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"Stadium Series 2014 - The Zone of the Rough Duck"

Frederik Andersen, Anaheim Ducks, NHL, 2014

Andersen´s Stadium mask is here… and it is more rough than ever......

Today we have the pleasure to present Frederik Andersen´s Stadium mask for his Anaheim Ducks. And this mask creature is one truly rough piece… The design is created in the same wild and violent style as Frederik´s previous Ducks mask…. and this one is even more wilder…

The mask is so beat up so even the logos are up-side-down…! And the orange blood are running all over….

Every single mask I create and paint is totally unique, I love to come up with new ideas day in day out, in totally different styles.

O man I had so fun when I created and painted this #NHL piece for you Frederik! Love to be your painter!

Just as usual it is loaded with all kind of #DAVEART trademark effects, such as Metallic FX, 3D PaintTech, Holographix FX and so much more….!

Much more to come!

Thank you for your interest!
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