every Pho in Elk Grove and Sacramento you want best Pho trust me try these place...Pho LE,Saigon,Ph...o King2,Pho XeLua,Ho Viet,Viet Ha,A&A Tasty list can goes on and on See More
Rebecca Castillo
· October 17, 2016
Service was slow n they got my order wrong. I decided to eat the soup they brought me but I wasn't very happy. Not sure I will go back there again.
Kelle Gomes Lemp
· September 12, 2015
Outdoor patio was the perfect place to eat on a Saturday evening in Elk Grove. Our family loved it.
Greg Harwell
· January 16, 2014
It's great! Every one is so nice and friendly there, great food. So many things to choose from. I still haven't tried it all yet.
John Golemon
· September 21, 2016
Food is always fresh and delicious--and a great deal on Tuesdays if you're a senior. Go for the food, not the service.
Jemelee Bacayon Mucha
· October 16, 2016
This is where we always go if were craving some pho' or vietnamese food..
Nucal Jane
· November 4, 2015
Stood there for more than 5 minutes. No one even acknowledged us. The servers just walked past us didn't even look at us. There were clearly vacant tables there too. Guess I'm eating at Pho Bac instea...d! Best in Elk Grove you say? Debatable. See More
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