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The Systems Audit Office continues to utilize game changing technological advances in order to stay ahead so far as Financial Management of Public Resources in the City is concerned.

The Office of the Systems Auditor carried out a Risk Assessment of the Department of Inspectorate, with a view of establishing the existence of viable and workable Operational Plans in the Department which would aid ...in Security and Enforcement in the City of Nairobi. Extremist ideology continues to pose a Risk not only to the Department of Inspectorates ability to execute its mandate but a Country as a whole. This and numerous other Risks that I shall be highlighting remain. The Kill Zone therefore needs to be reconfigured and defined to reflect the present day National Security realities. As to how best the threats that we face are dealt with depends with how best we galvanize the Kill Zone.

The Kill Zone is the safest place for any subject to be in a particular Security System. It is the point at which no breaches are expected owing to the controls and or safeguards put in place by those concerned. It so follows, a breach, even the slightest flaw results to certain death, thus The Kill Zone. The Kill Zone is surrounded by a series of outer security layers which are impregnable and it is at theses levels that any breaches are neutralized or dealt with without reaching the last line of defense-The Kill Zone. In summary, anyone breaching the out laying layers successfully will definitely cause damage if they reach The Kill Zone. Certain Death is therefore guaranteed. The controls, and or procedures that are currently in place are therefore the responsibility of the Head of the Inspectorate where my responsibility as per ISA700 as is with Financial Reporting, is to express an opinion on the same based on the Audit Program and or Risk Profile formulated by my Office, satisfying ISA400 on Assessments and Internal Control. The conduct of this Audit is therefore in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and in particular, in full compliance of ISA200.
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