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This proves that you don’t need to practice martial arts; Ernie from Evanston, IL uses the 7/8” Jumbo Soft Tiles as cushion for his massage therapy sessions. What a clever way to use this product.

This is what Ernie had to say “I used 20 jumbo interlocking tiles under an 8 x 10 carpet as the cushioning I wanted for my work as a massage therapist. I do most of my sessions on a matted floor rathe...r than a massage table. The jumbo tiles provide just the right amount of cushioning to act as "good knee pads" as I crawl around, kneel, sit, lean, and rock; yet maintain the firmness I require for the kind of bodywork that I do. Good service; good product. I called the 800 number for specific information about which product would be best for my situation and received very helpful and friendly service.”

You can find the 7/8” Jumbo Soft Tiles here: http://www.rubberflooringinc.com/interlocking-tile/foam/jumbo-soft-tile.html
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