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via @wagingNV - Lessons in organization and dignity from the #Zapatistas

Waging Nonviolence: "Never before had a Zapatista action generated so much anticipation for a communiqué, the standard way the movement communicates with the outside world. On the night of November 17, the day that marked 29 years since the founding of the EZLN in 1983, an advisory appeared in Spanish on the Zapatista webpag...e: 'Coming soon, words from the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee.' Within a week, it disappeared. The message was republished on December 17, only to disappear that evening. Two days before the action, it reappeared. Given the back and forth, observers anxiously awaited word from the Zapatistas. What no one expected was that the first paragraph of the communiqué would come in the form of a silent march.

"Finally, at the close of December 21, Marcos issued a written communiqué, which took the form of a question, a protest and an expectation:

'Did you hear it?

It is the sound of your world crumbling.

It is the sound of our world resurging.

The day that was day, was night.

And night shall be the day that will be day.




From the Mountains of Southeastern Mexico

For the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee — General Command of the EZLN

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, Mexico, December 2012"

Read more: "Lessons in organization and dignity from the Zapatistas" http://wagingnonviolence.org/2013/01/lesson-in-organization-and-presence-from-the-zapatistas/
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