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Nairobi Revolution... Ol West Style;

This year has been quite eventful and equally challenging for Nairobi governor Evans Kidero.

When Kidero moved to City Hall as the inaugural governor of Nairobi City County, he ran into the rot that had bedevilled the defunct City Council of Nairobi for several decades....

Corruption and lethargy were at peak and cartels thrived and all these had greatly impacted negatively on virtually all areas of service delivery to city residents. Elected on a platform of change by which Nairobi residents have been yearning for, Kidero took office with his in-tray full.

The governor embarked on a major shake-up in various departments of the former city council, as he stated constituting his county government structures.

His first stop was at the county treasury which for many years had been at the centre of financial mismanagement. The governor suspended up to 42 employees in the finance, procurement, education and housing departments.

Internal revenue leakages have also been partially closed, with Kidero’s directive to sack more than 400 employees last month who had not surrendered imperests amounting to more than Sh250 million.

In the health sector, Kidero has made deliberate improvements on the historical Pumwani Maternity Hospital. He established a new state-of-the-art maternity wing and acquired three new ambulances for the hospital from the private sector where he enjoys a lot of goodwill.

At the city mortuary, major rehabilitation has been done over the pasts few months. During this period, the governor has visited the morgue more than five times to evaluate on-going improvements, while at the same time holding meetings with the morgue attendants as early as at 6am , which was previously alien to former city hall employees who used to thrive on anarchy and crisis.

Being a pharmacist by profession, Kidero has been able to reign in cartels that were supplying drugs to the county’s 75 health care institutions at inflated costs.

A senior aide intimated that Kidero has gone to the extent of personally perusing some of the procurement documents for drugs supplied to the county hospitals, health centres and clinics.

Due to the misgivings that were unearthed in the legal department, Kidero pulled a first one on the learned friends by appointing a task force headed by respected city lawyer Jenaro Kibet, to review all advocates fee notes, through which some crafty advocates acting in cahoots with county government officers have been fleecing the institution of millions of shillings.

The Law Society of Kenya has a representative sitting on the task force which is currently writing its report after the lapse of their four-month tenure.

Through unaudited fee notes, advocates have made demand notes to the county government amounting to Sh1.5 billion for legal services allegedly rendered. Sources in the task force have intimated that most of the law firms were brief case entities while the fee notes were over quoted.

In the water sector, the governor has directed the county service provider, the Nairobi City water and sewerage Company to connect all new applications within 24 hours instead of 14 days as was previously the case.

The board has also been directed to bring down the percentage of treated water that is diverted to unscrupulous dealers along the major pipeline from the treatment plant.

On the environmental front, joint venture proposals have been made with German, British, Italian, China, Turkey and the Japanese government through JICA.

These development partners have shown interest in funding new technology in solid waste management that has been an eyesore in the city in the past two decades. Kidero’s administration has also acquired a fleet of garbage trucks worth more than Sh400 million to boost the collection of garbage.

In the education sphere, the defunct City Council of Nairobi has always performed dismally, especially in the KCPE examinations.

Private schools have sprung in every corner of the city, leaving most classrooms in public primary schools empty. To address this, Kidero has set aside time to meet all the school heads in the city to understand the problem afflicting the education sector.

He has also appointed former Alliance High School head Christopher Khaemba as the county minister in charge of education.

One other area that has seen the wrath of the governor as he tries to put operations at City Hall on a straight line in the Social Services and Housing department.

There was a major shake-up that has seen both the director and the chief housing officer sent on terminal leave. This is one department where staff had formed vicious cartels to fleece the county treasury through fraudulent lease of residential houses and commercial premises including market stalls and retail shops.

The cartels also defrauded the county government of cess collected at the markets from wholesale and retail traders. However, quick action by the county minister in charge of trade and tourism, Anna Othoro has realised positive changes.

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— with Henry Kimani D'mura, Daniel Njoroge Gichuhi, Dorcas Okome Musundi, Chris Kirubi, Evans Donald Otieno, Taprandıch Dcıo Kıprotıch, Daniel Ngeno, Smith Drew, Dorothy Dottie-Kemi Liech, Andrew Onguko, Daisy Moss and Eliud Rotich.