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Yesterday we took a report from a Greenfield resident that she received a scam phone call.

The scam is described as this:

The scammer phoned the potential victim and stated that her brother was in a car accident and demanded that she give personal information to help her brother. The potential victim knew that her brother was fine and knew about this scam, she hung up and called police....

This resident did the right thing! The scam has been going on for a long time, it obviously works on some people or the scammers would stop using it. If anyone called and tells you that a loved one is in trouble (arrested in a foreign country, in a car accident etc...) and needs cash or personal information, hang up immediately and call the police. We can help assure the safety of your loved one.

Tip: Have a "safety word" that all your family knows, if anything happens to your family member they can share the "safety word" to indicate that they really need your help!
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