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Please refer to the exclusive in the Daily Nation,Page.8, entitled, "Firms face ban over false council accounts."

(Photo, Daily Nation-insert; The Systems Auditor "keeping an eye" on Tax Collections.)

So true on the Auditing aspect and the Final Accounts numbers;The Office of the Systems Auditor carried out a Risk Assessment of the Department of the Treasury. The Report that i published on the 2.../1/2013 was entitled,"THE MYTH OF THE INDOMITABLE FISCAL CLIFF.” Among st other thing, Final Accounts were discussed.

The Report read in part as follows, "The Department of City Treasury should be the new home of the recently proposed Conflict of Interest Statements to be utilized in line with the provisions of the Economic Crimes Act and the Public Officers and Ethics Act. These indemnity tools ensure that professional personnel are aware of their ethical conduct, which will galvanize the concerned Offices from undue influence or coercion so far as discharge of impartial public service/duty is concerned. Time has also come for the City to establish linkages with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants for purposes of processing malpractice issues that arises from time to time. Writing a MEMO or transferring an Accountant guilty of any malpractice is not enough. This proposed linkage or strategy will therefore act as a deterrent and also curb corruption thus should be Managements Strategy on fighting graft. The linkages between City Hall and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants once re-engineered will allow for some disciplinary/graft be processed on a bipartisan platform. Presently, the interface has Permanently Failed in that supposed members guilty of malpractice still find their way around the System and back into their Offices, never mind their court cases or Tax Payers cash that has been lost or misappropriated in the process," and so, i have no apologies to make following Parliaments "adoption" of my Report by asking ICPAK to take action.

Further, my Notes of Accounts,item #12 read as follows,

12. Final Accounts and Audit.
Following the revelation of the latent Operational Surplus, evidenced by Information availed and attached herewith in line with ISA501, the Budget Process has to undergo rigorous Business Process Re-Engineering as a matter of urgency. Standard Procedures also have to be reviewed to indicate The Management of Surplus and Hedging against, losses on bad collection days. Equally, Audit of Final Accounts by the Kenya National Audit Office has to be stressed by the City’s Management and the same published or opened up for Public scrutiny electronically or otherwise. Review of the Budget process has to take into Account new Financial Management Policies introduced by the National Government as we embrace Devolution, also taking into Account the right Citizens Fora. The Budget Process should in the future provide Public electronic tabulation of both the Budget and Audited Accounts taking into consideration minimum publishing and disclosure requirements since at the end of the day, “The Main Frame” will always be powered by the Tax Payers money. This Office is therefore not surprised by Treasury’s denial of the existence of the Surplus-not in a day, week nor year but the past 3 years.
This is history in the making and the Systems Audit Office broke the story first.
Both the Budget and Final Accounts should from now henceforth be opened up for public scrutiny implying that Audit of the Final Accounts has to be constant/rigorous yearly. It is for this reason, Car Park Fee Administration will be best had if “Punch Room”(ICT Department) could be roped in for purposes of bringing on board all Accountable Documents on a permanent basis due to the idle capacity(Human Resource) of the said room.This, in my opinion, should be the first step in instituting a BPR in the Car Parks Section.
Traditionally, “Punch Room” worked on a shift basis.

Am happy, The Management of the Nation Media Group has come through like champions and am glad we are on the same Team with them on this one.
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