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Review- Punar Vivaah. Lekha, 6th December 2012

Zamane ko khabar toh thi
Dil aaj hua ishque ka ehsaas
Ek usko nahin maalom ki...
Woh bangaye kuch khaas

Today we saw a cupid struck Yash ... lost in love .. who found his love .. and realised his love .. but yet to express it .

The episode began with a happy Yash who was excited at his realization .. He smiled , walked in daze and saw his Aarthi ji everywhere . He felt t as if he was oblivious to these feelings earlier and now they have woken him ..made him sit up and made think .. Yash looked cute and sweetly funny when he danced with her . OH ho ...he danced with her in his dreams baba .

Meri neendh jaise pehli baar tooti hai
Aankhein malke maine dekhi hai subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshini yeh din chadha
Ishque wala Love ... Faiz wala .Sauz wala ...Love

He was so lost in his dreams that he missed Vidhi bhabhi who was enjoying the antics of Yash. He could just smile away shyily when she commented “Ishque aur Mushque chipaye nahin chipte” . To give Yash some courage to speak out she showed him the picture of Yash and Arpita posing together and there was Aarti in the background ..Yash had to believe that it was a destiny that played its role in his case.And that's why She was there in that picture and in this way she was always present in his life virtually.Yes, he was in love though it was not a valentine day .It had nothing to do with the age or the fact that they are married and have three kids . It didn't have to confirm what is usual. It doesn't have to be with any given reason . But today it just dawned on him that he is love with his Aarthi ji . It just has to be. In time. In place. In spirit.

Some where I felt that the relationship of his and Arpita had been more of an infatuation and after her death became like a habit and duty for him. But now he has realized his true love the one Which has no boundaries ,no expectoration ,but it knows only to give and not to expect anything in return .

When Yash was fumbling with his feelings ..Aarthi was having even tougher time with Paridhi .. She advised Paridhi that she should reveal the truth of the night when she had made a wrong decision and ended up on bed with the late director . But it was quite amusing to me .for she herself was living a lie and quite uncomfortable with it and feared losing Yash if she revealed the truth ..and here she was advising Paridhi on trying her luck and disclose the truth to Prateik..

"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." Voltaire.

Prashant was clearly living a life of guilt .He who left his pregnant wife for another woman and one who is getting a second chance with life is actually asking God for a second chance in with love and Aarthi . The instigator was the call from Yash who called up and shared like a good friend would have thanked him for helping him to realize his feelings . But he didnt know that he was opening doors to a storm .. which could carry the dust from Aarthis past. Prashant deeply regretted his actions and now jealous when he could see Yash finally accepting Aarthi in every sense

The precap was bit troublesome and expected one too As they say a dogs tail cant be straightened even if its put in pipe for ten years .. Prashant who had been battling a life threatening disease is shown to be planning to ask Aaarthi and Ansh to come back to his life .Agh The guts of this man .. ...

Today's episode was totally cute and sweet .. Gurmeet as Yash was at his romantically best . His eyes and his shy smile made the song sequence more mesmerizing . Kratika was best as a woman torn between her past and present ... And Prashant looked quite good looking for a cancer patient .

In short the episode was romantic dreamy and yet full of dramatic moments.... Waiting for tommorow's episode if Yash declares his surkh wala Love ..


Collage credits Ananta.
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