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Inside The Industry, Summer Azul is a Indian/French Creole Rapper & Actress born in North America with a love of cultures from all over the World. This new International recording artist brings World music, House, Reggae Dancehall, Dubstep & HipHop together in a way not seen before.

Summer Azul is known as the "Mixtape Queen" not only because of her "Hustle Hard" mentality and unmatched self pro...moting techniques (appearing and promoting at all major events in different cities around the world), but also due to her extraordinary gift of mastering any remix as well as blazing Hot original tracks, which are showcased on the 100's of mixtapes, features and albums she has appeared on across the globe.

She is also the current recipient of the 2011 Rebel Radio "BEST FEMALE MC" award as well as the 2011 JB Star "BEST ACTRESS" award. With her background in martial arts, her ability to speak different languages (including English, Spanish & French) alongside several alter egos, Summer Azul brings a whole new flavor to the world of music.

Currently residing in Atlanta,Ga,USA. not only has Summer Azul made a name for herself in the underground music circuit, but she has also managed to obtain a Worldwide fan base and support system known as the "AzulArmy" and her music is currently getting airtime in such places as Brazil, Africa, India, Japan and the U.K. With her unique sensual voice, Indian & Brazilian influenced dance moves and her undoubted sex appeal, Summer Azul is bringing the heat to the World of entertainment.

Check out her latest post including her newest mixtapes to hear what Summer Azul has to offer through her music!

I had the opportunity to speak with Simmer Azul and she ready to take the Industry by Storm and Felus take a look I need not to say know more!!!!! I'm Big Blac this is you BHR HollyWood Report.
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