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The White House.

Both Elliot(see photo at ) and i worked for The treasury at one point int ime. Ness was a prohibitive officer and i do the same for the City of Nairobi presently. Elliot Ness and Harold Wafula are not cops but Economists given a special mandate to Execute.
This is the Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi and from news reports, my Report has been validated by "Intelligence." The individual is young & a first timer,in my opinion,Your shocked and saddened.Am shocked because,i may have been close to death myself but from experience it was better for Dean and i to leave her than Risk it all,sir.

The minute she tweeted those words,sir,i knew i had to bail.She wasn't my wife but i wanted to marry yes,i divorced her on twitter. Her remarks sent shivers down my spine that day and coming from her mouth, i remembered what they say about apples; they never fall far from the tree.

She and John Doe are "pals" and although am out of love,id be cheating if i said,she knows.Only God knows what would have happened had she said yes to me then,i reported on her pal online. smh Her remarks say it all. Mr.President,her stupid self aside,John Doe is new from my modelling,John Doe is not happy with himself.He is not satisfied and feels short changed.All elected leaders have some sense of gratitude after polls & as such John Doe has to be a nominated representative,oh great one. Sir,John Doe envisaged Chicago under Al Capone.John Doe wanted a lawless Kenya and after polls,he was sure the System would allow breeding.

Mr.President,he knew with poll winners/losers would be bad asses too once they were in Office or out. John Doe has been isolated by his benefactors but the damage has been done.If i can whip up such,the IG should be having more... this Office expects action.

Mr. President, by copy of this opinion piece, the Director of Public Prosecutions should engage the IG and come up with a working formula for those with evidence to come forth-where their security would be guaranteed...similar to a witness protection program. John Doe wasn't expecting Elliot Ness to rise up again and be appointed Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi.The IG shall use all hismight,resources,snitches,time,education to dispatch John Doe to... Gitmo if if possible.

Mr.President,John Doe is not brave.John Doe like all other terrorists is coward,seeking recognition and cheap ladies,sir. An hour ago i was asked on phone by two friends,WHY! He wants... He wanted to fit in with the mob and be a regional power broker.John Doe wanted to rule for the next a 100years,sir. The System belongs belongs to me and his is now a pipe dream. By Tagging the...the Rolling Thunder, "crime against humanity" the @UN had preliminary Intel. The IG knows,he has no choice but to fix this lest he be fixed,Mr.President. His party shall find an excuse of showing John Doe the door. His peers who include John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 are in a state of trance.

The one they trusted and appeared to be appeared to be helping(kissing) was setting them up for the "cross." Gethsemane is behind us and failure is certain.In these last days mankind shall continue to be betrayed by those we love,like Adam & Eve,Jesus and Judas,John Doe 1 and John Doe 2. Love shall be the veil and greed the poison that ensures we don't project betrayal. This is the Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi and i am that damn good.
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— with Leah Masiga, Bettie Georges, Kambuni Reuben and 43 othersLeah Masiga, Bettie Georges, Kambuni Reuben, Sue Kamandiri, Gladys J Kim, Flora Mugambi, Karimi Njeru, Kwamboka Gichuki, Julie Kimeu, Phillip Kisia, Edwin Mutunga, Leah Wanjiku, Njambi Kiguta, Herina Elonzack Ogutu, Vivian Bett, Caroline Otieno, Benson Mwaroh, Chris Sunguti, Victoria Otieno, Harold Wafula, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Alex Kayere, Carol Yasmin Chirii, Stella Keya, Monicah Ngonyo King, Kabaka Musaveni, Cossy Liz, Catherine Kanini, Qwesi Guantana Beau, Fidelma Elizabeth, Lynnette Nyandika, Nianto Giramo, Patrick Buyela, Rachael Herina, Mercy Nzuki, Anisaah Abdul, Sharn Shaz, Sylvia Wambua, Ken Ruttoh, Albert Mesutozil, Tito Axeson, Sheelar Jepkemboi Brownskingal, Somba Msuch Kimeu, Paul Muthoka, Lydia Mathia and Kingwa Kamencu.Systems Audit Office