Peter Kiogora
Njambi Kiguta
Githua Senior' Antonio
Njoro Martian
Nancy Sande
Ngugi Njenga
Kegehi Mang'ula Nyawara
Cornelius Williams
Lilian Lagat
Systems Audit Office
Anthony Kiringo
Kelvin Mburu
Lucipianta Chasasa
Eliud Rotich
Laura Alumande
Virggy Enghii Chep
Cynthia Nesova Natecho
Lynnette Opicho Sunguti
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The Anti Terrorism Act is fully operational.

It is one of the many recommendations that stake holders and the Systems Audit Office severally-earlier made to the Executive. Work on the Security System continues, where actors in the Treasury are cooperating to have all that is needed is availed in good time.

Given that, there has been an increased terrorist activity in the City, OPERATIONALIZATION of the Anti Terrorism Policy as fronted by this Office on the back drop of the numerous measures and controls that I have highlighted, should be the City’s collective and common purpose.
— with Virggy Enghii Chep, Cynthia Nesova Natecho, Njoro Martian and 14 othersVirggy Enghii Chep, Cynthia Nesova Natecho, Njoro Martian, Cornelius Williams, Lilian Lagat, Anthony Kiringo, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Nancy Sande, Peter Kiogora, Githua Senior' Antonio, Kelvin Mburu, Kegehi Mang'ula Nyawara, Ngugi Njenga, Njambi Kiguta, Lucipianta Chasasa, Laura Alumande and Eliud Rotich.Systems Audit Office