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I have made history @WhiteHouse .

Indeed,each step i make is actually History being made. I have redefined Audit both in public & private sector.I am the only Internal Auditor both in Pre/Post Independence Kenya to have had their report embraced by any Executive then make its way to The Senate in one form or the other! I have shamed pundits and haters alike and any debates about my abilities are... now over!

As Systems Auditor... the HR Report that was published by this Office for purposes for due diligence has to be lifted in its entirety...no editable Payroll Copy of the July Payroll shall be sourced from this Office apart from Read Onlys.

The Investigations Departments responsibility is either to confirm or discount ...there's no middle ground. This Office shall still be doing Due Diligence, as provided for by the Public Audit Act-Public Financial Management Act.

A Systems Auditor is an Internal-Auditor in charge of Systems. An Internal Auditor is therefore not an External Auditor, where the Public Service Commission has provided the framework for the said Audit personnel-separately for staff who are in service and also requirements for new entrants. The function of the System Auditor did not exist in Government before 2010 and I was therefore tasked with coming up with the Framework.

My calculated posting to the Department of Audit was duly executed by the Director of Human Resource Management on 23/9/2010.
On deployment I was endorsed for the same post by Internal Audit Departments Management on 8/3/2011.
I was then promoted by the Director of Human Resource Management to a full Internal Auditor on 8/11/11.

Today, it has been nothing but success for this Office in the short term. In addition the growth of Operational Surpluses due to enhanced Systems Controls, systems development controls and standards are now part of the City’s Policy Framework. There is also enhanced service delivery where the time taken for Vouchers to be processed has been reduced owing to an App. in the Customer Care Section developed by the Systems Auditor. The Office also made history by performing the first ever EFT Platform Audit in the City’s history.

In addition, my success saw this function being embedded in Laws of the Republic of Kenya, Public Financial Management Act-2012, Section 155(3)(b).

I am indeed implementing State Policy. Ignorance of the Law is never a defense and for those who have not read the letter and embraced its spirit have to do so for their own benefit and progression. The Country has a New Constitution and New Systems and I am one of its components. I take pride in the fact that, I have enabled all the other 46 Counties to be able to ape and roll out similar strategies(Systems) around the model that I created from thin air.

Another major milestone was also recorded; now workers have a reason to smile following the successful purge of the NACICO Platform by this Office and subsequent reflection of a worker’s Shares, Dues or Deductions on their pay slips. Those concerned were in my opinion concealing such details with a view of committing fraud, more so where a worker is deceased and the kin happen to be pursuing what is due to them or when one had retired.

The Office of the Systems Auditor also spearheaded a Project in the Department of Audit, with a view to roping in non IFMIS/LAIFOMS source documents for purposes of Audit to aid the City’s Management counter fraud in the City.

These and every other initiative put in place by this Office are geared towards the execution of the National/County Governments AUTOMATION agenda through the implementation of Policy and Strategy, one of the core responsibilities/functions of the Systems Audit Office.
In the end, a CISA is not a Systems Auditor but an Information Systems Auditor. A Systems Auditor is a tech savvy Internal Auditor.
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