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Systems Audit Office
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Were the Laws meant to be conditional depending with which party wins?

This is the Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi,taking an Official Position;

While the Standard Group may attempt to distance itself from writers opinion pieces, Editorial Policy ,which represents the mission and vision of any media house,influences content,even from 3rd parties. In my opinion,A Mr.Kiratu whos piece has been pu...blished by SGLs Management is an intellectual fossil.

The object of Devolution is to "share" power.Certain powers that were with one person have been "cascaded",creating 47 mini Executive Components at the County Level! It was reported, concentration of power in the 60s created an absolute monarch for a CEO with disastrous consequences- politically, economically and socially.

Everybody on the planet know,including the Koffi Annan led panel, that the Constitution was designed to trim the absolute monarchy & put its person in his place for good.

THAT'S just one object...the list is endless.The Republic of Kenya remains one,with a trimmed CEO but with new 47 EXECUTIVE Governors; i love this. HOWEVER,the Constitution doesn't say, 47 autonomous units. By saying Governors seek secession,the writer is a block away from High Treason himself.

Two things; Either,the writer did not expect a fav to loose in the Governorship race,or he hates the idea of a trimmed Monarch.One things for sure; he is not the Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi,i am.

The City has an Executive. There's no stopping this million man march.The agenda(constitution) is not European,Western nor Eastern.This is a Kenyan Agenda; the writer voted in the new laws too.The writer in a way, creates the impression that the Laws were to be conditional depending with which party wins.

Lazima tuku bali ya kwamba, ingawaje kura ilikwisha, mambo ya kikatiba, serikali na uogonzi ilibadilika. Chuki hapana.
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— with Fiona Jemo Kagota, Evans Donald Otieno, Njoro Martian and 42 othersFiona Jemo Kagota, Evans Donald Otieno, Njoro Martian, Cedric Lumosi, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, David Wekesa, Samantha Wambui, Irene Jelagat Kibon, Faith Hakala, Carol Ndunge, Chris Sunguti, Dorcas Okome Musundi, Shylah Supergurl Mbrownskin, Kingwa Kamencu, Jacqueline Sera Kayo-Oloo, Mlamba James, Biko Mang'ula, Arnold Alusa, Ronnie Tororo, Faith Mel Fayee, Karimi Njeru, Laura Alumande, Harold Wafula, Peter Kiogora, Achi Achiz, Paul Mwanzia, Bambo Opondo, Sylvia Wambua, Kegehi Mang'ula Nyawara, Winnie Tum, Carolly Birgen, Ature Lukoba, Alex Kayere, Mohamed Billow, Rosemary Wahinya, Nzisa Musyoki-Kimwele, Moses Langat, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Henry Kimani D'mura, Eliud Rotich, Kelvin Mburu, Njambi Kiguta, OliechEunice Hamisi Wabom, Omu Apamo and Audrey Alumande.Systems Audit Office