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The bigger they are, the harder they fall... #WalmartStrikers

¨The $2.2 trillion in goods that enters the U.S. from abroad each year must pass quickly through the hands of logistics workers—dockworkers, port truckers, railroad workers, truck drivers, and warehouse workers—before ending up in stores. A work stoppage at any point blocks the flow of not just iPhones and pajamas but also profits... I...n Elwood, a rally drew 600 supporters from the Chicago area and 17 civil disobedience arrests, including clergy. Managers were frightened into closing operations for a day, a move that organizers calculated cost Walmart $10 million.¨- Jane Slaughter, Labor Notes.

Read more: Warehouse Strategies Squeeze Walmart’s Pressure Points, http://labornotes.org/2013/01/warehouse-strategies-squeeze-walmarts-pressure-points

The 1% needs you.

We don´t need the 1%.
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