ROMBIE Official Trailer

Want more features & visuals from ROMBIE? Check out some of the latest improvements in the new trailer!

ROMBIE is seeing a ton of improvements & getting closer to release. Consider putting it on your wishlist & be ready for launch day.

Virtual Reality development is underway; once that is ready, we should be ready for that very special launch day.

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Next genre up for procedural, endless open-world content: Real Time Strategy!

Time for a VR getaway! Get ready to strap your headsets on and leave reality behind!

ROMBIE has now been released on Steam with a Launch Discount -- enjoy! 😀

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ROMBIE has a target date: March 23rd

Sháre this to have a chance at a free Steam key! Make sure to do it publicly, so I can verify the share. First time hearing about ROMBIE? It is an upcoming open-world action RPG featuring procedurally generated, modular robots with unique combinations of abilities & supports #VirtualReality (but doesn't require it).


Special thanks to all of my testers who got the game ready. Looking forward to sharing it with everyone in a few weeks!

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Introducing the ROMBIE LightSword!

Deflecting shots & slashing bots, all in #VirtualReality too. This should be the biggest VR-inclusive game with this type of weapon. Combine it with abilities like slowing time & stun to feel like a true Jed.. err.. Elite Recovery


I NEED #HTCVIVE TESTERS! I'll be going through those who commented earlier, but please comment again if you have a Vive & are still interested! VR gameplay is ready for testing & lets players choose normal or teleport movement modes. Oculus Rift testers welcome too.

I've also added special game modes, which you can read on the Steam forums:…/discuss…/2/1693788202026915755/

#indiegaming #vive #oculus #indiedev #starwars #jedi #lightsaber #inspiration

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5089 gets an update & a free key for ROMBIE is up for grabs in a quote challenge! Read the details on 5089's new section on Steam:…/ann…/detail/1651002736442623528

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ROMBIE is on its way to a great release, thanks to all of my private testers! Virtual Reality integration is next. Some of the latest improvements, including many visual ones:

* Higher resolution textures...
* Post-processing effects
* More unique terrain models
* Customized terrain shaders
* Revamped decoration system
* New ability special effects

An updated trailer, showing more unique gameplay features & set of screenshots are also on the to-do list for release. When will ROMBIE be released? Still looking at a month or two from now -- I want VR features, and general gameplay, to be polished on day one.

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Do you like PONIES? How about 5089? Do you want them TOGETHER? Windy has a texture mod for YOU! Seriously, this was unexpected, appreciated & made me smile. Definitely worth a share!…/discuss…/0/1635237606654090146/

#indiemodding #mylittlepony #indiedev #modding #indiegames #ponies #texturepack

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ROMBIE, the upcoming open-world action RPG, has seen a ton of improvements, thanks to all of my private testers! I'm preparing a "Coming Soon" Steam page, which I hope to have up in a week or two -- just need a teaser trailer.

In one of the latest screenshots, you can see the current full interface & some graphical improvements in the background. I'll still be adding testers; feel free to apply below if you haven't already.

Virtual Reality features will start testing in a few... weeks. Make sure to let me know if you have a Vive! Planning for a public release in about 2 months, depending on testing.

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ROMBIE's development is moving right along, thanks to great feedback from private testers. Want to test yourself? Comment on the pinned post on Phr00t's Software!

ROMBIE is an upcoming open-world action RPG, the spiritual successor to 5089. Far into the future, robots roam, scavenging for parts & what's left of the economy to survive. A signal designed to monitor civilization's stability has gone missing for years... triggering the Recovery Elite, you, to activate...

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Private testers wanted for ROMBIE! Haven't heard of ROMBIE? It is the spiritual successor to 5089. Robotic zombies roam the surface, made up of parts of other robots. What lead to the robotic community's demise? You've been activated to hopefully restore the world...

Do you want to test ROMBIE, report feedback & help its development? Comment below! Previous game testing preferred, but not required. Looking for serious testers only! You will get a Steam key in exchange for fee...dback & access to the game from its current alpha state.

Most of the mechanics of ROMBIE have been implemented. The story is in development & a phase to go over all of the visuals is planned. Good time to start getting a feel from players like you!

VR features haven't been implemented yet, but are definitely planned. I'll eventually need VR testers too.

I'll start contacting people within a week & more over time as I need more testers. There is no date you have to comment by -- I will consider all commenters until release!

Thank you for your interest & support,
- Phr00t

#indiegamedev #actionrpg #testing #helpwanted #steam #indiedev #virtualreality

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Gentrieve 2 is FREE and you can get it here now:…

IndieGameStand apparently went offline, where this game was previously hosted for free. It was a previous game of mine, heavily influenced by Metroid Prime. You defeat bosses to gain new abilities & access new areas. Once you get the final item, you need to rush back to the start before the whole place blows up! Each world was procedurally generated using an algorithm that still interests me today....

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Gentrieve 2 is a action platformer inspired by the Metroid Prime series. All levels, bosses, enemies & more are procedurally generated -- you'll never play t...

First ROMBIE screenshot from pre-alpha development! Plenty left to do, both visually & functionally, but the art direction, gameplay, storyline & mechanics are firming up. Instead of the usual terrain, you will be traversing floating, AI-constructed landmasses. The difficultly will only increase as you find your way to central command, where the infected AI lives.

You see some procedurally generated bots in this screenshot -- each module on those robots is an item that could break off & be picked up not only by you, but other robots.

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Sharing some details of ROMBIE's Alpha design & how it will differ from 5089! #indiegamedev #virtualreality #indiedev #announcement #actionrpg #steam

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Announcing ROMBIE! The spiritual successor to 5089 -- a modern, open-world, futuristic procedural infinite action RPG. Will support the HTC Vive & SteamVR too! Stay tuned for updates!

#announcement #indiegame #virtualreality #htcvive #steamvr #indiegamedev

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Be a contestant on StratoBash! Race up the floating islands along the stratosphere, bashing off Eyeoids, solving puzzles & more to score. Use VR controllers to throw Bashers, or play with a mouse & keyboard.