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I was planning on doing a drop this morning but Bw.Kimemia has in fact moved ahead and convened a Security Meeting to discuss the matter in the Office of the Chief Justice. The drama that unfolds daily is worrying and that is why I went ahead and Risk Assessed the Security System ahead of the polls late last month.

Personally, I’ve never had any issue with Bw.Kimemia and have always thought of h...im as a professional but the allegations being leveled against him-if true could prove fatal to the Main Frame. No citizen, who has the relevant clearance or travel papers, should be restricted from moving in and out of the Country…as a matter of fact, why should it worry anyone if these persons shall still have to undergo screening on arrival on the other side.

I still have confidence in the Office of the Secretary to the Cabinet and his person, the same way I have confidence in the person of M/s Rawal for DCJ and it would be a bad move for any civil servant to dance “at” any Presidential Candidate or Politician 2 weeks to the General Elections…not knowing who will be their new boss…it would be un cool and reckless but for now, I want to believe that the allegations are just allegations.

Otherwise, this post is late since I was engaging the CEO regarding an AIE issue but am good now.

We are looking forward to a smooth transition and also looking forward to Treasury’s 200Billion fall back plan (Appropriations inn Aid Component) just in case.

Otherwise, as for the “KIDNEYS FOR THE KING” book I have a totally different mental picture about it and that’s why ive ignored the same.
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— with Eliud Rotich, Faith Hakala, Njambi Kiguta, Harold Wafula, Man Dree, Abdul Hablis, Qwesi Guantana Beau, Hilda Kavugwi Kemoli, Achi Achiz and Lucipianta Chasasa.